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Squidoo Lady

Updated on July 6, 2014

Squidoo Lady - Squidoo Lensmaking Tips

Need some help with Squidoo? I'm Elizabeth, aka Squidoo Lady! I'm a veteran Lensmaster here at Squidoo and love making lenses.

I'm a Giant Squid and a Squidoo Angel as well. I'm very proud of what I have accomplished here at Squidoo! I love this community and have had success here at Squidoo and that's why I developed Squidoo Lady. To help out the new people here. Read on to get some tips and learn how you can make money with Squidoo too!

My Story And Why I Developed Squidoo Lady

When I first started out on the internet, I did not know much about how to make money online. It was the early 90's and I had little knowledge of the internet. I knew how to surf, knew how to email people and write letters on Microsoft word. Sad, but true. So one day while surfing the net, I came across an article about affiliate marketing and had no idea what the heck they were talking about but saw the words "make money" and "make money while you sleep with your computer". It made me light up! Needless to say, I couldn't sleep that night when I read about being an affiliate. I thought wow, people can make money while they sleep? Is this real? If so, that is really cool!

A few years went by and I didn't do much with affiliate marketing, I was working my 9-5 job and life was kind of getting in the way of my dream of making money with my computer but it was still in the back of my mind. This was the kind of work I wanted to do.

Later on, I found a book online called "The Super Affiliate Handbook" It was really intriguing because it was written by a woman named Rosalind Gardner who was really successful as an affiliate and I thought hmmm. maybe there really is something to this...

So I went on to build my first website. Now mind you, it wasn't much, it was kind of like a banner farm, if you are familiar with the term. I just promoted some Clickbank stuff and a few paid to read website banners. I still really had no idea what I was doing but I thought I could just learn as I went along. I just kept reading Rosalind's book and learned a lot about how an affiliate makes money and thought this is possible and real!

One of the things I learned was that you don't want to put all of your eggs in one basket, meaning you don't want to just focus on one way to make money. So, I needed another way to make money as an affiliate. I was surfing the net again and found Squidoo!

I really liked this new website (Squidoo) and thought that I could use it to promote some of my affiliate stuff. But I needed a little help and I found Tiffany Dow. I'm sure some of you know of her. She was super successful on Squidoo at the time and I really admired how knowledgeable she was about Squidoo. So I started following her steps on how to build lenses and never looked back. I used some of her tips and here I am today making money on Squidoo!

So, now you know that I was once just like you. New to Squidoo and didn't really know what the heck to do next. That's why I developed Squidoo Lady. I want to share all of my tips and tricks that I have learned from other successful Lensmasters and the little things I have learned by making mistakes or just learned along the way.

Need Some Help? Free Squidoo Tutorial

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    • profile image

      Natural_Skin_Care 5 years ago

      Really appreciate these tips. With so many people creating articles on Squidoo it's hard to stand out.

    • MillBucks profile image

      MillBucks 5 years ago

      I look forward to following your methods as I move forward here on Squidoo, I admire what you have accomplished in this community. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.