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The Purple Stars In RiaB's Skies

Updated on August 23, 2017

Purple Stars Are Awards For Excellence On Squidoo

Hello, my visiting reader. I am RiaB. It is nice to meet you. I am one of the lensmasters and Giant Squids here on Squidoo. I have been a member of since February 2012 and in that time I have earned 13 Purple stars. They are awards for excellence here on our site.

I have 2 lenses that have been blessed with the honor of being lens of the day. The lens of the day is awarded to a lens that breaks the barriers of ordinary and is spotlighted on the home page.

This writing platform is a place to hone your writing skills, participate with other members, share about the things you love, and maybe even earn a few bucks. Of your potential earnings you may choose to donate a portion or all of those dollars to a worth while charity.

On Squidoo these awards and recognition have encouraged me to be a better writer and story teller. In the process it has given me the freedom to preserve certain memories and create pages with the things I find interesting and share this information with those that may be seeking the topic. I share about my art, my garden, and various topics including preparedness and food storage. The page below highlights these accomplishments.

I have laughed here - cried here and even gotten angry with my writing. (I have deleted the angry stuff!) Sometimes a writing block sends me over the edge to a new topic and I quickly develop a way to share it. My subjects are as diverse as the city I live in and love, which is Las Vegas.

Below you will find my Purple Star lenses and a few things to explain what this program is and how you can use Squidoo to earn your own Purple Star awards.

Heart Shaped Cloud In Sky Image: M Burgess - All Rights Reserved

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

— Benjamin Franklin

The Purple Star Program

Purple Stars were Squidoo's excellence marks, The were awarded to lenses articles) that were found to be moving, fun, relevant, and well designed. The award is sign that the writer has done something right. The Purple Star is what the lensmasters on Squidoo work towards. A Purple Star is generally a lens that is recommended to Squidoo HQ by another lensmaster. If you ran across a lens or article you feel has earned this distinction, there would be a link below the article to let the staff members know about it.

My Purple Star Gardening Articles - About Growing Vegetables In Containers

RiaB in patio garden with lemon tree
RiaB in patio garden with lemon tree

Gardening Articles

I am an avid gardener as you can see in these lenses below. My very favorite plants are tomatoes and peppers, but I am very fond of the lemon tree I have successfully kept in an 18" pot for three years. I try all kinds of things in containers. Some plants succeed where others fade. A gardener's life comes with a few failures. I apply what I learn to the next year's plantings and see what I can get away with in that growing season. The Armenian Cucumbers did not do well for me this year. They needed a bit more light.

In 2014 you will see more of my container ideas for gardening as well as some in the ground techniques. In the mean time enjoy these articles below.

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes In Desert Climates
Desert climates are not ideal conditions for growing anything but sunburns and sweat pools, but I have found that cherry tomatoes thrive during our growing seas...

Creating A Miniature Vegetable Garden
I am a gardener. I love to grow edible foods but my little apartment does not have a yard. I am limited to the space on my patio deck. My solution was setting c...

Growing Armenian Cucumbers In A Window Box
If you think you have no space for a vegetable garden, think again. A spot big enough outside to hold a window box or a 10" pot -- can be a spot to grow ve...

Drip System Irrigation For Container Gardens
Recently I installed a drip irrigation system in my container garden to help with watering. Hauling water from the kitchen sink to the patio is a lot of work -...

Image courtesy of my friend and photographer Carlos Fuentes of Las Vegas

Food Storage - Emergency Foods

Food Storage
Food Storage

Food Storage and Processing

Food storage is another side of my interests. When I get too busy or fall into lean times, I am so grateful I have meals set aside for these emergencies. Foods that can be kept long term are high on my food shopping list and I frequently work with others to help them establish a usable pantry. I create many of my own foods in different processes. I love canning and baking when I have time and some of the lenses below contain some valuable tips on survival foods.

Survival Food Storage - My Favorite Tips and Tricks!
Survival food storage ~ What IS the best way to properly store your survival food for long term? Below you will find my favorite tips and tricks. There are some...

Making Your Own Onion Salt And Chives
Making your own onion salt at home is simple and cost effective. The results are an organic seasoning made for pennies on the dollar. I love making my own homem...

Thanksgiving 2013 Turkey Broth - Image: M Burgess

Tours Around Las Vegas - Article About Hoover Dam

The Las Vegas Sign
The Las Vegas Sign

Touring Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Las Vegas is my home town and I see a lot of very interesting things here as a chauffeur. One of my very favorite things to do is take my clients to the Hoover Dam and sink into the earth for a view of the machinery that drives this awe striking chunk of concrete.

The Hoover Dam Tour
I love to tour Hoover Dam and it is a place I would recommend to history buffs and folks who appreciate engineering marvels. It is a great family destination.

Articles About My Artsy Side - Window Painting and Other Creative Projects

Design and Wine Date Night
Design and Wine Date Night

Window Painting and Other Artistic Endeavors

Although painting is my number one creative outlet, I do apply my creative and artistic talent to other projects. I love to do figures in clay and make things out of cloth and yarns. This list here represents my creative and artsy side.

So, You Want To Paint Holiday Windows?
If you have ever thought about painting beautiful Christmas art on windows, this is the how to guide you've been looking for! Painting Christmas windows has been a hobby of mine for many, many years. These painting techniques are my trade secrets and...

How To Do Halloween Art For Window Painting
Halloween art is a great way to attract ghoulies and goblins to your festivities and share your favorite images of the season. Pumpkin paintings are bright, colorful images, and can be very entertaining. They can be painted in a natural shape or decorated...

Breeding Baby Dragons At Home
One of my favorite creatures to create in Polymer Clay is a baby dragon. Breeding baby dragons is about creating these delightful creatures in sculpture. If you came here to get a biology lesson on dragons, I am sorry to have disappointed you. This origina...

Homemaking Skills & Arts - A Beginner's Guide
In the days before modern convenience and mass production, old fashioned homemaking skills and arts were the only way we could have clothing, warm quilts, and other necessities for a comfortable home. They were mandatory for a family's survival. These...

How Do You Get Magic Marker Off A Hard Surface?
How to remove magic marker ink begins with something like this: The kids are at it again! This time they have a magic marker and the tell tale signs are all over the place. There is a wonderful, crooked smiley face on your refrigerator, a lovely line drawi...

Wine And Design Date Night - Image: M Burgess

A Lensmaster is...

Lensmasters are what the writers are called here on the Squidoo platform. We are a group of people who share reviews on products, health tips, home improvement projects, beautiful stories, and heartbreaking tragedies. We write about the things we love in our lives and the places we have visited.

The lenses are our articles and we are ever shepherded by a group of overseers that we call HQ (headquarters) and other helpful volunteers known as Giant Squids. There are many faces to this site and in your searches here you will find fascinating reading material, how to do it yourself projects, and social rants.


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