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Tweeplr and other Twitter Apps to Help Any Writer Get the Word Out

Updated on January 28, 2016

Is there a certainly time which works out best when it comes to putting the word out?

Best time to Tweet

A recent study has proven the optimal time to get those Tweets out is right after rush hour, 5pm. Wednesday was also revealed as the best day of the week. These are two points of interest when planning the work day and work week.

It is possible to access any Twitter account from nearly any phone on market today

Character space maximums have sometimes been labeled an issue with Twitter. There are only so many characters, including numbers and/or punctuation, usable for each "tweet". This is controlled in an environment where catching the eye of a reader is extremely important.

Twitter Apps

How Many of these Twitter Apps do you currently use?

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Boundaries on the amount of writing space makes everything being said more valuable on Twitter

Social networks have been around for years now and are going no where any time soon. As soon as one pops up another is discovered as a rival to the original. This is certainly not a bad thing for any writer. These are wonderful ways to get the word out about any sort of material published on the web.

With the variety of memberships to choose from, it is difficult to know which way to go. There are only so many hours in the day of a writer and it is important to spend them wisely It is impossible to join them all. A decision to move in the direction of Twitter is a wise one and certainly one of the most popular.

This is a general overview of why choosing Twitter is a wiser decision than other social medial platforms.

Why choose Twitter?

Twitter is well admired for a number of reasons. It is often faced off with the giants like Linkedin and Facebook. Though, there are some things it does offer which separate it from both of these making it a wiser choice for countless writers looking to improve a social networking image.


Tweets are seen faster versus a Facebook post nine times out of ten. Although it does not last as long, being seen first leaves a lasting impression immediately. Most people studying the analytical data and comparing the two admit to 200 percent more clicks on Tweets than Posts.

A writer choosing to use this platform as a forum to control the work being shared and directed to a particular blog or site is in for a nice surprise when it comes to work being seen in a more timely manner.

The speed factor has been demonstrated via important news. Examples like earthquakes or other disasters had the news move faster as a Tweet than a post. All this combined moves in a writers favor. Adding a few simple apps to an already great tool is a smart move when considering all of these things.

Business versus Personal

Most folks admit Facebook is a more personal form of social networking while Twitter is more business minded. In fact, there is a higher likelihood when reading a Tweet the imagine an individual conjures up is one of total focus on the material and not the writer. The same is impossible for Facebook. Ninety percent of the time the only reason the person is on the page is the personal connection and not the material being shared.

Writing is certainly a business and treating it as such is where financial success generally lies.

Limited space

Along with some great advantages, there are some disappointments which are always voiced by users. One of the biggest is the restrictions in place for only a certain amount of area available for use. The character limit is 140.

Because this is a controlled environment with limited space, there is literally less time invested for each offering. Less time is great is some respects. Though, this is time well spent on this particular platform because the millions of potential audience members offered. It also means no fluff. Getting to the point and links put in the right spot takes time to perfect, but it is certainly possible.

Millions of tweets shared daily

There are literally hundreds of "tweets" seen everyday by members. This is not an exaggeration, but an average.Thousands per person relates to millions every day, depending on the amount of followers and then their connections on the sight. Imagine the amount of fans on the horizon.

Quality control

With constraints in place there is a smaller room for error as well. Some people wonder if the quality control aspect comes from seeing everything in a smaller area. A few even focus on the fact with a maximum amount of characters a writer works harder to say something much larger in a smaller segment. Either way it is a win/win situation when better quality is put forward and looking good.

Keep it simple stupid

That being said the title, URL and even info must get attention as soon as possible and entice a reader to move forward to the site or blog to read more. Boundaries such as these teach a writer what is means to keep it short and just the basics. However, never allow the work to suffer simply because of the thresholds on the site.

A great writer understands using 20 words to say something instead of 50 is not always a bad thing. In fact, this is a lesson in writing more effectively for some. Countless writers drag material out and fool around the lesson learned or knowledge shared. This teachable moment is worth savoring.

One of the nicest things about Twitter is the amount of applications or software designed to make the job easier. Check out some of these in place and learn what they are able to do for a writer to make their life easier.


This application permits users to share photos in real time. Adding a visual aspect to a correspondence is wonderful. Some users admit only one or two sentences with a pic and a link have a terrific response.


This wonderful tool helps to shout out what's happening on Twitter when not on the site. It has the capacity to work with a live feed of what personal friends or followers are up to. Alerts are sent linking a user with new messages on a Twitter feed. It keeps members following a writers tweets in the loop as quickly as possible. It alerts there is something new to be seen so come take a peek.


Similar to other twitter apps, TweetDeck puts users in a position to send and receive info while viewing profiles of twitter followers. This kills two birds with one stone.

TweetDeck is one of the most well liked apps and secondary only to the original for users


This one happens to be loaded to a desktop and used for a micro blogging service. Tweet about nearly anything while following the activity on any Twitter account in real time. This is one not used as much as the others, but still a nice tool for anyone writer needing the connection using a desktop machine.


It displays all of the most popular tweets on a single feed. This means the most retweeted material on the homepage. In addition, the authors of those retweets are displayed. This is a terrific way to know what's going on as soon as possible or rather what is hot and what is not. In addition, see who is the most active for retweets on any Twitter line.

Knowing what the competition is up to is not all bad. It generally keeps ideas flowing and puts the competition bug into play. Deliver something better and more juicy than the other guy.


Thought about creating a poll and wondered what app to use? Creating the survey or poll is simple and easy to do and apply to Twitter with this tool. Remember there is a character limitation, but it is worth it. Most folks love knowing what others think on a subject or piece of material. There is an interest in being able to put two cents into a conversation simply by participating in a poll.


This is one reflecting the amount of new followers on the social site tied to the author on any given account. There are two classifications for the newbies, follow and ignore. The former are classified as those deserving a refollow and the latter is simply as the name suggests, no need to see again


This one is great for searching out individual text snippets. Type in text for a search query and the info is displayed. Knowing if an idea or area is saturated is extremely useful. It also works the other way to discover what material is sorely needed and will be most beneficial.


Designed for any IPhone. Stay in contact with a personal Twitter community via iPhone. The Google Play Store has an easy and simple download for any owner of this particular type of phone. Having it available on the go is a necessity for a number of writers.

In conclusion

These are only a few of the Twitter apps available to keep any writer tweeting at their best. Having the right tools to do the job is strategic for accomplishing success in any profession. Writing is the not the exception.

Take advantage of social networking sites and what these platforms are capable of doing for getting material in front of the front audience to boost income and spirit sales.

Its a race between Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter in most cases. These are considered the big three when it comes to social networking.
Its a race between Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter in most cases. These are considered the big three when it comes to social networking. | Source

There are more than a few ways to make extra money with Hubpages. Twitter is only one of many..

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