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Updated on October 30, 2013

Everything about Tiggered

OK, perhaps not everything. Mysterious is good. How about a few stories and a few clues to whet your appetite?

I've been a lensmaster here on Squidoo since January 2011, and I've created enough lenses to decide it's high time for you to know me slightly better.

Photo source

Tiggered: dossier



Tiggered: other stuff

The boring stuff is over, enchante everyone.

I've been trying to conquer the Internet for a few years now and hope like hell that this time it will work. The aim is to create an online empire that will save me from going to a 'proper' job (and also allow me to give the finger to all those who say I'd never make it).

The longer I play the more I experiment with various forms of expression, lately going through an intensely visual phase - this is why my recent lenses tend to burst with colours and graphics. Colours draw me very much - looks like I had been a bee in my previous lifetime.

I write on everything that takes my fancy and usually suffer strongly because of political correctness - I would like to say so much, but I would get sued in no time if I did, so I suffer in silence. C'est la vie.

My style:

Most of today's marketing makes me sick. People telling me how much a toilet brush will enrich my life turn me into a blood thirsty monster. Someone telling me I need a Kindle in order to be happy knows very little about me indeed. For some funny reason, I tend to project those feelings on other people - this is why I am probably the worst salesman in the world. I say of myself that I wouldn't be able to sell bread to someone starving and so far the reality has only been proving me right. Not that it worries me very much. I still put an Amazon module here and there - but only with those products that I would honestly like to have. And it has to be damn good if I want to have it.

I am here to write, to play with words, ideas and the visual side of webmastering. It's fun, it lets me grow. If it lets you laugh as well, or teaches you something - cool. If not - well, at least I have the fun, and from my perspective, this is the most important bit (is this me being politically incorrect AGAIN??).

So yeah, hop along and enjoy the ride.

Me. Some time ago.

Me.  Some time ago.
Me. Some time ago.

My Apocalyptic lenses:

My book lenses:

My food lenses:

My gardening lenses:

Lenses that don't fit anywhere

My blogs

OK, I self-consciously admit these (apart from the last one) need some more care before I'll consider them worthy, but the seeds are there.

My picture policy

My pictures come from three sources:

1. Snapped by me

2. Public domain specifically stating 'no attribution required' or 'unconditional'

3. Public domain by NASA or similar institutions

If you want to use any of my pics, it's fine by me - after all they are not some pieces of art. Just please, be decent about it. Don't say it is your pic. Don't try to charge people for its use. A link back is always nice. You know - let's all be human.

Optionally, you can simply say 'hi'

Tiggered Worshippers/Haters Club - Cross the wrong one out

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    • Rosetta Slone profile image

      Rosetta Slone 5 years ago from Under a coconut tree

      I like your lenses (and you) a lot. I'm new here and was hesitant about joining a site so focused on MONEY!, SALES!, MARKET YOURSELF! type stuff but am pleasantly surprised to find someone decent and honest.

      Also, I happen to live near one of the world's most active volcanoes :)

    • profile image

      dannystaple 5 years ago

      Some great lenses and a light hearted way to present your profile. You've barely skimmed on having accidentally become a geology geek while looking up volcanoes. I'll admit I am massively impresse by eruptions, but couldn't tell volcano types apart....