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Wish Upon A Purple Star

Updated on May 21, 2016
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Being creative is what it's all about- let's make some cute stuff! Hope you enjoy these ideas and they spark your own fun projects.

Wish Upon A Purple Starfish?

Starfish in a purple hue is not quite the same as a purple star award, but goes with the sea creature theme of the Squids.
Starfish in a purple hue is not quite the same as a purple star award, but goes with the sea creature theme of the Squids. | Source

What Were The Squidoo Purple Star Quality Lenses?

We coveted the Purple Star Award, and the chance to be featured as "Lens of the Day", on Squidoo. Remember Squidoo? It was a large writing site that later became part of HubPages.

The staff there used varied ways to engage new writers and members of their site. They had challenges and several types of recognition awards. The main one for writers was their "Purple Star". This was on par with Hubpages Editors Picks.

What qualities resulted in attaining some of these signs of recognition?

This article iexplores a bit of what was considered top quality work at Squidoo.

For Archival Purposes

Squidoo and "lenses" are no longer extant, now that they have been absorbed into Hubpages. The ideas of improving the quality of writing still is a worthy goal, wherever one posts articles.

One of the best ways to sift through the seemingly infinite number of online content pages is to have curation of good articles, or using ratings systems.

Once, blogs used to have "blogrolls", and the communities like the old Squidoo, and now Hubpages, encourages members to rate, and share the best writing and work of authors on their sites.

It is a system in transition, always changing. There still is no ideal way to bring the best articles and writers to the forefront of attention, but the purple stars were one way. Perhaps we can brainstorm some of our own ways of giving recognition and pointing to worthy content.

Purple Star Nomination

Over time the mode of nominating work for this recognitions changed.

Reasons To Aim For The Star

The Squidoo Purple Star, That Is

Excellence is a worthy aim in any endeavor, but it is especially important when crafting a presence on the web. There are just so many competing demands for our time and attention that the confidence in an author or a site that will deliver accurate information, entertainment, beauty, inspiration, something of interest and education, any or all of these is in high demand. None of us likes to waste the resources of time and effort.

Reading tips on what makes a topic stand out, and the lens presentation a pleasure to read, had really improved my writing. There was an art to this medium and Squidoo helps to make it easy to construct a visually appealing and creatively presented webpage on any topic imaginable.

I like the HQ blog which regularly gives guidance on the best methods and favored modules to create fantastic lenses. The articles there constantly alert our community to the most successful ways to write and put together great lenses.

The Squidoo HQ Blog attempted to give insights into the most creative minds, and how-tos on sprucing up lenses or ingenious new projects.

Why Try For A Purple Star

  • It helped increase your lens ranking
  • Reaching for a star help honed your lensmaking abilities
  • It guided the lens to be one that readers love
  • You get a feeling of satisfaction from a job well done- it is affirming and motivating

Now the same basic focus can be applied to attaining Hubpage accolades.

Be aware of changes

The features of a purple lens will reflect what Squidoo values. Today, the telling of a personal story, the uniqueness of photos, and other important qualities are desired. Always be ready to improve!

Being social and inviting social participation matters.

This is true of every article writing site.

Purple Stars - Rare and Precious

Squidoo awarded about 1000 purple star acknowledgements of quality content in a year.

They were considered as precious to a lensmaster as the beautiful eye-catching stars on this diary.

Purple Lens Products From The Silver FoxLens - Relevant and Useful To The Reader

Amazon modules can provide a service for people who are looking for recommended products- we all like to hear a personal review or experience.

Purple Star Lenses make the effort to highlight products that are relevant to the topic or help produce a good experience for consumers. The more informed I am am before purchasing something the better my chances of being satisfied with the product. That is what a Purple Star Lens helps to do - present the topic and its materials in the best and most informative way.

A Purple Star

Isn't the end, but one goal point in a constantly improving, well tended lens.

Did You Like The Purple Star Gallery? - Choose the reason most close to why you liked this lens

I added polls and other social modules much more often, to all my lenses. Some visitors love the interaction and the monster points.

Did you enjoy learning more about Purple Star Awards?

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