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Squidoo Feature Enhancement Request Wishlist

Updated on October 11, 2012

I Wish that Squidoo Could...

I'm pretty sure that when I join a community I'm the kind of user that the application development team doesn't like. I'm constantly coming up with good ideas to improve the existing application (and I'm not afraid to share my ideas, or support good ideas I see from other community members).

Officially if you have an idea for a Squidoo enhancement you are supposed to submit it through the bug report (link below) but I've done this several times and never hear back... So I've taken it upon myself to keep track of the ideas I submit here. I'd love to add your ideas to the list too, and collect input from other lensmasters to see which ideas would be most beneficial collectively.

Maybe if we're lucky SquidooHQ or even thefluffanutta (creator of SquidUtils) will take notice of something that there is a large use case for.

This lens keeps track of the things I WISH Squidoo could do, and see if other lensmasters agree.

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More Details if You Keep Reading

Learn More About the Squidoo Enhancement Requests Listed in the Poll Above

Keep reading to learn more about these Squidoo SERs (service enhancement requests) that I've added to my Squidoo Wishlist. You can vote after you're done reading! Don't worry, I'll provide a link at the bottom of the lens to make it easy!

Maybe - just maybe- the powers that be from SqudooHQ will take notice one day!! I used to work with an app development team, and I know first hand how hard it can be to get enhancement requests made to a stable and functioning custom application. They can only cost-effectively implement so many new features, so if an enhancement request is to be made real it has to be something that is profitable for the company, and useful to the greatest number of community users.

Here's my Squidoo Wish List...

Enahnced Guestbook Comment Notifications

Right now there is only one option to follow the conversations in lens guestbooks, and on the lensmaster's guestbook page. You can check a button to "follow all comments" posted to a guestbook. I've done this before, and always regret doing it because I get every single comment posted to the guestbook from then on out, even if all I really wanted was to see replies and responses to my original message in the thread.

Having more robust comment notifications would allow users to be notified when someone replied to their message in the message thread of a guestbook. This would encourage conversations between lensmasters and non-Squidoo visitors to continue, rather than drop off after a single response. I can't tell you how many times I've asked a question in a guestbook, and never been aware of the response because I don't remember to check the lens again.

A Thumbnail Based Link List Module

Similar to the Featured Lens Module

I do a lot of lenses with instructions for building Lego models. I'm constantly making link lists to list out the required bricks. I'd love to be able to display a small thumbnail of each brick along with the link name and description. It would display like the thumbnails, titles and descriptions on the Featured Lens Module, except lensmasters would be asked to upload images for each link.

Voting Plexo's Non-Squidoo User Voting

Let Non-Logged in Squidoo Users Vote Links Up or Down

Submitted by SammySpam on 10/11/2012

If Plexo's had the option to allow non-Squidoo users to vote lensmasters would get more votes and interactivity on their lenses.

PinIt Image Optimization

Pinterest displays zoomed images at 600 pixels wide. Anything smaller than that is displayed pixelated because it is blown up to 600 pixels. Which works out well for Squidoo if you use the "Text with BIG Picture Module." The largest image you can display in the "Text with BIG Picture Module" is 600 pixels (which I do regularly to optimize for Pinterest).

However, when you click the PinIt button, by default it pins the first image on your lens - which should be formatted at 250 by 250 pixels to be considered for inclusion on the homepage featured lenses.

Wouldn't it be great if the PinIt button was programmed to grab the first 600 pixel wide image on the page by default, and then if there wasn't a 600 pixel wide image it grabbed whatever else it could find?

A Squidoo Pinterest Module

There is some debate as to whether a Squidoo Pinterest module would cause copyright issues, and I can definately see that side of the issue.

However, a Pinterest module would allow a lensmaster to display thumbnails (maybe smaller than the original 192 pixel wide thumbnail display on Pinterest) to relevent links on the web. People seem to love the image-based quality of Pinterest, so it would be great to be able to use some of that on lenses (if there is a way to do so without infringing on copyright laws).

What do you Think

Does Pinterest Infringe on Copyright laws?

I will add it to this Squidoo wishlist and link back to your profile page with your idea too. Maybe with enough community support SquidooHQ will take notice and make it a reality! You never know!! :)

Is your Squidoo Enhancement Idea not listed? - Submit it to SquidooHQ and then Post it Here!

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    • profile image

      nifwlseirff 4 years ago

      I haven't been using the plexo often because non-Squidoo users can't vote (most of my traffic is search engine, non-squids) - this would be a good feature.

      However, I would most love to see Squidoo's image handing improved! Even though photos are limited to 1MB, they are downsampled when displayed (faster loading times perhaps). Especially on photography lenses, these days photos shouldn't be less than 2MB to be of ok quality.

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Australia

      I want Plexo's to have the option to allow non-Squidoo users to vote, I love the module and want to use it more often but getting them started when its not something the majority of the Squidoo community has interest in... it is just impossible.