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Effective Morning Habits of Successful People

Updated on May 17, 2018
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I am Muhammad Khawar from Pakistan. I am a student of Now I am also have desire to being a writer. I have red many books.

Morning Habits of Successful People

Hello Friends! Today I want to share effective morning habits of successful peoples which are helpful in gaining health, wealth and happiness.Friend’s morning is a time when we start our day. If we start our day with positive thoughts our whole day will be positive. In morning our mind is fresh and our body is energetic. So we can make any habit easily. Habits make us persistent and responsible. With positive habits we can improve our life.

Habits Leads to Success


Morning habits are: SAVER This is the abbreviation of following words. “SAVER” is easy to remember.Now we will explain one by one.

  • Silence
  • Affirmation
  • Visualization
  • Exercise
  • Reading


First Habit is Silence

Usually when we get up in the morning the first thing we do is to check our phone, Facebook, Whats-app etc. This activity disturbs our mind and produce noise of thoughts.Here silence means ‘mind silence’. Our mind always in work even during sleep it remains active.Mind silence can be achieved by Meditation, Yoga and prayer. These are help full for refreshing the mind.It boosts up the mind power.


  • Meditation is an exercise of mind. In meditation state we relax our mind and clear every thought.
  • In this state we leave our emotions and gain positive energy from inside and focus on one thing.In short we stop thinking and start enjoying our self.

2nd Habit is Affirmations

Affirmations are the strong sentences about what we want to achieve. For example:If you want be polite. The sentences will be like that. “I am very polite” The affirmation should be in present tense. It should be positive. It should be small simple.For affirmation habit you should make list of affirmations.

  • I am the Greatest.
  • I am polite.
  • I am hard worker.

How to Do Affirmations

Every morning you should repeat these sentences in loud voice.You have to mix emotions and imagination in it. You must have belief in that. Without imagination, emotion and belief it is useless.

Some Affirmations

3rd Habit is Visualization

Visualization is very great habit. Visualization in morning turns our mind focus toward our Goals.

  • What is visualization?

In visualization we imagine that I have already achieved our goals and now I am working after achieving my goals. We will imagine that.

  • How I met the people.
  • How it will be amazing when I am going my office on my car.
  • I have a meeting with greatest persons
  • People are wish to meeting with me.

You should do visualization on daily bases. Visualization should be doing with love. It should be positive.

Visualization is future

4th Habit is Exercise

Exercise in morning makes a man physically and mentally active for the whole day.

“A healthy body has healthy mind”

If you are physically fit then you can pay more attention on your work. But if you have problems in your body then there must be problems in your mental works. Exercise refreshes our mind. It increases our mind health. A habit of little exercise can improve your life.

How to exercise in short time?

You can exercise at your home or in the park. There is no need to go for Gym. If you are already going to gym then it is best. But if you cannot go to Gym then you can do exercise anywhere.

Here I have some easy effective exercise for morning

  • Running/jogging

Run in the morning warm up your body. It decreases the extra fat. It increases your stamina. You should run minimum 10 min daily.

  • Jumping

Jumping is complete exercise for our body. It is exercise of heart, legs and Lungs. It speeds up the flow of blood and breath. It also increases stamina. Rope jumping adds the exercise of arms to simple jumping.

  • Push-ups

Push-ups are a great exercise for increase muscles and make shape of our body.

Simple Exercise

5th Habit is Reading

“There is no friend as loyal as book”Books keep us update. It makes happy and confident. It has all properties of best friend.Through book reading you can explore yourself. You get new information about your life and about your thinking pattern. It is great saying “the more learn the more you earn”.There is nothing better than books which improve you thinking.“A room without books is like a body without soul”The above quotation describes the importance of books in our daily life. Book reading increases our mental strength. Books improve our attitude. Every successful person is a book reader. Most of them not get proper degree from school or college. Their aims are getting education not degrees. You should read books on self-development. Which improve your character and thinking


Bonus Habit

Writing is great habit. When we build this habit then we realize that how important it is. I love to write because during writing I break the chains of my mind.A person with the habit of writing can learn from himself. He can break the limits of his mind. He can explore his mind. Habit of writing makes a man intelligent. Whatever you write should be from your internal source. It is great exercise of mind.

What to write?

What to write is not important question. You should not write on certain topic.

You can write about your surroundings. You can write about social problems and their solutions.

You can write your experience of day. You can what you learn from your life.

You can write summary of the day you spent and what you observe in other people. Writing observation is good Idea because every person has different observation. You can also write about yourself like about your problems, your feeling, what you observe in your emotion and everything about your life.


© 2018 yementor


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