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Squidoo for Freshers

Updated on March 14, 2015

Squidoo and Hubpages for newbies

Hubpages is one of the best sites I like to write my articles. As writing is my hobby, I spend my leisure time writing articles on top websites. Some of the best sites I prefer for writing are Squidoo, Ezine Articles, and on my personal web blog.

For beginners who are new to writing and looking for a writing career in web, I suggest Squidoo as the best writing sites as you can have many advantages with Squidoo. This lens Squidoo and Hubpages for freshers is dedicated to all newbies who have joined Squidoo and don't have an idea of how to earn from Squidoo.

Earn from Squidoo
Earn from Squidoo

#1 How to get started with hubpages

Starting your first hub with hubpages

Hubpages is one website which is very much useful for writers, business and marketing owners and work from home moms, freelancers etc. People from all over the world and all ages use hubpages. Hubpages is so popular for writers because they learn new things and maintain new contacts. People have the chance to meet the experts from all over the world. But how to get started with hubpages and write your first hub is more important

I wrote my first lens in Squidoo in 2010 (merged with hubpages) and regularly used to update my lenses. The main secret of success in Squidoo and Hubpages is how fresh your content is and how active you are in the community. More active you are, more is the chance for your lenses to be found by everyone

If you have not started your hub yet, then get started with your first hub now.

Earn from Adsense
Earn from Adsense

#2 Google Adsense

Big Earners for Hub Masters

Google Adsense is one of the top revenue generating sources for Hubs. Based on your hubs rankings, your hubs are categorized into different grades. Hubbers earn money when readers click on the Advertisements in your pages.

For Example, you will see Google Ads around in this lens at the top and also in the sidebar. If your readers find any Google Ad useful and Click on that Ad, you earn good money from your lens.

Infolinks Ads

Another Big Earning Tips

Infolinks Ads are another way to earn huge revenue from your hubs. To earn huge money from Infolink Ads, you need to write articles with high paying keywords. For this you need to know about the top Keyword research tools in Internet. If you don't know about them, read the lens Top Keyword research tools in Internet which tells you about top keyword research tools in Web.

Coming to Infolinks Ads, they are text Ads that are underlined for some of the keywords in your lens. If you are reading this hub, you may find some words in this lens which are double underlined with green. If your readers find the pop up Ad useful and click on that Ad, you earn revenue. This was another highly paying way in squidoo (previously now merged with hubpages)

Latest Squidoo Lens Modules
Latest Squidoo Lens Modules

How to use Squidoo Lens Modules

Designing a lens is success strategy

Squidoo Lens Modules are one of the important ways to improve your lens on Squidoo. Success of your Squidoo lens depends on how effectively you use these lens modules and how they are organized to attract the readers attention.

Some of the important Squidoo Modules that would spice up your lens are given below.

Squidoo Text Module
Squidoo Text Module

#1 Squidoo Text Module

Share Important Content through Squidoo Text Module

Squidoo Text Module helps in sharing valuable information of the lens. As you have the chance to write 10,000 character limit through this module, You can start your introduction of discuss a topic in this Squidoo Text Module.

Squidoo Text Module comes with an option to add picture for that text module. Add a delightful photo that best describes the text module. Don't forget to add the label for that photo and attach it to your favorite link if you like.

#3 Amazon Module - Best Revenue Source from Squidoo

The Squidoo Amazon Module is one of the most useful and highly paying module on Squidoo. Adding your favorite items which are related from Amazon helps you to earn from Squidoo. If your friends find the items you provide in Amazon useful, they purchase it through your lens links.

Squidoo shares revenue with you for all the purchases that are made through your lenses. You have the option to pick your own products to display in your lens or let Amazon automatically pick the products for you. Some of the best ways to earn from Squidoo are given below in the following books

#5 Ebay Module - Another Profitable Module from Squidoo

Squidoo is one of the best writing sites and also money generating sites. It is way ahead of hub pages and xomba with these profitable Squidoo modules. Best Profitable Ebay Modules are ebay, zazzle, amazon and itunes modules. Given below are the profitable modules and how to use these profitable squidoo modules

#8 Youtube Module - Best Squidoo Module to get found online

Squidoo Youtube Module is one of the best module to promote your youtube videos in Squidoo. You can even add some of the useful how to videos in squidoo which are relevant to your lenses in the module. This helps in getting more reader attraction to your lenses.

If you have own business online, squidoo you tube module helps you to provide your business products information in squidoo.

There are three ways you can add youtube module in squidoo.

1. Let youtube pick the relevant lenses based on your keyword. I have added example for it by searching youtube with squidoo as keyword.

2. Share your own favorite youtube videos by browsing through youtube.

3. If you have your own youtube username, you can share your favorite youtube videos by giving your youtube username.

#10 Duel Debate Module

Share the best debate with your lens readers through the duel debate module

Which according to you is the highest revenue generating module in Squidoo

#11 Link List Module - Share your Favorite Links Here

Link List module helps you to add favorite links in the module. Link List module is one of the favorite module which helps you share useful links for readers. I like Travel Tips, one of the best travel and tourism site. Given below where i have added it

#12 Poll Module - People Like Polls

Lens Readers like polls. Polls are interesting and spice up your lens. Add some interesting polls which make your readers interested to vote. It can be on any topic such as popular movie of the year to the favorite sports person of the year. Below is the example to give you an example.

Do participate in the poll

Which Social Media do you like most

See results

#13 Blackbox Module

Eventhough I am Adding the module in the last, this module helps you to give surprises. Have you come to the end of the lens and want to add relevant lenses for your lens readers. Then BlackBox is the best place. For Example, if you want to know about how i became an lens master from software engineer, read my lens From Software Engineer to Lens Master

Finally, Comments from lens readers and fellow lens masters make your lens more popular and worth while. Do add a Squidoo Guest Book Module at the end of the lens to get valuable comments from your lens readers.

#15 Guest Book Module - Share your comments

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    • Geekgurl profile image

      Kimberly Hiller 7 years ago from Chicago

      This is a lot of great information. Nice pictures and content.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Really well put together, very good, thanks :)

    • mini cheong profile image

      mini cheong 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info, now I have a lot of editing to do on my other lenses :D

    • Fcuk Hub profile image

      Fcuk Hub 7 years ago

      nice lens full of ifos. Really helpful for newbies :)