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Twenties Girl

Updated on June 3, 2014

Before I begin

This is an article that has nothing to do with the book twenties girl or being born in the twenties. This is just a modest collection of my own life as a girl in her twenties. Some days ago I was just thinking back on my life, (I know it is too early, but sometimes it happens you know), I was amazed how the twenties are so hip and happening. There is so much going on especially if you belong to an Indian household. I'm sure some of the experiences are common across the world. It was so much fun thinking about them that I thought I could share the fun. I'm still in my late twenties so maybe I will not cover the entire twenties span, but I can cover most of it.

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Growing Up

At twenty, I have just graduated from one of the prestigious institutions in the city. I want to study further. My parents help me find a great management school. I want to get a degree in Master of Business Administration. Why? It is because no one in my family has done it yet. And besides, the course promises a great future. I'm used to being away at home and staying in hostel. I'm ready to take off and explore the new world at my own pace.

Post Graduation

I have successfully completed my MBA course. I have never enjoyed any two years much better than the last two years. I make new friends and I’m part of a new town. I actually feel sorry to leave this town. But the best part is I have landed a great job through campus placement. I never want to see the face of that particular interviewer again as I’m sure I gave give absurd answers for at least three of the ten questions. But the job offer is so good that I proudly call my parents and convey the news. As I later learn that I’m the highest paid professional in the family (By family I mean all the 20 cousins of the siblings of my parents) my joy knows no bounds. I’m yet to explore my new job location. It is totally another part of the state.

A man without education is like a building without foundation.

I'm independent

The first day of my job is great. The office is much bigger than what I expect. I'm introduced to my responsibilities. I learn new words like professional, software and analysis. I get posted at Chennai after my training. The new role is very challenging. The targets are tough and the team mates are competitive than friendly. After the initial struggle, I'm soon in the good books of my boss. I'm given the opportunity to handle a team all by myself. It is another opportunity to showcase my management skills.


While my professional life is highly predictable and stressful, my personal life is relaxing and fun. I hate planning for any event in advance as I keep doing it all the time in office. I enjoy doing things impulsively. It is a lot of fun. I party with friends. I’m gripped by rare determinations like learning a foreign language or playing tennis, either of which never materialized due to my busy schedule. But at least I tried. I keep moving between Chennai and Coimbatore to meet my family. My earnings were more than enough that even I think I’m over-paid. Luckily for me no one else think so. I must have watched at least 500 movies during this period. My laptop is loaded with movies and music and the list is constantly changing. I have to update mother and father everyday about where I’m going and what I’m doing. It is the normal expectation of Indian parents. I do not have a problem with that as I’m used to it. All is well till I turn twenty five.

1+1 = 25

The minute I turn twenty five, my parents are constantly badgered by my relatives to find a suitable groom for me. I’m happily spending my hard earned money and partying with my friends without any serious thought about the future. At home all I hear about is how some of my friends are married, which relative has married whom and stuff like that. I have not met anyone worth capturing my romantic attention. This is great news to my parents. Love between two people is not enough to get married my society. Love has to happen between two families. It might or might not happen between the two concerned people. You must think I’m joking. If you are not convinced ask some of your Indian friends about the so called ‘arranged marriage’.

So whether I’m ready or not, I’m expected to get married. And I do it. I marry a complete stranger whom my parents think are my ideal match. And then what happens?

New beginnings

Love happens after wedding in my culture and it has happened to me too. My husband is awesome. Though we are quite different in so many departments, we have learnt to celebrate the similarities and enjoy the differences. He does not like coffee and I do not prefer tea. I like cricket and he likes football. He is very creative and I'm more intellectual. Yet if I were to choose someone all over again he would be the person I would go for. We have a great time together. Within two years we purchased a beautiful house on the suburbs.

Six and Twenty, there is someone pretty

My little bundle of joy is born on a beautiful day in July.Motherhood is such an exhilarating experience. I feel as if I have the greatest gift on earth. The icing on my cake is my husband's involvement with the baby. I'm happy and contented.

Did I write that book?

The initial days are fully devoted to the baby. Later I want to do something interesting and I start writing small articles. Gradually I start a blog. I enjoy writing so much that I want to try writing a book. It is not easy. Instead of writing continuously, I start writing short stories. Finally my first book, Bouquet of Love is published on Amazon. I learn that no matter where you are in life there is always a possibility of making things happening if you want then badly enough. After that there is no looking back. I keep writing on several forums. Recently my second book is also published. The sense of achievement is the best booster for my life.

Do you think twenties are the most exciting period of life?

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As much as I love writing, I do not expect to earn money from it. So I decide to take up some other venture for generating money. After some research, I plan on opening my own cloth boutique.It has not been easy especially with a toddler at home.I strongly believe in being independent.I'm happy to try out something that I love.

Twenties are Awesome

My hip and happening decade is not over yet.I have had an exciting and interesting decade so far.I do not regret any decision so far nor will I do so in the future. The twenties are filled with many responsibilities.It is up to us to make it fulfilling. Twenties are truly awesome.

What was your outstanding experience in the twenties?

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      No wonder you write so well! And your bundle of joy is so cute!