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A Teenager's Testimonial About Squidoo

Updated on June 29, 2013

How I Got Interested To Squidoo

When I became a teenager, I wanted to make money online just like everyone else. The thought of actually making money from home at a young age gave me a goal. I started with some blogs on WordPress, and my best one would get about 30 visitors everyday. Blogging on WordPress has been a hobby for me, but it was not making me any money at all. One day, I decided I wouldn't stop searching terms like "how to make money" on Google until I found a legitimate way to make money online. While searching, I saw many websites and blogs saying it was possible to make money by writing content.

I looked at many websites that allowed their writers to make money with their content. I looked at HubPages, Wizzley, and so on. Since I was new to making money online by writing content, I wanted to be a part of a website that would be easy to understand. I finally found Squidoo on February 14, 2012. What started as a couple of lenses to promote my blogs on WordPress has now turned into over 100 Squidoo lenses. On Squidoo, I am able to write about my hobbies and what I am interested in (as long as my lens follows the rules to the Squidoo TOS).

With the help of Squidoo, I have made many Amazon sales which have led to very successful lenses. Squidoo has given me a solid foundation which has helped me make a lot of money online. As I created more lenses, I was able to experiment with more Squidoo modules such as the Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, and eBay Modules. Although I use some of these modules more than others, I have become an Amazon Associate, a Twitter user with over 2,000 followers, a YouTube user with almost 6,000 channel views, and I have a good plan for using eBay in the future. I do not think that any of these accounts would have been made without the help of Squidoo showing me all of the possibilities to make money online. Squidoo has and still proves to be a solid foundation for my business, and I have learned a lot from Squidoo. I believe that other teenagers would benefit by using Squidoo which is why I want to share my success story and testimonial. When I was new to Squidoo and making money online, I looked for all of the testimonials and lensmasters who shared their earnings. I want to show incoming lensmasters that it is possible to make money here on Squidoo, but I also want to show other teenagers that they can make money online as well.

How Much Money I Have Made On Squidoo

When I first started using Squidoo, I thought that I would be making about $100 a month and using some of that money to buy Legos. Now I have a completely different view of how much money I could make on Squidoo. Right now, I easily average over $300 a month, and the best payout I have received in a single month was $485 which is good for a teenager. There are other lensmasters who make thousands of dollars on Squidoo every month, and in the near future, I hope to be one of those lensmasters as well. In a span of 1 year (with 10 payouts), I have made over $2,000 total from ad payouts and affiliate sales. I have also donated $50 to various charities promoted on some of my lenses.

What Made Me Stay On Squidoo Instead Of Looking At Other Places

Although I take my business very seriously, I am still a teenager which means I like things that the average teenager would like as well. One of the things I like to do is play video games, and Squidoo's points system was the perfect imitation of a video game. When I was new to Squidoo, getting to the next level was very important. Getting to the next level meant getting points, and as a newbie, there aren't too many ways to get points. The one main way to get points is to create more lenses. I saw the trophies as great accomplishments, and each time I went to the next level, I unlocked more features (just like a real video game). In the beginning, I viewed Squidoo as a video game which kept me on the computer for hours and hours working on lenses. I began to see an opportunity to make money on Squidoo when I made my first sale, which was remarkably a camera worth over $300. I got a good commission from the camera, and when I saw money in my "$$$" column, I no longer saw Squidoo as a video game. Instead, I saw Squidoo as a way to make money online and become very successful.

The fact that Squidoo's modules such as the Text Modules and Amazon Modules were easy to use, I wanted to create more lenses without taking hours to create a single lens. I did want to work on lenses, but I didn't want to take hours figuring out how to add content. I just wanted it to be easy to add content to a lens, and Squidoo has proven to make it easy for lensmasters to do so.

What Else Did I Do To Get Points

Another way I get points on Squidoo is by Squid Liking other people's lenses. By visiting and liking other people's lenses, I did get points, but I learned something new from each lens. I Squid Liked a lot of lenses in the Squidoo Community because they taught me valuable lessons for using Squidoo back when I was a newbie. Squid Liking other people's lenses also got me more involved with lensmasters in the SquidU Forum (now retired) and the SquidooHQ Forum.

Achieving Success On Squidoo

Making money on Squidoo is hard in the beginning. Many lensmasters who now make over $1,000 a month can relate to how difficult it was to make money in the beginning. If you want to make money on Squidoo, you will need to be patient and use your time wisely.

Have You Made Money On Squidoo Yet?

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What Squidoo Has Helped Me Do

I mentioned earlier about how the modules on Squidoo were able to help me create accounts for social networks and affiliate sites. Here are the social networks and affiliate sites that I have used because I was introduced to similar Squidoo modules.

  1. Amazon Associate--I don't make as much money as an Amazon Associate as I do with Amazon Modules, but I have earned over $20 from being an Amazon Associate. I will be utilizing my affiliate links even more over the summer and I hope to earn over $100 a month as an Amazon Associate (not including the Amazon Modules).
  2. YouTube--My channel has almost 6,000 views, and one of my videos has over 1,000 views. I am working on Lego animations and Yugioh Card reviews so that I can get up to 10,000 channel views which I hope will make me eligible for the YouTube Partnership Program by the end of the year.
  3. Twitter--I had a Twitter account before the use of Squidoo, but once I started using Squidoo, I realized how important Twitter really is. I have increased my followers from 150 before Squidoo to now over 2,000 followers and growing!
  4. eBay--I have not made as much money on eBay just yet. I have made some money by selling textbooks on a website similar to eBay. My plan for eBay is to buy Lego Sets and then sell the Sets when they retire. I know there is a lot of profit involved with Legos because as a Lego fan, I know the prices of retired Lego Sets too well.

Squidoo didn't do all of the work for me, but instead Squidoo motivated me to become an Amazon Associate, YouTuber, Tweeter, and eBay user. The motivation Squidoo gave me allowed me to become successful on Squidoo and outside of Squidoo as well.

I Am Still Able To Do Good In School

Squidoo doesn't have to be overbearing since you make your own schedule instead of having an employer telling you when your work hours are. When I have a test the next day, I don't have to do as much work on Squidoo, but when I have no tests or homework, I can type away. When I go on a vacation with my family, there is no need to ask for off days. I have complete control of my schedule and my own success as well. The more time I spend on Squidoo, the more money I make.

I Now Write eBooks

I am now writing eBooks to expand my business. I have a free eBook about 10 Tips To Twitter Success which lists 10 ways to be successful on Twitter with detailed explanations. I also have an eBook about honest, real ways to make money online which are all detailed in my eBook which can be found here. There is also a free video that explains more about the eBook and how to become a successful entrepreneur. I would not have even thought about writing an eBook before I found Squidoo. Writing over a hundred lenses on Squidoo has dramatically improved my writing skills which have allowed me to write with ease.

The Sky Is The Limit

With the help of Squidoo, I have a new view of making money online. I see the sky as the limit to how much money can be earned online as I work on different Social Networks, Blogs, eBooks, and Lenses. I have been on Squidoo for a little over a year and went from $0 a month to over $300 a month. I can only imagine how much money I will be making next year.

Squidoo Is Having A Good Impact Towards My Academics

I know it may sound strange that Squidoo is helping me in my studies, but I think it does, and I am going to tell you why. As my mind expands in terms of how I could grow my business, that is also happening to me in school. I want to know how I can do better in my courses right now so that I can do an AP course next year when I become a Sophmore. I am always thinking progression with the subjects I take in school as well as my business. Another example of Squidoo helping me in school may not be seen right away. I can only assume that college students are looking for work whenever they can get the opportunity. Looking for a job could impact the amount of time a college student spends studying. Since I already have Squidoo as a money maker, I may not have to go through that process when I become a college student. My business will also look very good on a college application.

12 Reasons Why Teenagers Should Give Squidoo A Try

I am a teenager on Squidoo who is making hundreds of dollars a month who eventually wants to make thousands of dollars every month. I want other teenagers to give Squidoo a try because it has truly worked wonders for me. Here are 12 of the main reasons why I believe that teenagers should give Squidoo a try, but the list of good reasons to use Squidoo goes beyond 12 reasons.

  1. Making Squidoo lenses and doing school work at the same time takes a lot of effort. Squidoo will definitely help with time management for teenagers. The age of procrastination is over!
  2. Whether teenagers are reading another lensmaster's lens, participating in the SquidooHQ Forum, or trying to promote their lenses, they will encounter Social Networks and see how they can actually be used for business.
  3. Squidoo is completely free to use. Teenagers even have the opportunity to donate to their favorite charities.
  4. Teenagers often surf the web. Using Squidoo will put an end to all of that wasted time.
  5. Having a business looks really good on a high school or college application.
  6. Teenagers have very creative minds, and they know the latest trends more than anybody.
  7. Making money at an early age is a big advantage.
  8. Finding a job is very hard especially for teenagers who lack the experience. Squidoo makes it easy for anyone.
  9. Squidoo allows you to work on your own hours instead of the 9 to 5 (and then rush hour traffic). The more hours you put in, the bigger your payouts will be.
  10. Squidoo has a very strong community full of kind lensmasters who are always ready to help newbies as well.
  11. Teenagers shouldn't have to save up lunch money to get what they want. They can buy what they want with the money that they earn.
  12. Teenagers will develop a deeper understanding of the value of the dollar.

I Now Understand The Importance Of Widgets

With the help of Squidoo, I have now developed a deeper understanding of how important widgets on Squidoo really are. The widgets on my lenses have resulted in more sales and more traffic to some of my lenses. I know have an About Me widget on my blogs as well as other widgets about the archive, products, and more. Widgets in my opinion can be used as small advertisements. You decide what the widget shows which allows for a relevant topic or a product. Squidoo helped me a lot in understanding how widgets could become money makers or good promoters.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You are an inspiring and impressive young man. Thank you for sharing the lens, I enjoyed reading it and look forward to passing it around in my social circles. :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Congrats! I see an excellent online career for you!

    • AkshayDalal profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice effort buddy!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Congratulation being a teen ager and a lensmaster, I wish i knew squidoo when i was at your age

    • GrimRascal profile image


      5 years ago from Overlord's Castle

      Now, that was really inspiring. I agree with all you have said. :D

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens..

    • MGuberti profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @shellys-space: I do buy Lego Sets with my Squidoo earnings on occasion, but not too often.

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 

      5 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      Great job Marc! Have you earned enough to buy some Legos?

    • takkhisa profile image


      5 years ago

      You are great! Good luck :)


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