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Squidoo Module Experiment

Updated on November 26, 2012

"Introduction Module" This Section is an Introduction to Your Lens.

The introduction section has 3 tabs:

The Title/Introduction "Intro Text" will allow you to write a description of your article and it's wise to use key words here so that your lens can be found by search engines.

The second tab, "Table of Contents," you will probably want to turn on by going to the tab at the top of the module when you are in edit mode. Also, in table of contents you can decide how you want this list to appear when it is published, Numbered, In-Line, etc. If you like you can add another Table of Contents Module near the middle or end of your lens to help people navigate your article better.

The third tab, "Related Lenses," allows you to list lenses that you want to feature. If you don't put anything in, Squidoo does it for you, using other people's lenses.

I'm stuck on about one dozen modules in my Lenses. So, I've created this lens to remedy the situation. I'll be adding modules, testing them out and reporting on their progress as I get clicks.

Some of my personal favorites are the Text Module, Text with Big Picture, Amazon, Amazon Spotlight Personal Review, YouTube, Link List (this is a great module, just keep adding content by adding links) Flickr Photos, Polaroid, and RSS your blog.

Be sure to check out the Workshop Tools/Manage Widgets section along the right hand margin of every one of your lenses. More opportunities to get your message out there!!

I'm testing several modules here.

You can comment if you like, read through the lens ...

This is the common everyday TEXT MODULE.

There could be a module you're not familiar with.

The "Text Module" is two parts also, the Text along with a title, subtitle and text box, and "People like pictures" which give you the opportunity to upload a picture, give it a title (using keywords from your lens) and a URL link. Please, do not forget to UPDATE. This will load the picture into the module.

The CNN Live and the Twitter Follow are great according to me. You simply add the module, add the topic or Twitter name and wallah!!

Like my photo of desert flowers? They "bloom" all on their own, much like Squidoo modules.

Blog Success - How to have a successful web page or blog.

This is a really fun module, because you can add items from Amazon, with pictures, that emphasize your topic. If your lens appeals to your reader they probably found your lens looking for the topic of interest in the first place. This give you the opportunity to lead them right to the item they were hoping to purchase. You do the "leg work" they reap the benefits. This is the AMAZON module.

A Video - From YouTube ~

You should have a YouTube video on your lenses to emphasize your topic. Be sure to view it first to make sure the content matches your topic.

This video is posted using the YouTube module.

This video shows you how to link a document or video to an email. Gotta listen to this.

The module "BlackBox" emphasizes your quotes! Mine is PINK - you choose the color.

"The Giant Squids is a club of dedicated writers on Squidoo.

They show up on a regular basis and perfect their craft."



This is the Guestbook Module.

This lens is designed to test out several modules. Someone recommended that you always have a place for visitors to comment, so I added one of the most common "modules" here.

A great place to encourage or complain, comment or rant. - You will receive opinions and comments when you add a guestbook.

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    • dogface lm profile image

      dogface lm 5 years ago

      @bikerministry: Yes. The problem is that I oftentimes forget to update them. Being able to set recurring dates might be a good idea.

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 5 years ago

      I may need a countdown for something on this page. Have you tried the Countdown module, yet?

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 6 years ago

      OK - so today I tried SquidooCool and got some error code. Maybe because I had it set up to update every day. Didn't want incomplete info. so deleted it. 2nd day in having problems with a module. Need to do more reading!