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Nine Classroom Motivational Posters

Updated on March 5, 2013

Inspire Yourself and Everyone Around You

This page has the nine best motivational posters I've ever put in my classroom and through the years countless students remarked how inspired they were by the quotes. I can recommend them to teachers but also to kids or parents who want to have a motivational reminder on their walls. I hope you find a poster here that fits your personality and that inspires you to do just one extra great thing once in a while and make your life or the world a little bit better. Enjoy!

Motivational Classroom poster

Get your kids going with this motivational classroom poster. A little bit of positive reïnforcements every day can go a long way to get you kids on their way to the next class. Give them just that little bit of extra strength when they are looking around the classroom.

Stop Waiting for Things to Happen - Go Out and Make Them Happen - Classroom Motivational PosterCHECK PRICE

Confidence Boosting Poster

A confidence boosting poster for the shy kids. Hang this in your classroom to give the kids another perspective on life.

The Expert In Anything Was Once A BeginnerCHECK PRICE

Everyone is a genius

Great poster for kids who don't always do great in class and struggle a lot. They will make the connection and figure out they are maybe a genius in their own right.

Everybody's a Genius but If You Judge a Fish By Its Ability to Climb a TreeCHECK PRICE

THINK before you speak

A little reminder on the wall to help the kids remember what's polite and not to blurt out everything they come up with.

Think Before You Speak - Classroom Motivational PosterCHECK PRICE

Finding yourself versus creating yourself

Bernard Shaw quote that rings really true with most people who are a little bit older. This is not a great poster for the youngest of kids but a good one for a highscool classroom or one to have at home.

Life is About Creating Yourself Motivational PosterCHECK PRICE

Creativity and Electricity

Well I don't know anything about electricity but I actually thought some people did know about it? But I guess that's true for creativity as well. In any case it's a cool and motivational poster for a creative class in highschool.

"Creativity Is Like Electricity" Maya Angelou - Classroom Motivational PosterCHECK PRICE

Barack Obama on Dropping Out

If it helps to keep just one more kid in Highschool this poster is worth it and why not it has the cool to appeal to the kids and maybe it will edge one of them through. Over the years it surely will.

"Dropping Out of High School Is No Longer an Option..." CHECK PRICE

Leonardo da Vinci

Who is a better motivator then the greatest inventor of all time? You can't have anything but respect for this man of incredible and unlimited talents. His feats will surely inspire your kids to do some great things themselves. Maybe not today or tomorrow but some day your kids will do special things.

Leonardo Da Vinci - They Went Out and Happened to Things - Classroom Motivational PosterCHECK PRICE

Michael Jordan Motivational Poster

Leonardo da Vinci doesn't appeal to every kid but maybe you have a shot reaching them with Michael Jordan. The ultimate athlete he is an icon to America and American youth and loved and revered thoughout the country. Use his authority to inspire your kids.

Michael Jordan "That Is Why I Succeed" - Classroom Motivational PosterCHECK PRICE

Which one is your favorite Classroom Motivational Poster?

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    • MusicMadness LM profile image

      MusicMadness LM 4 years ago

      The Michael Jordan one is my favorite by far. It's having the perverseness to push through all the losses till you finally start winning that makes all the difference.