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Terry Didcott

Updated on June 8, 2014

Terry Didcott

Welcome to the world of Terry Didcott. This lens has been put together as a showcase of what Terry Didcott is all about. It includes some of the different facets of Terry Didcott - his online work and also some of his offline personas.

This lens will feature the websites and blogs of Terry Didcott to give them the exposure additional boost they need to get seen by a wider audience.

So if you wondered what Terry Didcott was all about, here is an insight into this complex personality:

Terry Didcott

Terry Didcott The Blogger

Updated 19th December 2007 - Terry Didcott

Yep, Terry Didcott has branched out into the realm of the blogosphere and host several blogs. You'll find manyt of them in the links module at the bottom of the page.

My reason for hosting so many blogs?

Well, I like blogging and writing in general for starters plus I'm making a little money from my more established ones so can see the potential to make some more money with some newer blogs once they mature and become established too.

It just means I gotta write more!

11th Sept 2007 Update:

Continuing on, I have my own self-branded blog where I often find myself working through the night on that I use mainly to keep tabs on all my other sites, blogs and lenses as well as blogging on lots of different topics, making it an all-rounder blog.

This gets away from my more tightly focused niche blogs and gives me a chance to branch out a little and have some fun along the way!

After all, what's the point in doing any of this if you don't enjoy it?

1st November 2007 Update:

I've changed the look of the blog to a much more professional template. After all, it's my showcase blog for all of my work, pointing at all my other blogs and websites and lenses. So there's links to just about everything I do online from that blog.

A professional look implies a professional business and after all, that's why I'm doing all of this!

The Internet Marketer

6th September 2007 - by Terry Didcott

I've been involved in Internet Marketing for about a year now. My website tally and their sales figures have been growing steadily month by month.

I have a link list with my site URLs at the bottom of the page, so please feel free to visit any one (or more) of them if they peak your curiosity!

So what is Internet Marketing?

If you're not involved in this online business (and let's face it, most people are not), then it might be an alien concept to you. But all it is really is promoting and selling (or marketing) items on the internet. It is a nice, steady business with a goal that I am working towards to be completely self sufficient from it.

That goal is very achievable. It just takes time to build up a reputation and credibility in what is a cut-throat market. The vast majority of people who come into this business (95% of them) will fail in their first year. That's a pretty grim but factual statistic.

It's largely because the huge majority of hopeful would-be marketers are fed the hype that they'll make a fortune overnight by pressing a button and waiting for the money to fall into their laps. That doesn't happen and people fall by the wayside, disillusioned by the whole process when they don't make that fortune straight away. Then they tell everyone who will listen that Internet Marketing is a total scam and is run by a mafia of rip-off merchants - which is quite untrue.

If these people had taken the time to learn what actually happens, then were prepared to roll up their sleeves and get their hand well and truly dirty working their socks off, then they might have a different attitude.

"You don't get ought for nought" is a pertinent English saying here, meaning that if you don't put anything into a business, you won't get anything out of it.

Personally, I've tried several different techniques to make money, but have pretty much settled on the one that works as long as I put in plenty of hard work. That means, for me anyway, writing a ton of content for my expanding menagerie of sites, lenses and blogs and promoting them to the outside world in order to bring in visitors who become potential customers.

The more sales I make from my sites, the more money I make, so it's in my best interest to keep finding new sources of readers for my sites as well as pursuing advertisers to pay me to put up their ads on my higher traffic sites.

Additional 14th April 2008

I've been working a lot with eBay's software that enables me to add a live auction window to my sites for a specific keyword. To this end I have started buying up .info domains to put these niche sites on.

So far I've had some interest on some of my newer marketing sites such as Shop Bodo, but the .info sites will take some time to get indexed and show in the SERPs. That involves promoting them which is tough to do for so many sites, but it still has to be done!

Update 29th Oct 2009

Lots of things have happened since I first put this lens together over 2 years ago. I have created many more websites, mini pages and blogs and have now joined the ranks of those who make their living entirely from the Internet. This is true freedom as the vast majority of the income comes from passive sources, which means I don't need to keep updating them for the cash supply to keep coming. This is a stage that all Internet marketers strive to attain, although, sadly, most fail as the work it entails is often far more than their initial view of the "easy money" dream. But you have to put in the work to reap the rewards, which is the same as in every other walk of life. The bottom line, if you want to succeed in anything is:

Never give up!

So that's Terry Didcott, the Internet Marketer and web developer in a nutshell!

The Writer

8th September 2007

I've always enjoyed reading. Books, magazines, newspapers, comics... whatever I could get my hands on, really.

So it made sense to turn one hobby into another and try my hand at writing.

The online writing side of things started back when I created my first website. It needed content and although I didn't know it was important back then, I did know that if I put enough interesting information on it, then lots of interested people would read it.

I wasn't too far off the mark, either. My problem then was that I didn't have a clue about promoting a site, so although I did begin to get a small readership, it wasn't really much by today's standards. Of course, there were far fewer people online back then - so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

My writing style hasn't changed much since then. I've been told by a lot of people that I write in an interesting way, so I must have some kind of ready-made gift because I'm not so sure this can be learned.

Sure, you can learn how to structure and article or whatever it is you want to write. You can learn grammar and practice your spelling and even practice your technique getting it down to a fine art. But the musician in me says there is still that something extra that makes reading a piece written by someone who's been taught to write like an expert and someone who has a natural talent for it.

Just my thoughts on that subject. Not everyone will agree with me, but then if everyone did, life would be boring with no debate, no differences of opinion etc!

So now I find myself writing for my collection of blogs, websites and lenses as well as writing articles to

1. submit to ezines to drive traffic to my sites and

2. submit to Constant Content to earn some extra income and

3. to further fill my sites with unique and relevant content.

I've written untold posts for the various forums I belong to and have also recently started writing as a guest on other people's blogs to spread the word and expand my personal online presence.

So that's me, the freelance writer in an equally concise nutshell!

The Freelancer

25th October 2007 - Terry Didcott

Being a writer and also being very busy writing an absolute ton of unique content for all of my many lenses and blogs as well as articles for my websites and to promote, you wouldn't think I'd have an awful lot of time left for much else.

Well, as it happens, while my time is precious I do make time for the odd few freelance writing assignments as and when they come my way.

As I'm a prolific writer and I like to think I'm damn good, I don't come cheap.

But if anyone needs the services of a native English speaking, Grade A English "O" Level student of high calibre for their blogs, lenses or websites, I'm happy to offer my services.

What do I charge?

I think it best to direct your attention to my self branding site that you'll find at my own website where I also have a Hire Me page all set out with my prices for freelance writing commissions.

But don't hire me if you can't afford me - I don't give discounts unless you have a big commission spanning many articles and even then I negotiate hard!

My time is precious, after all!

The Webmaster

I've been dabbling in the world of building websites since around 1996 when I put up my first site to promote my hypnotherapy practice in East London.

So you could say I have a few years experience in that field! That doesn't make me an expert by any stretch of the imagination. There's still plenty I can learn and am always on the lookout for some great design and coding tips!

My current professionally hosted websites are listed in the plexo at the bottom of the page. Some of them started out life as straight websites, but I changed a few of them so that the homepage became a blog!

I also host a free members forum on The Honest Way Forum mainly for Internet Marketers, writers and anyone who wants to make money online.

For anyone who's interested, my websites are hosted by HostGator, who allow me to host multiple domains for the same monthly fee - it's a really good package for anyone who wants to do something similar. My recommendation of the day!

Update: I've just upgraded my account to a reseller package which gives me more scope to host multiple sites without having to worry that if one site suddenly gets a huge spike in traffic that it won't get pulled along with all the other domains I have hosted on the one account.

Previous knowledge about this was lacking - it seems that with a basic account where you can host multiple domains, if you do that then what you have is a main account for your first domain and then all the additional domains are treated as subdomains. That's ok, because as far as the search engines are concerned, they are individual websites, but if one site going bad can turn the whole barrel.

A reseller account costs a bit more, but you can set up a separate acount for each domain, so if one spikes or gets a problem and the host has to pull it, you only lose the one domain and all the rest stay up. Most important when you are hosting 100 domains plus - you don't want them all going down even for a day or so while any problems are fixed.

So each domain gets its own account and all the usual benefits that come with that, like unlimited emails, databases, subdomains etc and the full cPanel for configuring each account tailored to the site it is hosting.

Moving sites from the old shared account has proven to be time consuming, but worth it.

Now bring on that traffic!

More Websites etc

15th November 2007 - Terry Didcott

I've been quietly adding more websites to the ever growing list, but so far have kept them well under wraps.

I decided to purchase a very short numbered domain that I could use as a base for a series of niche subdomains. I did this for two reasons.

1. To save money by not having to buy and maintain a whole load of domains

2. So that I can use the subdomain name as whatever main keywords I wanted to - and no one else can stop me by taking all the best names first!

So what's this great domain?

Well, it's definitely not great, in fact it's completely forgettable as names go, so I won't even bother telling you right here.

What I will note is one or two of the new sites that I'm putting together at the moment and send them some link love from here:

PayDay Loans is a site that will promote payday loans information for those seeking to know more about this quick way of getting finance.

Designer Bag as I already have a designer bag lens plus a free blogger blog, so I thought it would be a good idea to expand that little empire into a self hosted website as well to interlink them all.

Sell Off Vacation is one of my first subdomain sites to feature a BANS style system of displaying eBay results specifically targeting cheap and last minute, or sell off vacations.

Luggage Bags follows the work I started on the designer bag subdomain by taking a look at that niche from another side and promoting the things that people need when ever they travel, luggage bags!

Sunglasses - I needed a central site dedicated to the many different types and brands of designer sunglasses from Angel Sunglasses to Oakley Sunglasses and this was a good way to put one together as finding a decent .com domain with that keyword was impossible. Subdomain to the rescue!

Well. that's about the scope of things so far.

The Lensmaster

22nd October 2007

As well as building websites, I have also been busy creating lenses here at Squidoo! You find them all in the Tel's Lenses section on this page.

Why so many lenses?

Well, I have a wide variety of interests and so it makes sense for me to create a lens or two for each interest. Problem is they keep growing - and I'm sure they're beginning to multiply while my back is turned!

All good fun!

The Musician

This is something I've been all my life.

I started out with music at school playing the recorder just like so many other budding musicians. I graduated onto clarinet by the age of 10 and was playing some reasonable trad jazz. By the age of 11 however, my first steps towards the stringed axes of my pop heroes had already set in. A four stringed ukulele - not the banjo type, but the mini guitar type - popularised by the infamous Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips in 1970 or thereabouts! A nylon strung true acoustic guitar soon followed and that set me on the road to my love of guitars both acoustic and electric.

By the time I was in my first band at 16, I'd already picked up the bass guitar. It was the only way to join that band, as there were already two guitarists and they needed a bassist!

I joined several other bands throughout my 20s playing guitar in some and bass in others. It all depended what the bands were in need of - I just loved playing live!

It wasn't until I'd turned 30 that I joined my first heavy metal band, Steel Grey. That saw me move into the really fast, flashy style of playing lead guitar and I really enjoyed that period. We played some small gigs in North London pubs and had a whale of a time.

Most recently I joined a blues band here in Spain consisting of myself on bass and vocals, Tony on drums and Simon on guitar called the Tinshack Blues Band - yep, we had our own website that I created (of course). The three piece format for a band is the simplest you can get for a blues band and it works extremely well. It flies in the face of modern musicians who think you need a lot of musicians playing many instruments to get a good sound.

If you're in any doubt as to the big sound just three blokes can make, listen to some vintage Cream, or the Jimi Hendrix Experience - both three piece bands with a huge sound!

I was also in another gigging band here on the Costa del Sol called So Far So Good, which is a rock/disco/funk four piece by way of a change in scenery. They consist of music teachers from the music school The Music Factory (and this ex-teacher) and is a lot of fun to play in and see people up and dancing away like crazy!

Update 2011:

Both bands fizzled into nothing, but I'm now playing in the four piece Karma in Spain, which is based at a friend's place just outside the inland town of Coin. Check that website out for live gigs and some info on the band itself.

More Stevie Ray Vaughan on You Tube

Here, Stevie is live playing the song he wrote for his wife entitled "Lenny" - one of my favourites!

Karma "One More Step"

Here is my own band, Karma playing one of my own compositions, a ska song called "One More Step". The band is live at Luna Azul, Coin, in January 2013. Enjoy!

The Dog Lover!

12th September 2007 - Terry Didcott

Back in 1995, my then partner gave me a birthday present that was to change the course of my life forever.

A gorgeous German Shepherd puppy that I named Chelsea. She was absolutely beautiful and soon grew into an even more beautiful adult.

It was partly because of her and the growing liberal politically correct slide into complete lunacy that England was plunging into with stricter and more over the top laws creeping in every day that I decided I could no longer live in a country like that.

I decided that me and Chelsea were going to sell up and buy a remote farm in southern Spain, where the weather was much warmer and the way of life much more laid back.

Leaving the UK for what I believe will be forever saddened me for about a nanosecond... and we arrived at our new mountain home about 20km inland from Malaga in 2002.

Life was quite tough and money was always a problem. Being a musician saved our bacon, because I joined up with a great blues band here and made enough to live on and have a whale of a time thrown into the bargain!

Well, life progressed through the next couple of years until I met my current partner, Janice.

All the while, my little girl was aging into her twilight years and she finally died on her 11th birthday, 9th September 2006.

I created a website For Dogs and gave Chelsea her own special page.

All is not lost, as Janice has two wonderful Yorkies that keep us amused and entertained for hours!

There is also a lens just for one of them, the crazy Strange Dog Ronnie, who I'm sure thinks he's a cat!

Check any of these sites out if you get a chance - they're worth a look if you love dogs and animals in general!

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer eh?

Well, freelance writer is the new keyword I have decided to adopt for my main blog/website to try and attract some organic search traffic from Google et al. It seems that not enough people want to search on Terry Didcott for some strange reason.

So I had to look for alternatives and Freedom Writer came up with some decent monthly searches and it matched my theme for the blog so that's that.

So now its a good time to give that blog a nice relevant anchor text link from this short article:

So if you're looking for an interesting read, there is a link you can click on to go straight to the home of the guy who writes a lot and builds plenty of websites along the way!

That's me folks ;-) !

The Fast Bookmarker

The Fast Bookmarker was a social bookmarking site that I once created to help bloggers boost their own blogs' rankings.

It was a pligg-based social bookmarking site, similar to more familiar ones like Digg, Blogging Zoom etc. That means it was easy to register, login and start submitting your blog posts to get them some more SERPs authority, backlinks and exposure.

The more bloggers join up and start posting, the better the exposure was. That site made it as far as PR2 so it carried some link juice with it once your post got onto the first page. To do that, while the site was in its infancy, you only needed 5 votes to get on there.

Update 2011:

As the site grew, that limit of course rose, but unfortunately the site was spammed to death by idiots who couldn't care less and just abused the service. So I took the site downs and let the domain expire, because it was no use for anything else.

How to Get the Best from Constant Content

Writing articles for your own blogs is a vital stage of developing a readable SEO friendly place where readers can be sure of a good read.

But writing need not end there.

I'm going to draw your attention to the virtues of an additional source of income that is available for anyone who is interested in making some cash from writing.

Constant Content.

Constant Content are an article/content brokerage website similar in appearance to the well known Associated Content (AC). The main difference between the two is that Constant Content takes on written work from writers situated worldwide, whereas AC will only accept writers that live or are based in the US.

Another big difference is that the potential amount of income that can be made from Constant Content is far in excess of that from AC. This is chiefly due to the fact that the means of selling your articles is rather different for each site.

Associated Content will accept an article and pay you straight away for it, normally around $5-$7 per 500 word article, although that figure may increase the longer you are a member and the greater the number of articles you submit (which are accepted).

The articles you submit then become the property of Associated Content. They can then sell them to website owners as "usage" rights, which means any one of your articles can be resold over and over meaning they are not unique.

I guess we all know what Google's take on duplicate content is by now.

Constant Content are rather diffrent. When you submit an article to Constant Content, you get to state the way you desire it to be sold. You have a choice from "usage" (the cheapest and least popular, although they can be re-sold), "unique" (which the buyer is guaranteed will not be resold, but who must leave the author's name and link intact) or "full rights" (the most expensive, because it becomes the sole unique property of the buyer who can put their name to it as their own work).

These facts are is so important to know.

The majority of content buyers come to Constant Content looking to purchase "full rights" articles, because they want to have guaranteed original and unique content that they can then call their own.

From the author's perspective, for a 500 word, "full rights" article, the usual fee they charge is around $40. Of this, the author is paid 65% ($26), while the balance is taken as commission and expenses by Constant Content.

Another difference of importance is that Constant Content do not pay you right away as does Associated Content. What happens is that your article remains in your own portfolio on the site and waits for a content buyer to pick it. That's the chief downside and one reason why so many potentially good authors drop out of CC. People are often impatient and don't like to be made to wait for their article to be sold.

However, for those authors that are prepared to wait, once an article is sold, you get paid by Constant Content for all your sales for the previous month at the beginning of the next month. Logic dictates that the more articles you store in your portfolio, the more a buy has to choose from and the more articles you can potentially sell. Over time, your portfolio will expand and provide you with a constant flow of income as long as you continue to keep submitting more articles in order to keep it expanding.

As a prolific author, you will become known by many of the more frequent content buyers and if they like the articles in your portfolio, you might very well be asked to do private work for them, which several of the top authors there do. This can be very lucrative ongoing and well paid work.

So if you are still making up your mind, or sitting on the fence, think of this:

Would you like to make $26 for a 500 word article and maybe wait a while to get paid, or get a paltry $5-7 for the same work right away?

Naturally, as I do make a decent monthly income from Constant Content, I personally recommend them.

Some tips:

Keep submitting your best quality articles, often. While you may not sell any right away, have faith and keep submitting more articles all the time. Before long, your first article will sell. Its a great feeling and will spur you on to work harder. By submitting your articles regularly and often, other sales will quickly follow.

To help you decide what topics to write about, Constant Content publish a list of content requested by buyers both on the site and via email to each registered author. Even if they don't buy yours, it increases your chance of selling your articles to someone else. Its also a handy gauge as what subjects are hot amongst the more prolific content buyers.

Now that I've convinced you where to make good money online, here is where you can sign up with them: Constant Content

Here's to your success!

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If you want to, of course!

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      5 years ago

      @karollito: atrais kredits

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      5 years ago

      Yeah goo idea!!

      Keep submitting your best quality articles, often. While atrais kredits you may not sell any right away, have faith and keep submitting more articles all the time.

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      10 years ago

      Clever idea - I must put this on my todo list!

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      11 years ago

      nice lens Terry. Now I know who you are ^_^ Kudos! 5*

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      Wuff wuff, grmphhhh yip woo-oo arrrrrrrfffff!


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