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Sabrina Archer

Updated on July 7, 2015

Sabrina Archer

Love these faces.
Love these faces. | Source

A Gifted Author With An Amazing Story

Sabrina Archer—Young Adult Author

Sabrina is a rising independent author who has an extraordinary life. Not the way that it would be portrayed in a book or movie, but in a way that only a person who’s strength can overcome her doubts—making her someone to look up to.

Sabrina suffered from leukemia at a very young age. Just imagine, having a body that gets injected with chemicals and not to mention radiation in order to either kill the tumor or shrink it so it can be surgically removed—that is just with carcinoid tumors that effect certain parts of the body. I’m afraid in Sabrina’s case, leukemia is very rare disease because the cancer is in the blood and bone marrow. The only way it can be treated is through a course of radiation and chemotherapy, or if someone is lucky enough to have a bone marrow transplant.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to go through day after day, with what seems like joint pain or nausea and tiredness all the time. Sabrina did and she also went through her course of treatments. During the time that Sabrina was at the hospital, she used her phone to write her first YA story known as Moonlight Lost.

While she has always been known to make lemonade out of lemons, another mountain came across her that she least expected—doctors were worried about her son Riley. His lymph nodes were swollen and large under his neck. Riley’s doctors had put him on antibiotics thinking it was “cat scratch fever”, however it didn’t work. For Sabrina and what she had dealt with in the past, she began to think it might be more than “cat scratch fever”. Her and her husband had seen five specialists in regards to Riley’s case. Tests after tests, they found out it might be an infection. The surgeon went in and poked around with needles. He had to use hemostats (a cross between a clap and scissors) to cut open the pockets—with no anesthesia. What came out of the syringe was frightening, 20cc of bacteria from the right side and 15cc from the left. If the doctor hadn’t gone into Riley’s glands, the pockets would have burst and if they burst, Riley would have been in the hospital for weeks or it could have been a tragic result.

From each day forward, Sabrina was thankful and grateful to the high ups for watching over her and her family. In return for the generosity that had been bestowed upon her, this wonderful kind lady had become an advocate and stood up to cancer and other diseases. She may not be known like the celebrities that promote St. Judes, but Sabrina has helped families that have loved ones with cancer by sharing their stories, donating whatever she can to make sure they have hope for another day—also pushing fundraisers through social media to give support to those who need experimental treatments that are not covered by insurance.

Now tables are turned again for Ms. Archer, because of what she went through in the past with leukemia, she has been struck with countless of medical bills and with the price of living going up, she can’t seem to make ends meet. Sabrina and her husband has used up all their resources and cannot get the assistance that they deserve because they are considered to be on the higher side of income. Being part of the working poor is about scrambling to pay bills, can’t get food on the table and worried about losing the heart of the family-- a place called home.

I write this story of Sabrina Archer, because I and others at one time were in her shoes. I was lucky, I had and still have a family who would bend over backwards to help me when I need it the most, others like Sabrina don’t have that support to fall back on and a strong hand to lean on.

Sabrina may have turmoil in the past and even today, but she keeps plugging for Cancer awareness and other diseases, by getting a group of authors together to write an analogy about their past experiences with cancer, whether it was what they have gone through or what if they had a loved one who suffered the same fait. 100% of the proceeds to this analogy will be going to Cancer Awareness and other issues that arise with its own community.

She had told me once, with all the kindness that has come to her and her family in the past and as of now, she will continue to pay it forward.

This author is a remarkable person and I hope she reaches her dream.


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