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Saving Time on Profiles

Updated on June 9, 2007

Social Networks and Communities

I don't know why it took this Oldbuddy so long to figure this out, but then that's why I decided to tell a few others, in case they haven't thought of it either.

Most Social Networks (business or otherwise) and communities want you to fill out a profile page and tell a little about yourself, so why not do a page on your own domain and have a link to it.

That means you only have to enter a few words of explanation and send them over to get your whole story, right?

Not only that, but it adds a little more fuel to the search engines and might get your information and opinions out to even more people. Isn't that the whole point anyway?

With the low cost involved in setting up a web page today, it seemed like a good idea to me, so I registered the domain for 99 cents my first year and added it to a hosting account I already had, so the cost was literally pennies.


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    • profile image

      lifeiseasy 10 years ago

      hey ole buddy I am also at yuwie too and I took a look at your splash page as well I feel the same as you ... putting my all into it and see what happens :)



    • fyxer profile image

      fyxer 10 years ago from mt vernon

      sound like a good idea   oldbuddy i will look into it