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ways of cleaning a laptop screen

Updated on January 22, 2011

Laptop screen needs regularly cleaning to get rid of dust, dirt and finger print. Since these particles unavoidably get to the laptop, periodic cleaning of laptop screen, as one of the ways of maintaining the laptop screen is necessary.

            You should take special precautions when cleaning a laptop screen or other LCD screen. These precautions are necessary to be taken in order to avoid damaging the screen. The following steps can help you clean your laptop screen.

Gather the materials required for cleaning a laptop screen:

 You need to gather materials for a cleaning a laptop screen. Soft cloth such as Cotton, tee shirt or a lint free cloth or a mini  - blower is necessary , Also you need to provide mixture of one part distilled water to one part rubbing alcohol or pre-moistened  cloth. Since the screen is delicate, using hard material on it is not acceptable .When gathering materials for cleaning a laptop, avoid paper based product that can scratch the surface of the screen. Instead use a non abrasive, fabric- like Cotton. Also, do not clean a laptop screen with ammonia or   bleach, which can damage the plastics in the screen.


Set the laptop for cleaning

Before you start cleaning a laptop it is important to check your laptop’s manual for any special instructions on how you will clean it. The instructions in the owner’s manual are guides you will begin with when cleaning your laptop.

            At the beginning of the cleaning process, you need to turn off and unplug the laptop.

Proceed to clean the laptop screen

. As soon as the computer is set for cleaning, go on with the cleaning process using caution and following any special instruction provided by the computer manufacturer. Clean the laptop screen with a dry, soft cloth in an up and down circular motion or use a special mini- blower that is made for cleaning. Never wipe the laptop with a dry, coarse or hard cloth. As the screen is not cleaned using a dry cloth, wipe with a pre-moistened cloth or apply a bit of alcohol   mixture to the cloth and wipe the screen.

            Avoid spraying anything directly on the laptop screen. Ensure there is no liquid left on the screen and allow the screen to dry completely before turning the laptop back on or a closing the lid. You can repeat the steps for hard- to- remove spots

Make it   a habit to clean your laptop

You should make it a habit to clean your laptop screen regularly to reduce the quantity of dust and finger print build up that can occur. In doing this you not only ensure that your screen is clean but  also reduce the strain to your vision


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