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Create SEO optimized super hubs ¦ SEO writing

Updated on September 3, 2012

SEO Article Writing

Hello guys there. As the title suggests, i am going to share my experiences regarding writing articles and seo with you all in this particular hub. I am going to share the knowledge i gained by various "trial and errors" episodes of my writing career. And yes, this works not only in hubpages, but wherever you write.I assume, you have at least a basic concept of publishing hub or article before moving ahead plus a general knowledge about SEO.Well, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your articles or blog posts, so they are seen, indexed and ranked well by search engine spiders for your targeted keyword/s. How do you feel, after you have created a highly unique and useful content, but nobody can reach you due to lack of proper seo knowledge and the article remains somewhere in 20th page of search results?-- This is the most terrible feeling for any blogger, writer, and or publisher. If no one reaches your post, you can't achieve anything from it; no visitors, no traffic, no conversion and finally NO MONEY. Here, i am especially focusing in onsite seo optimization (SEO optimization technique done on the site itself, having your total control unlike Offsite optimization).

NOTE: HOLD your breath cz this hub is going to be long

Seo Quake plugin screenshot
Seo Quake plugin screenshot | Source

My Procedure of SEO writing

Here, i am going to describe what i actually do while creating a hub or article.

  1. Keywords Research:- This is the very first step, i also call it foundation of an article as this is the stage of brainstorming your ideas relating to a particular topic or niche. There are various Keywords research tools. Some are paid and some are free, and majority of paid tools also grab and extract data from Google, some tools i use are Google Adwords keywords tool, SEM rush, Spyfu, Keywords spy and Google Insights for search. In Google Adwords keywords tool, there are lots of options and i can't define them all here. But, basically i target long tail keywords having exact match of 500-1000 local US search, competition being low-medium (this is the competition of advertisers bidding for that keyword), CPC of about 0.50-1$. After getting keyword idea from Google Adwords tool, i analyze that in SEM rush and Spyfu if they have any advertisers or not. You can use Keywords spy as an optional tool too. Then i analyze the trend, geographic region and value of that keyword via Google Insights and my keywords research phase ends.
  2. Competition Analysis: For this, i use a paid tool known as Market Samurai which gives the details of all ten competitors and their strength. I can analyze the strength of my competitors and if i can beat them to be, in between top three for my targeted keyword/s in Google. If you don't have Market Samurai, you can do this for free but it takes a bit more time. Open up, then put your targeted keyword in search box and hit search. There you can see, how many websites or blogs are targeting or competing to be in top for your keyword. For example, for this hub, i have targeted "SEO WRITING" as my primary keyword. It has 1k local US search in exact match, 7.05$ CPC, at least 3 advertisers and for competition analysis it has almost 7 million search results in Google. You may wonder, i am competing with 7 million webpages for this keyword, Had i gone mad?? Nopes, they are not my competitors in real. To get the actual competitors, you need to put your keyword inside the double quotes before hitting search. Like, the actual competitors for my keyword, seo writing is obtained by doing "SEO WRITING"; and the result till this time is 370,000 which is way more less than 7 million search results. Normally, i target from 300,000-500,000 search results ( you can have your own criteria however). If you want to go deep, you can check how many of websites for your targeted keyword have got that keyword in TITLE by doing allintitle:yourkeyword and hit search. Similarly, you can find out how many of the webpages have your targeted keyword in their urls by allinurl:yourkeyword. To get detailed information about your competitors for free, there is a plugin, seo quake for firefox which i use. It gives almost information about the top 10 results of your competitors like their backlinks, PR, Domain Age, Directory listing, Social activities and much more.
  3. Content Creation:- Now, as you have your highly profitable, highly targeted,highly relevant and low competition keyword. You need to create content based on this keyword. Apart of targeting this keyword, get some related keywords (especially long tail) having low competition and low demand. I recommend this because, they are very easy to rank in top three position for these additional assistant keywords. Now, create a high quality, unique content giving priority to your visitors rather search engines. Always give more than they ask for. Only provide, unique and fresh content and never take help of plagiarism ( this is suicidal to all your efforts). Be creative and use your main keyword in first paragraph, title of your article, keywords tag, meta description, in url slug, in body of your article and prolly at the end of your article. But, beware do not overuse it, think you are writing for human beings not web spiders and yes your creativity is unlimited. So, use with caution. Use assistant keywords too but the flow of writing should be natural.Now, recheck it then hit publish. Hurray!!! you got a highly SEO optimized article or hub.
  4. Re-Analyzing:- Now, as your article or hub is live to the world, you need to analyze it if it has been done correctly or not. For that, you can use Market Samurai, competition analysis module or simply SEOquake for firefox plugin can help. Just open up your article in the browser, then analyze it with Seoquake, then click on " Page Info" tab and a new window will open giving you all information about your published page; Like, total words, Meta keywords, Meta description, PR, etc. You can ignore other modules just look in "Found in" Section, if your article or hub is well optimized you can see your targeted keywords in TKD (Title, Keyword and Description tags). And another thing, the keywords density should not exceed 5.00 or else your article will be penalized for keywords stuffing.In hubPages, you can't see the "K" or keywords tag but its ok with T and D for hubpages. For meta description purposes in hubpages, you need to put your targeted keyword in SUMMARY tab.

BONUS tips:- After publishing your article or hub, like, recommend and share it in your facebook timeline, share with your fans if you have fan page, twit it, stumble it, digg it, reddit it, bookmark in delicious, linkedin and pin it if you have any images. This will create a certain spike in viral traffic and almost guaranteed of being indexed within couple of hours in Google.

So, these are just the basic tips for SEO writing and creating SEO optimized hubs or article. After this optimization, you need to promote or focus on Offsite seo optimization too for ranking well in SERPs. Best of luck!!!

Speak your MIND!!!

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  • posts profile image

    Gjivan 5 years ago

    Thankx for the read Isamson. Not only in hubpages, but these tips can be applied if you run your own blog business as it is a long term strategy totally based on white hat methods...Regards!!

  • lsamson profile image

    lsamson 5 years ago

    Great hub, very informative and interesting on SEO and how to utilize it in hub pages. I voted up, interesting and followed!

  • posts profile image

    Gjivan 5 years ago

    Thank you toknowinfo for this comment and sharing this hub. But i don't know why this hub has been highlighted red for revision. I haven't seen any error till now.

  • toknowinfo profile image

    toknowinfo 5 years ago

    Thanks for putting this informative hub together. You helped give me a greater understanding of SEO. Rated up, useful and shared.

  • posts profile image

    Gjivan 5 years ago

    Thankx for this reply and VOTE greeneryday. And, yes they do offer trial of their software. I guess the trial is for a week. But, while registering for trial period, choose "Ed Dale Thirty day challenge" while giving answer of " How you heard about us". THis will give you 35 days trial period. YOu can use all modules in trial period too but after the period also, you can use their keywords tool for free. Regards!!

  • greeneryday profile image

    greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

    Very informative hub about SEO writing, I have never tried market samurai before, do they offer trial period before you decide to purchase the software? Anyway thanks for sharing this hub, voted up for interesting.