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Patriotic Lenses by lensmaster bikerministry

Updated on November 9, 2012

Here on Squidoo several of my articles, "lenses," are patriotic so I gathered them up into one place.

If you want to know what makes me tick, you can go to any of these articles, (lenses) and read all about who I am through patriotic colored glasses.

I was the kid who got choked up and usually had eyes full of tears at the flag raising ceremony in elementary school.

The pledge of allegiance, and "God Bless America," were a challenge, as I couldn't speak or sing around the lump in my throat.

Stories my Dad told about the war, World War II, gave me chills and nightmares as a child.

Soldiers in uniform in the news reels at the theater, and personally practicing our bomb raid drills in school, made me a true patriot.

I have a deep love of country, and hope to always do my part to better it. I vote, I try to stay positive, I speak my peace, and then I put my trust in honest leaders who say they will represent me. So I wave the flag and am proud of the USA. This is the country I live in, the country I support and the country I pray for daily.


Tears again, gotta get used to it when you know me.

Military Family

If you are a part of a military family you'll relate.

If you don't have any veterans or active duty soldiers in your family, read this so you'll understand the sacrifice made by these great heroes.

Military families are the heartbeat of America, according to me. Once you've served this great country to maintain the freedom we all love, and taken your family through the rigors of military life, you've earned your bars, patches, stars, ribbons, accolades, etc. So I salute military families with all my heart. They rock, or are the rock of this countries foundation.

Photo Credit

Military active duty and veteran discounts.

I think we could all do more to honor our heroes.

Find several military discounts in this article.

For years I was a volunteer with Run For The Wall, a volunteer organization that escorts motorcycle riding veterans and active duty military from California to Washington D.C. arriving on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. These active duty soldiers joined us one year, note the pink ribbon on their handlebars indicated they were registered with the group.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Until you've been to "The Wall," you really cannot comprehend the enormity of the impact the Vietnam War is still having on American society even today more than 40 years later.

This is an amazing place of healing and I expand on our experience with Vietnam in this article.

9-11-2001 Lest We Forget

In this article I challenge people to remember where they were and how much has changed in our culture since 9/11/2001.

The article on September 11, 2001 pulls in news reports and memorial events into one location.

My first Harley with airbrush patriotic design

Patriotic Harley Davidson
Patriotic Harley Davidson

My first Harley Davidson, blue bike in the foreground, had red, white and blue graphics airbrushed. With a waving flag on the gas tank made a statement across America's highways. I put 80,000 miles on that bike before trading it in on a new one. When I parked it upon arrival at Washington, D.C. in 2004, I turned and saw that it had "framed" the Washington Monument.

I'm convinced Americans have to have fireworks ...

if they plan on being patriotic!

Last year I learned how to take fireworks photos on my digital camera, and cell phone. I've documented a few examples on the lens called Fireworks at City Park.

None of the photos are professional quality, but they are mine and each one has it's own character, so I'm pleased with them.

The USA says, "Welcome Home."

Please pause when you see a man or woman in uniform, let them know you appreciate their service and make an extra effort to befriend them as they return from military duty, or re-enter civilian life.

Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade (a book review lens).

a book by Martin and Delia Wach

Veterans Reign in Their Own Parade, is a book authored by a 5th grade class in Rainelle, West Virginia. The Wachs directed their efforts and had the book published. It covers the annual events Run For The Wall and Rolling Thunder.

Remember POW/MIA

Prisoners of War and Missing in Action soldiers.

This article features a very sore spot in American history. The prisoners of war and the missing in action who were left behind, abandoned in wars of the past. It also covers modern day efforts to heal the wounds of these atrocities and amazing discoveries organizations have made.

Check out Remember POW/MIA, and thank your creator that you are living in a time when we value our troops.

Run For The Wall

A ride from California to Washington D.C.

Arriving in D.C. for Memorial Day weekend and Rolling Thunder, Run For the Wall is riding motorcycles, escorting active duty military and veterans from all wars across this Nation. The volunteers who make this happen work tirelessly throughout the year arranging fuel and meal stops, welcome home parades in communities that compete for their presence. Overpasses across this Nation are filled with people greeting the riders and they zip underneath to their next destination. Welcome Home signs and American flags wave as they pass by. The route for each leg of the trip is posted on the Run For The Wall web page.

My Run For The Wall 2011 articles takes a look at my experiences with Run For The Wall for 10 years - which features my 2011 ride.

Each year I have a mascot that rides on my bike across country, and I leave it at the wall. This is "Sugar Bear," my 2010 mascot.

Along with the American Flag ... - fly a POW/MIA flag.

Show the families of those lost in action, missing in action and prisoners of war that you care and are praying for them by raising a banner.

All photos are mine ...

unless you see "photo credits" along with the photo.

Are you a patriotic American. - What makes you most proud to be an American?

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    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 5 years ago

      @Country-Sunshine: That's a high compliment there CountrySunshine. I'm totally honored, and yes we truly want to honor our veterans. They are important people and our culture forgets this so easily. Blessed by your comment.

    • Country-Sunshine profile image

      Country Sunshine 5 years ago from Texas

      Even without having met you, it is easy to see that your writings come from your heart. Bless you for your help and support with veterans. You are definitely a true and patriotic American!