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Skeeeeeetz Lens

Updated on November 20, 2012

(That's six E's... in case your counting.)


This is the lens that gives a little information about skeeeeeetz, the other lenses that I have created on Squidoo, and stuff related to those lenses which, in turn, is what skeeeeeetz digs... it is all just a viscous circle of confusion.

Let me try to explain-- I started building lenses on Squidoo to promote my T-shirt and gift shop on cafepress (see below). I started the cafepress shop to fulfill a need for a creative outlet after I had the experience of a "life-changing" event (also explained below). In addition, I started a blog to raise awareness of the treatment that caused the event (guess what-- below) and then realized that all this stuff was related but nothing was holding it together.

I hope this lens works to do just that-- bring organization to all the different forums, projects and communication methods that I am involved with now.

Skeeeeeetz FAQ

What is?

Q: Why Skeeeeeetz?

A: My real name is Scott but I have several friends that run in my group name either Scott or Steve so we all go by nicknames. There are a few of my friends that I knew for two or three years before I figured out what their given name was!

Q: Where did Skeeeeeetz come from?

A: There was a DJ that we used to hang with when we were teenagers that would often call my name over the PA. As he would get tired (or drunk) as the night went on his speech would get pretty bad. Scott just gradually turn into Skeeeeeetz.

Q: Why six E's?

A: User names. I guess there are other skeetz in the world and that user name is usually taken so I went to six as that seemed like a good number. Legally, it only has two es so that is how you see it in the company name, A Skeetz Production and my logo, tags and such.

Q: Is it true you had a stroke?

A: You betcha. In November of 2007 I suffered a stroke that immobilized the right half of my body and effected my speech.

Q: Are you completely recovered from the stroke?

A: Basically, yes. I started rehab in the hospital immediately and in less than two-weeks progressed enough to continue with outpatient therapy until I went back to work 13-weeks after the event. I still face some challenges as my brain is still healing but, if you didn't know I had the brain attack, you would have a hard time knowing anything was wrong with me.

Q: You seem to be a little young to have a stroke. Do the doctors know what caused it.

A: No, but I do. I was not in the best shape, but not bad enough to expect a major stroke at 42-years old. I was being treated by a chiropractor for upper-back and neck pain and there is a lot of evidence that chiropractic manipulation can damage your arteries and cause stroke.

Q: Why don't chiropractors warn you about the risks?

A: Because they don't have to. That is why I have started a campaign to raise awareness of the stroke risks to chiropractic patients. If you or a loved one are treated by a chiropractor, don't make another visit until you read the information provided here:

Q: Is that why you are "out to get" chiropractors?

A: I am not out to get chiropractors. I just want them to have to tell their patients of the risks involved with treatment. That would mean, however, that they acknowledge that there is a risk which they will not own up to.

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    • EEWorkouts profile image

      EEWorkouts 5 years ago

      Here's to your continued recovery. Keep up all the creative work!