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Start Earning Money With Google Adsense within a Month or Two

Updated on May 12, 2011

Blogs and other websites that host webpages do not make it easy for the blogger to earn within few days or months. Most of the people write for months before they get Google Adsense approval. I wrote for a month and than stopped writing after four months I started to write and in the seventh month I got my account accepted. This is the case with most of the Hubbers, bloggers or website owners. To start earning with Google you need to first get your account accepted. There are various reasons that you could not get your account within few days or with in a month or two. These reasons have been explained in detail in my Hub Common Reasons for Disapproval of Google Adsense Applications. Before thinking about how to earn more you should concentrate on getting Google Adsense account accepted because, other affiliates like Amazon and eBay won't give that much money as Google.

However you can start earning money with Google Adsense within first few months if you have your account with Google Adsense and you know about some technical and some simple stuff that helps in improving web traffic and credibility in the search engines too.

Five useful tips that can make anyone earn easily and readily with Google Adsense

1. Create Backlinks:

Backlinks are very useful in promoting your websites or webpages. Backlinks can be created by linking your webpage to other related webpages on internet. In this way a chain on information will be available to the viewer and search engines too prefer such sites that havemore backlinks. Search engines could easily crawl into sites that have useful and related backlinks. Having backlinks is useful but it does not mean that you add backlinks without looking truly what is inside the webpage with which you are linking your site. Malicious backlinks should not be added in the webpages as well as links that are not related to your content. Simply do not blindly add backlinks, go through them thoroughly to see the possible benefit you will get from this link and your potential customers or viewers will get.

Learn How to Create Backlinks in Easy Steps

2. Create Crosslinks:

Crosslinks are the links you create between your webpages. These crosslinks depend on how much closely-knit articles you write or how closely-knit your webpages are. Simply if you write one page on health and nutrition and other on internet and technology, you can not relate the two pages to each other. As the two of them are based on two entirely different categories. To relate webpages to each other you have to write on topics that are related to each other. Suppose you write one page on junk food and other on processed food and still another on cola drinks than it is possible to relate them. This relation is crosslink and this can be created in many ways. You can insert link in your webpage at any place and you can also make a separate capsule for it. There are pros and cons of both methods and it depends on the situation that which one will be more suitable.

When you create several crosslinks in your webpage it makes possible that the viewer keep searching on most of your pages and will not go away soon because of the depth of information that your site provides to the reader or viewer. It also improves your credibility in the search engines.

3. Search for Topics that have Greater Market:

It is not difficult neither impossible you just have to choose the right track to find information about topics that have greater market in the cyber world. Google itself provide several ways in which you can learn about the topics that are hot and that are not. One such is off course Google Trends which enables you to learn about the searches that are in now-a-days and that are declining. You can compare between more than one searches to know which one is in demand. Google Adword Keyword Tool is another helpful tool and with the help of this tool you will know about the competition of each keyword and amount of stuff already available as well as the number of views per month, day or week. There are other services too which give you insight on what is more in demand.

4. Share your articles on Social Networking Sites:

Social networking sites are also a great opportunity to market your blogs and webpages. Facebook, twitter, myspace, hi5 and other such sites are very effective in promoting products. On HubPages you can share your content with facebook and twitter in easy steps. Whenever you want to share your webpages on social networking sites provide your link so that if people click on them it is considered as a click. More people will click on the link and more views you will have. To get more market from sites like facebook you need to write on topics that are more in demand on facebook and twitter. There are also sites that let you know about the hot searches on facebook and twitter so you can get help from such sites to know about the topics that will target greater market share.

5. Write Original and Innovative Content:

The most important and basic thing is that you write on topics that are interested as well as they are original and innovative. Copying from other websites on internet will not make you earn. Copied material could be easily distinguished from the original and innovative content by the reader as well as the search engines. The importance of original content can not be ignored.


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    • gulnazahmad profile image

      gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks Patkay and Mohsin, I hope it benefited you.

    • Mohammad Mohsin profile image

      Mohammad Mohsin 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      too good, thanks

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Good points about earning money with google adsense, thanks.