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Review a must read website

Updated on March 1, 2008

social bookmarking

One of the most frequent questions I have seen on Hub Pages is: How do I get Web traffic? Here's a website where the work has aleady been done. Just click a few times and start watching the increase in traffic. See the information on social bookmarking, it is one of the best I have seen..

See: Shesagogetter, hub page on marketing, which is what you do when you seek traffic. Even if you aren't trying to make any money, you still want as many readers as possible to see what you have written. You writing is importatant but who is going to know if you don't get out there and nail that traffic?

As her name implies, shesagogetter is a dynamic but low key marketer with some great new ideas. I predict she will go far.

Of particular value is her essay on making a sale. she has some good ideas here that should increase the cashflow in any business that depends on sales. I like the notion of getting to know your potenial buyer before presenting sales information.

The social bookmarking guidelines are comprehensive, well organized, and explained in an easy manner that make it easy for you to download and implement.

The writer was impressed with the work put into her page. I recommend it, without reservation.

Thank you for the excellent information, shesagogetter.



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    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 10 years ago from california

      <a href=" >Review a must read website</a>

      how to put tracking url and html into my page has got me tied in knots.May I get some help on how exactly this is done? Thanks