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What Is Squidoo

Updated on August 23, 2017

Squidoo Fun and Squidoo Facts

Update: Late in 2014 Squidoo was acquired by Hubpages and most of the content formerly found on Squidoo is now here on Hubpages (mine included). I joined Hubpages years ago, before joining Squidoo, so this is a welcome transition for me and I'm sure that readers will find the experience here better, too.

I'm leaving this original review of Squidoo up for posterity's sake. This was meant to be a fun take on the Squidoo writing platform founded by Seth Godin. This article included many more links to pages on Squidoo, so for example, if you see a sentence that doesn't make much sense on it's own, it's because it was originally linked to a Squid page which no longer exists (not everyone agreed to move their content from Squidoo to Hubpages).

-------Original Begins-------

This article all about Squidoo, from tips to insights, and some fun along the way. If you've ever asked, "what is Squidoo", I'll tell you. It's pure fun! Much more than a knowledge base, it's a place that combines coffee table social interaction, unparalleled knowledge and more fun and friends than you can shake a stick at. And there's Squidisms galore! There is so much to know and learn about Squidoo that we might as well have fun while we're learning, and that's precisely the point of this lens. In fact I think that one of the main reasons Squidoo has been so successful is the fun and friendly atmosphere that has been created.

Squidoo isn't just another squid in the crowd! It's true, there are plenty of places where someone can write articles online and where people can search for and discover new information. But none are as fun, nor as reliable, as Squidoo. This lens will mostly help new (or newer) members, but really anyone should enjoy the few minutes we spend together here. I'm also using almost exclusively links to other squid's pages to show that (IMO) whenever possible it's good Squidiquette to use references from Squidoo rather than elsewhere on the web... building, helping and sharing will go a long way towards making your journey more fun and rewarding.

There are some quite unique words that you'll come across while wandering Squidville; some that will make you laugh and some that will make you scratch your head. If you stick with me for this journey (please don't Squidaddle) I'm sure you'll agree that learning can be fun and entertaining. You might even discover some helpful tips or information to help you on your own Squidoo journey. There isn't another place anywhere on the internet where you can have oceans of fun, make some great new friends and even earn some money all at the same time, without ever leaving your house!

Building lenses on Squidoo using creative tools and resources, getting those lenses ranked in the search engines, getting traffic to your lens, making money on your work.... these are all made really simple if you rely on the hoard of resources that others before us have laid out. I really am hooked on Squidoo Squidoo, and happy to answer "What is Squidoo."

Do You Squidoo Squidoo?

What Is Squidoo You Ask? It's a smile, a hug, an old friend of sorts.

Squidoo Squidoo is no new kid on the block, but still more and more people are turning to Squidoo over other publishing sources for the sheer fun and simplicity of creating new and engaging lenses that are helpful and can earn the lensmaster some extra money (or lot's of money if you're able to grind it out). For me the sheer fun of the community is the top selling point! And the name lends itself to some funny stuff... say this three times fast!

“Who Knew What Squidoo Could Do For You Too”

As you spend some time on Squidoo you'll have occasion to enter a security word and sometimes those alone can make you smile, or even laugh out loud when you come across words like:








There's no way that Seth Godin and the team at Squidquarters didn't have a sense of humor when they developed Squidoo.

And I can hear you already, asking 'Why in the world is he using Squidoo Squidoo so often?' Well, there are two reasons, the most important of which is that I want to illustrate the importance of using keywords in your article title and body (and Squidoo Squidoo stands out). If you want to make money with your lenses then you have to get people to your pages, and to get them to your pages you have to rank well in Google, and to rank well in Google you have to have "and use" good keywords... and to to help you research keywords it just so happens that a fellow Squid has a great lens on finding keywords.

But some people write for other reasons. There are plenty of lensmasters who write articles primarily to get backlinks for their websites (for better search engine rankings), and who have little intention of making money on their lenses. Then there are those who love to write and use Squidoo as a platform to build their writing portfolio or resume, or to just express themselves. Whatever your reason for writing, if it's to ever amount to anything it needs to be worthwhile reading. Even if you only care about the backlink, if it's a crappy lens with poor content it'll land in the garage rather quickly; even well written articles can get garaged if they turn stale. Since I've been a Squid I've noticed that working on a lens a little bit (really, it doesn't take much effort) every 4 or 5 weeks keeps it updated and fresh and seems to provide a little boost, and ultimately builds better lenses which will eventually work hard for you.

What Is A Squidoo Squidoo Rhyme

There's No Fun Like Squidoo Fun

At Squidoo Squidoo you can get....

Blessed by a Squid Angel


hugged by a bear,

read about

Giant Squids


donating your hair.

If you can keep it quiet there's free Squidoo secrets to be found, and help losing weight doing it pound by pound.

I'm no lyrical genius just a guy with some pipes, hoping to make a point about the Best Organic Natural Baby Wipes.

Ok, that's a little silly, but there's so many great lenses to be discovered and no reason at all that more and more Squid lenses aren't linked to whenever possible. By spreading the love you're bound to get some back from time to time, and even if you don't you're spreading good karma.

From bad tattoos to good excuses, you can learn and discover until the Squids come home. I've managed to learn about pickles and beets without even trying.

So What Do I Need To Know About Squidoo Lens Creation

Writing Squidoo Lenses - Hubpages vs Squidoo

I'm a member of virtually all of the top rated article sites, from Hubpages to EzineArticles, and I can say without question that Squidoo is the simplest to use, and more importantly, the most fun to work with and get creative. If you are new to Squidoo (or not so new and looking for more information) then the very first stop should be this:

Getting Started With Squidoo (The official overview, FAQ and TOS)

This is the official page LOADED with information about Squidoo and how to do things right (and examples of how to do them wrong). It covers virtually every question a new or potential member might have about this awesome site, from creating your very first lens to getting paid. Finally, if you cannot find what you're looking for there, turn your mouse to:

Squidoo HQ

Squidoo HQ is a site that is overflowing with information and resources, links, advice and tips, and most importantly its home to the Lensmaster Forum, a place where you can read questions and answers from others, or ask your own question and get answers from the best and brightest.

Note: Yes, I admittedly enjoyed the fluid editing interface at Squidoo much better, and the social connection between writers there was noticeably stronger. I hope that these are things which Hubpages take note of and work to improve upon. Quite a few former Squids chose not to move their content to Hubpages, and many for that exact reason.

At Squidoo I was a Giant Squid (writers who achieved a quantitative level of publishing) and a Squid Angel (writers who wrote quality content and were active on the platform). At Hubpages nothing similar exists, that I know of, which serves to inspire writers or to bring them closer to one another here.

You'll find that being a lensmaster is very easy, actually, and that the kind people at HQ have went above and beyond to give you every tool possible to build the most brilliant and informative lenses that the web can offer. There's even a club for new members called RocketSquids, and believe it or not, it's free! You get unbelievable tutoring and guidance, all geared towards ensuring YOUR success, for free.

Want to write at Squidoo? It couldn't be more simple. First you simply click on the "Create A Lens" button and then you'll be taken to the quick start area, shown below, where you'll choose your title, a unique URL (web address) if you want to (or Squidoo will handle it for you). Then you'll select the category in which to place your article (camping, cooking, etc...), and enter the keyword(s), select a few modules to start with (you can change your mind later, no worries), and then you're off to the races.

Below is a look at the module menu, and you can see that unlike any other place you could write, Squidoo offers you dozens upon dozens of module options. I mean there is almost literally nothing you could wish for that isn't included for you. Why does it matter to you, as a writer? Because these modules pre-format things for you so there's no need to worry as much about knowing HTML. In fact, plenty of people who know nothing at all about computers or the internet have found a successful home on Squidoo. If you want to include a video, simply copy the address of the video and paste it into the module... voila!

And did I mention fun? I know I spoke about the community, and how most lensmasters try to engage one another, rating lenses, leaving comments, as well as suggestions and encouragement. Squidoo also engages and encourages it's lensmasters through fun-filled quests (which are always optional) that are designed purposely to help you discover and develop, and grow as a lensmaster. If you're successful then so is Squidoo. There are also trophies galore... which represent the hard work you've put into your writing and how much you've been a true and loyal Squid. In all there are close to 150 known trophies (maybe more?), and it's just one more reason why I love this place. Fellow Squid "dagsmith" has a great lens about all the trophies you can earn, called: Squidoo Trophy Hunter.

Here are my trophies as of February 1, 2013.

Roll Up Your Tentacles And Chime In

Chime in and tell us what you think. Feel free to give us your thoughts on the best article submission sites.

Is Squidoo the funnest article submission site in the world?


Can You Make Money On Squidoo?

Of course, many people do. How do YouTubers make money? The same way, through ad revenue.

There are lots of reasons to write online, but if yours is to make money then rest assured, there are plenty of opportunities to make money on Squidoo. It won't happen overnight, and you won't become the next millionaire, but you can make a modest income via profit sharing (ad revenue) and from sales which generate from your lenses, either via Amazon modules or your own affiliate links.

Just like Youtubers make their money through ad revenue, and by becoming a partner (they then get a few dollars for every 1,000 views), on Squidoo you'll get a portion of the profit based on the number of visitors your lenses draw, their rank, the amount of sales, click throughs, etc..

Most people who write for Squidoo and other online sites, frankly, make either very little money or no money at all. Saying anything else would be misleading. But that doesn't detract from the fact that many people do make a living writing and marketing online, some earn a quite good living. The rest of us chase their secrets, and seek to emulate their success.

But back to why Squidoo, specifically, is the best place to write online. As you may know (or not), one of the factors that are important for making money online is getting traffic. And getting it from search engines like Google is the best (but most difficult) way to do it. There are others, but for the most part you'll want to know that the place you write at is well respected by Google and internet surfers in general.

One way to determine that is to look at how well Google "ranks" a site. On a scale from 1 - 10 websites are ranked based on how well Google perceives their authority, their quality and reliability (trustworthiness). Alexa Rankings show how much relative traffic a website gets in relation to all other websites in the world. For Google, a higher number is better, and for Alexa the lower the number the better a website is valued, or ranked.

Below is a chart from vretoolbar that shows the current ranking of all directories as well as the rankings as they stood when I wrote this article in 2013... this is a snippet of the top 20. Note that Squidoo was ranked the second best, but the number 1 ranked site only gives you "no-follow" links, so effectively Squidoo was ranked #1 since we want do-follow backlinks for our articles. The fact that Squidoo was ranked so well is why their articles seem to rank higher, and faster, than on other sites.

Update: After the acquisition of Squidoo by Hubpages you can now see how the site has changed over the course of a couple of years. The latest data is in the chart on the top (from January 2015) followed below it by the 2013 data.

January 2015 Article Directory Rankings

Feb. 2013 Article Directory Rankings

Have you ever wanted to see Squidoo Squidoo on blue?

What Is Squidoo?

Another Reason I Love Squidoo - Shouldn't Learning Be Fun?

As I spend more and more time on Squidoo I'm amazed at how much there is to learn. And not just as it relates to creating lenses or making money online, but about everything under the sun. Squidoo Squidoo is just about the best thing on the net.

And that's all the more reason why it's important to show fellow lensmasters some love by linking to their lenses, using the power of social bookmarking sites and giving a Squidoo Thumbs Up if you like their lenses. To bookmark a site (use Stumbleupon or Digg, for example), takes a very few seconds and helps the rest of the web find the good content we all have here on Squidoo. And that, ultimately, helps you too as more and more people across the globe rely on Squidoo to find information on topics they're searching for.

Did you know you can find out....

Bookmark this very handy reference:

“Ultimate Squidoo Lists, Resources, and Tools”

Have You Loved A Lens Today?

If you're a member of Squidoo you can rate a lens with a Thumbs Up if you like it. It costs you nothing and takes a mere second to boost the morale of a lensmaster and acknowledge their hard work. You are a member of Squidoo, right? If not, sign up now below, it's quick and FREE and loaded with benefits.


Build A Loyal Following On Squidoo

And Build Your Business

"How To Build A Loyal Following"

In an article over at Inc. Magazine under the title above, author Peter Vanden Bos discusses the importance of building a following for your blog. His opening statement says it all: "A blog can be an effective tool to grow your business, but not if no one's reading it." Of course that's true and of course the same applies to lenses here at Squidoo.

Squidoo founder Seth Godin is interviewed by the author and says the following about building a loyal following:

"It's pretty simple," Godin says. "I try to post things that people want to tell other people about. The reason I don't want to know my number of subscribers is because I'm not trying to make my numbers go up so I can transform people into numbers I can sell ads to. I am trying to make change."

While no one can argue that most of us want to make money, I think the point is often missed by some that if we provide good content that interests people (the kind Seth is talking about, the kind that people want to tell others about) then the rest will take care of itself. Its tempting to put the cart before the horse because we want success and we want it now, but the truth is, in this business (internet marketing) slow and steady really does win the race.

I have over half a dozen web properties (which includes 3 blogs) and even a couple ranked on Google's first page, but I have yet to make any real money. However, I did enough research about Internet Marketing to know that it takes time to build credibility and authority, and you do that by putting out really good stuff (which is an eternal work-in-progress). I'm no expert and by far not the best writer, but the point I'm making is know what it takes and set your expectations accordingly so you don't burn out too soon when the money doesn't come as soon as you expected it to.

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What do you think about Squidoo Squidoo.. did you like it, too?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      you love squidoo very much and so do i ...hard work appreciated thanks for sharing

    • Dickstucki1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Good job this lens. Thanks.

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 

      7 years ago

      Know this, Oâ worthy and diligent lensmaster;

      With accomplishment youâve earned a tryster.

      As a token of immense appreciation expressed,

      A squid angel leaves this lens heartily blessed.

      On a rendering that is sparkling in its own right,

      Propagating an appealing thought well and quite;

      If you were to notice a slender shimmering crust;

      From the angelâs wand, it is a spill of stardust.

    • jethrosas profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      I think I have so many lenses to read that are included on this lens. Keep it up! :)

    • Paul Ward profile image


      7 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Interesting and well presented page on Squidoo

    • Linda Pogue profile image

      Linda Pogue 

      7 years ago from Missouri

      Interesting read. Yes, I like your Squidoo Squidoo lens. Blessings!

    • Mary Crowther profile image

      Mary Crowther 

      7 years ago from Havre de Grace

      Thanks for making this fun lens. It brightened my day!

    • hysongdesigns profile image


      7 years ago

      Yep, I Squidoo, for all sorts of reasons! And it's fun too.


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