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tips google adsense new 5-2016

Updated on May 2, 2016

Share some experience to google adsense does not die

You are new to google adsense game or longtime players, then the account is banned or die Ga, Ga died a horrible fear for those who play the adsense. Especially for the population of spammer. The following is the shared experience from the uk Post ceiling and Naik Loc to have these methods avoid google adsense ac baned.

The first and important thing number 1 is that the web is helpful to users, and have a right to not copy

Traffic from 1 site is not GA pour about 1 site latest GA? -die. With adsense it's tricks that you drive traffic illegal.
CTRS as high as possible? -wrong. CTR should stay in the level from 1.5-3.5% is the most beautiful, which is limited to high safety. By CTR on the ratio of click vs ad impression ratio, so the calculated the ratio of click ads then we multiply 3 to calculate.
Website as interface would also be? -properly. But it affects the ratio of click, affected the review (if available) of Google, when doing a play STATION, the website before making a post about content should pay attention to form. The web interface should be clean about design, arrange ads. When creat ads then pay attention to the color, font, background of the ads.
About content should rewrite, photo should this page, an article should have 3 photos. Limit the use of the video (or best not used). Content for the site, not sorry to bem's second site
In the web there should be full of contact entries, policy, term of service ... After all just like that.
Should not show more than 3 ads on a page, although it does show it but should not put
Revenue increases are such that the most reasonable, don't the abelmoschus Manihot from 10-20 $/day to several hundred to few k/day.
The website should have terms, policy
Visit to multi source: from seo, from social networks, from direct access resource
Bounce rate ratio (the ratio of the exit page) must balance low
Spam is an art and the spam is an artist. When Spam please good hard view analytics traffic sources as to how such that reasonable. AdSense traffic referral source does not love you, then ok but regular cpc social traffic ko high when location is not good.
AdSense no storm waters at all for the rules that do original thinking, then don't cheat.


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