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Updated on February 9, 2018

Skiesgreen On Squidoo

This lens deals with my feelings for Squidoo and the lenses praising it and the special feelings that many have for some of the folks who make it such a great place.

It's a lensography llisting lenses that explain how you can succeed here. Please check out all the links. Many come and go here and that's probably because they fail to understand how it works, the help and love that squids share with each other, and the ins and outs of building successful lenses and marketing them offline as well as online.

This lens may help some 'floaters' stick around and become important squids and high achievers.

What to Do When First You Arrive

When you start on Squidoo it can be a bit of a minefield. You want to make great lenses so what do you do. This is a formulae worth following. Over my time here I have helped many lensmaster achieve high status by encouraging and guiding them to build good lenses. To help further I constructed several lenses on building them and how to make them as good as possible. This lensography lists them along with details and a bit more help.

1. Take your time and look around

2. Read the rules and make sure you follow them

3. Fix up your Bio with an avatar or pic of yourself. Some details on you - remove any default text - activate a contact email

4. Go into the forums. Introduce yourself in the Introduction forum but don't put any links there to your sites or lenses.

5. Go visit lots of other squids lenses and leave some comments and ratings. This is a learning curve and you will get an idea of how a lens should look.

6. Build a lens and put the link in the Critique Forum where you will get lots of suggestions and help if you need it.

Make sure you read through the following lenses.

Tips on Writing

Writing is a great asset and doing it well is even better, Write from the heart about subjects important to readers rather than just something to fill up a page,. Always write about things you know and don't venture into the unknown as this will pull you down,. Readers sense when an author is knowledgeable about a subject and they will return to visit you often if you give them a reason. These lenses will help you achieve in this area

What draws you into a lens?

See results

Do You Concentrate on Appearance?

Is the style of a lens important?

Dress Up or Leave Plain

When you start a lens you have several options. First of all the number of text modules, polls, duels, videos, bookmark, table of contents, and so on. How you choose and arrange them will have a big bearing on your presentation.

The following lenses help with this.

Do you Like Lenses with Good Color Combinations?

Or do you like Plain?

See results

Good tips for web site also


If you are having trouble -


The giants and angels are here ready to help

new squids succeed

Should new squids ask for help?

Who helped you when you first started?

See results

You are Invited

I'm a Squidoo lensmaster, and I'm inviting you to join me. Find and share recommendations online by building a lens. Join this group with lots of love, knowledge and friendship to share around. You'll love us. Click the link below to start.


Do You set Goals

When writing a lens do you have a goal

Does this lens strike a cord with you? If you are touched by this lens and would like to see it as LOTD then simply press the image below and fill in the form with some details. You will also earn yourself 20 points.

Click here to nominate this lens for LOTD

Did you enjoy your visit here. If so please scribe a little note about what you think of this lens. Thank you.

Remember these quizzes will earn you heaps of points

Find out why I featured your lens on mine

Before You Go

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great lens!!!! Nice to know you here on Squidoo.. :) Blessed!

    • hayleylou lm profile image

      hayleylou lm 

      7 years ago

      I love your work here on Squidoo :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I like the soft touch to this lens. It is very soothing and calming.

    • sorana lm profile image

      sorana lm 

      7 years ago

      You've got both my love and a rating for your lens. I like how you used the green in your modules to match the lens and I like the content also.

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      7 years ago

      You are an inspiration.

    • jvsper63 profile image


      7 years ago

      You always deserve 10* not 5 your one of the good one's. There are about 15 That are good. Other then that there is a lot of negativity. Here on Sqidoo. I don't think some of the people in the forum's realize we aren't in grad school. This is not meant toward anybody that doesn't make people hesitant to go into the forums.. Great Topic


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