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Susan C Rempel, Ph.D.

Updated on November 17, 2013


I've created a multitude of bingo games with educational, religious, party, patriotic, and diversity themes. There are educational products and a blog about Patriotism, First Principles, and American History. Visit today! It's a site that is as diverse as my life!!

Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution

It's my new book! Available on Amazon Kindle or

Glad to meet you!

I have a Ph.D. from USC (go Trojans), and I'm a licensed LMFT in California. When my oldest chiild was in first grade, I was a sleep deprived room mom (with a brand new baby) in search of a Halloween bingo game. I couldn't find one, and so I made it myself. Several teachers suggested I could sell the game on line, and I became the "bingo lady"! Since that time I've created a multiude of bingo games with educational, religious, party, diversity, and patriotic themes, Like many others I'm concerned about the future of our great country. I am also concerned about how little most children know about American history, as well as why they seem to know more about the times in which America could do better rather than the amazing opportunities that our liberty and freedom accords us. So, I am a conservative mom on a mission to educate myself, other adults, and children who are the future patriots of our country. If you have information that you think should be passed along to others, please email me at


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