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TheMedievalNun's Lensography

Updated on October 17, 2011

TheMedievalNun's Lensography

This lens is meant to serve as a sort of card catalog of all my lenses, so if you like something I have written, you can quickly see if I have anything else in the same genre. (Because some lenses overlap genres, they appear twice--once in each category.)

Squidoo is where I publish all of my non-fiction articles for free for the general edification and enlightenment of the masses. However, I also write fiction (hopefully for profit; I'm still looking for a publisher/agent); if you are interested in learning more about my book, and how one goes about getting published, follow my blog at: Keri Peardon, Once and Future Author

I recieve profit-sharing from ads on Squidoo, so the more you read, share with friends, and rank, the more money I make. I'd really like to make writing--here and professionally--my main source of income.

Do you have a suggestion for a lens topic that would be right up my alley?


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    • profile image

      jimmyboy88 4 years ago

      hope i can rank my lens as high as yours, thanks!

    • inagreement1 lm profile image

      inagreement1 lm 6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, I have 2 live Squidoos that i really like to get ranking better. After my second and 3rd time around of sorting them and adding content i have been picking up more things. My Antichrist-vs-Aliens went from 1 million to 180,000 and now 110,000 today. I found you on page 1 on google by the way when i searched how to get your squidoo ranking.

      Take Care