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Tribute To My Daughter

Updated on June 7, 2011

An Expression of My Love for my Daughter

This is a tribute to my precious daughter. A way for me to show and express my love for her.

Jessica, this is from me to you, may you always know how much I love you, as you grow to become a woman, a mother, a wife and whatever you decide, know that I will always love you.

My hope and my prayer for you is that you may be able to build your dreams and go out into the world with the knowledge you need to make your own life and fulfill your dreams. Never forget however, that no matter where life's journey takes you, I will always be here and we will always have a forever lasting bond and friendship that only a mother and a daughter can share.

To My Daughter

A Poem For You

No words could ever tell you

or show the full extent -

Of what a special Daughter you are

and what you've always meant -

And so these special thoughts

bring you a world of love -

With wishes for the happiness

you're so deserving of!

I am Thankful For You Daughter

You brighten up my life

With memories and dreams

As the years pass

They get better it seems

You're someone I can count on

When I need a helping hand

You're compassionate and loving

You always understand

Oh yes you have your

Off days too

However those days

Are but numbered few

I'm so thankful to have

A daughter like you

What I hope to Always Offer You My Daughter

A mother's hands are caring hands

that teach her child so much

How to play and how to pray,

how to reach and touch.

A mother's arms are loving arms

that hold her child so close,

Yet always open gladly when

her child needs freedom most.

A mother's love is gentle love

that helps her child to grow...

A mother's love is everywhere

her child will ever go.

Mother's and Daughter's Share your loving quotes here

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    • ThePassionateWo profile image

      ThePassionateWo 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you daughter....those words alone mean so much to me and say it all. I love you so very much.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      i love u sooo much mother... there are no words that express how much i love u... u are my mom, my best friend, and my hero...