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How to increase traffic?

Updated on October 19, 2014

Traffic means

Traffic in a website means the number of visitor in the website. The more your visitor your website may called a website with more traffic. The success of a website depends on the traffic of the website or webpage. There have millions of website with a related topics. How your website will attract by more traffic that depends on different parameter. There have different activities of increasing traffic of the website. The more you success in attracting the traffic into your website the more you will success in yo ur website business. Just considerer you have a online article that have visitor 100 per day, your articles traffic is 100 per day. There have a lot of procedure of increasing traffic into the website.

How to increase traffic?

Different steps of increasing traffic into the website is given bellow,

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Social Media shearing

3. Writing articles frequently as more as possible

4. Selecting most popular keyword

5. Different online marketing techniqes implementation

6. Use of attractive relative pictures

6. Use of relative vedios

7. Make coments on different website

9. A proper customer relationship management

10. Quality content


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