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Simple Ways to Get More Hub Readers

Updated on December 3, 2015

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The more people coming an articles way, the better.

Getting more readers is terrific for any content. The possibility of new ideas to find simple ways to obtain additional visitors for work any writer creates is worth investigating. Any great writer seeking success would give it a try? Of course this is a certainty.

Sharing some innovation is a wonderful idea. This article is going to outline some simple ways to change current material or rather tweak it in order to get more out of published Hubs around the site.

Quality is good, but layout looks bad.

Readers come to a page of content on the web and take only a few seconds to decide whether to stay and invest personal time or move on. Unfortunately, what happens for countless writers with great content is the visual aspect of of it leaves a lot to the imagination. The quick overview means the reader is moving on to something else instead of staying put. When they stay put is when money is made.

Get better images

Some of the biggest bonuses to a remarkable article is multiple pictures or video. Both are capable of adding something more to the info. Believe it or not an interesting one makes visitors stop and stay in a matter of moments. This is a terrific site to get free pictures for the taking. Take to time to add pics whenever possible.

Make shorter paragraphs and better subtitles

Nearly 80% of blog readers admit to a quick scan of the content rather than actually reading through everything coming their way. It is impossible to do so.. Quickly viewing it in order to decide whether to read it or not actually makes or breaks tons of Hubs. This is an easy way to see more visitors and a great one gets a product or service sold as well.

Hubpage tools

The platform is wonderful when it comes to getting the Hubs off the ground and kicking. There is a tool which outlines the best goals to reach for the most reader. Along with the tool there are tutorials and other expertise from fellow writers as well. .

The Hub tool device easily shares the number of words, the amount of pics and even how many videos are attached to each article. The device calculates this info based on the material or content the hub is based upon.This is an excellent way to teach newbies and veterans alike the proper format of published articles to get the most out of the visual layout.


Scores of people admit they misunderstand marketing involving their Hub content. This is making the Hub overall attractive. Everything invested in one must embrace marketing. This is the act of getting those articles in front the right people to be read.

Review the articles on file and discover which ones are worth tweaking. Writings with hundreds on file typically discover some are "out of favor". This is when they are not longer being pushed to the front of the line by the website when it comes to search engines. Necessary changes are the difference between having these at the front or back of the line.


Having articles/Hubs out of line or sync with the current date is a no win situation. These are dead in the water. If a Hub is written on the most up to date jobs in the state of Florida in 2013, make certain the material included for the most current calendar year coincide with the original. If there is an update to be done, Make it happen asap. It doesn't do anyone any good to have the wrong info. It is frustrating for the reader and leads to them moving on to other authors for the answer they seek.

Make the following changes and determine if it improved the number of readers, traffic and monetizing for the Hubpages content on file.

· Make snappy titles and subtitles within any kind of content- catching the attention of an audience member is certainly half the battle. Having achieved this the rest of the plan to get readers is easy. Simply write great content to accompany it. Make certain the material is both relevant and provides some sort of educational info.This is one of the best sources to get the attention of a reader

· Shorter paragraphs are easier reads- make all paragraphs 3-4 sentences tops. Don’t make them much longer is at all necessary. Passing the max 4 sentence max is detrimental. In fact, longer ones breaking with a semicolon After writing up any article, reread the contents and determine If it is allowed shorten paragraphs out of longer ones. Can you turn one paragraph into two?

· Simpler is better- keep it simple. Whenever someone is quoting the phrase beware. This typically means it is becoming to complicated or period for. Everyone was delicate when talking about being safer. Look toward something smaller. Even a semi colon workds to join to shorter haves of a whole sentence. Readers enjoy shorter paragraphs with simple grammar will get more hub readers.

· Bullets or listings- these are great for articles when writing about numerous things for one article. Readers scan an article with this format and decide quickly if they would like to read. They did advise on numerous occasions they simply need to read an article with bullet points or numbers before one written on the same content without them.

Great pics and images attract the eye of any reader quickly scanning content.
Great pics and images attract the eye of any reader quickly scanning content.

Build a blog in another platform around the web

Blogger is a free way to build a blog and link other great work to hubs to let people see what a writer has been doing on this particular site. Another audience shared between two places.
Blogger is a free way to build a blog and link other great work to hubs to let people see what a writer has been doing on this particular site. Another audience shared between two places.

A tool has been created to assist with publishing an article with the best visual layout to attract readers

Marketing techniques such as this have been around for a while and are easy to use. Hubpages actually has a layout to follow which includes the correct number of video and pics when discussing certain subject matter. They have designed the ultimate visual experience depending on what the content contains for targeted traffic. Following this is an easy way to increase page views and income as well.

Follow stats to determine if changes are working for the better

· Don’t use 800 words to say something said just as well using 400 words-review the article to determine if it’s too lengthy or repeating the same points over and over again. Shorten and delete as part of editing process

· Add relevant links in any and all content- pertinent links added to material is great for the reader and benefits the author at the same time. Readers gain knowledge and writers reinstate expertise or personal knowledge possessed.

Link to other contents or articles related to the post to get more hub readers to more of of a writers published material

In conclusion

These are only several ways to increase readership and traffic for any writer's hub. Try these small simple changes and track if traffic changes through statistics to determine if changes are making things better or worse. If there is a decrease or stagnate numbers coming from the stats, tweak it. Make small changes at first and move on to larger ones if necessary..

Whether the subject is coffee beans or putting a man on the moon, images count for a lot.
Whether the subject is coffee beans or putting a man on the moon, images count for a lot.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 6 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      great advice sir a short and plain writings is enough

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 7 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA


    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 7 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Thank you for the great advice , , ,I see just from that I may change my bio very soon , , ,my perspective has to grow realizing a hub is not a paper for college, which is my most recent works other than journal writing , , ,I'm learning and I just learned here , , ,remember to have fun, fun, fun

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 7 years ago from all over the web

      i have to admit that i bullet quite a bit also. it also helps me to follow my article when writing a lot easier.

      typically when i write a short summary of a future article i will bullet for my own personal notes.

    • ricoramiro profile image

      Ramiro Rodriguez 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Very good advice. Especially about adding bullets. Bullet items make the page easier to scan.

      I do it all the time.


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