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Why I Use an SEO Keyword Tracking Tool

Updated on September 25, 2015

The Goal - Getting People to Find Your Page Online

Okay, so you just build an amazing hub or blog post and you want people to come and see it, right? That is what its all about.

Yes, it is fun writing, but ultimately we want visitors to our web page. Without page traffic, there is no sales. So my goal here is to help you get more visitors to your content.

I have been writing online for a while now and I wanted to take a moment to create a page that will help new bloggers understand SEO and Keyword Research and why it is important.

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How To Get People To Your Website

The thing that is important to know is how to get people to your website. Typically there are three ways people will find your article.

  • One of the ways people find your webpage is through advertising like pay-per-click marketing which can be very expensive.
  • Another way is with a referral or through social media. This is when you are on a site and someone recommends or promotes a link. You might be on Facebook and see that a friend of yours shared a link. So they are referring you to a site or blog. Social media is a great way to get people to your page.
  • My favorite way, which in the long run takes less work, is with SEO and Keyword research. It works like this. Someone goes to Google and does a keyword search. Then Google gives them a selection of websites, blogs and articles that are related to that keyword.

Keyword Research Tool Free

Understanding SEO and Keyword Research

SEO Search Engine Optimization means that your site is when you are taking your readers in mind when you write your article. When you focus on what your readers are looking for then you are making your site more visible to the search engines.

In other words, if your article is about acne, you could get better traffic by figuring out what is a specific problem people need help with. Think about it. If there were thousands for people who needed help and you had an answer, you would be helping a lot of people. And better yet, imagine if when someone did a search for help and your article was one of the first ones recommended by search engines. This would mean traffic to you and your site.

The way you can figure out what a person within your niche is searching for is to use an SEO Keyword Tracking Tool. A Keyword tool is very easy to use.

"The way you can figure out what a person within your niche is searching for is to use an SEO Keyword Tracking Tool."

Who Uses a Keyword Tracking Tool?

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How to Properly Use SEO and Keywords

The most important thing that I want you to understand is the proper way to do SEO. The way NOT to do SEO is by adding your keyword several times on your post. People do this as a way to trying to trick the search engines. And I promise you it doesn't work. Plus it makes your article appear totally spammy. And you don't want that, now do you?

Just use your keyword in your title and in your article and you will do fine.

The entire purpose of using an SEO keyword tracking tool is to track down the most popular searches for a particular product, topic or niche. This way you will know what your reader is looking for. I am repeating what I stated above. It is really important to write for your reader NOT Google. The only way SEO can really work is if you write a high quality article with good unique content that will benefit the reader. Do this and I promise you, you will get traffic.

These Two Articles Are Must Reads!

Important Point!!!

If you want success with Blogging then it is important to write good quality content.

And write for your readers, NOT Google.

Jaaxy - Best Keyword Tool

I wanted to give you a real example of how easy it is to do keyword research for your Squidoo Lens or Blog. As you can see keyword research is pretty easy.


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I am hoping this information will be helpful. If you have an questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to help you in any way I can.

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    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 3 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      Many people used to use Jaaxy before Google's switch from the keyword tool to the Keyword planner.

      One thing is for certain: things are constantly changing about the ways to find the most successful keywords to target.