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What the heck is Squidoo?

Updated on March 2, 2013

Um, what is Squidoo? Where am I? What's this site about?

Hi there, and welcome to Squidoo! If you're reading this, you've probably stumbled across this page (or lens) by clicking on a link in one of my guides, articles, or whatever you want to call them. I call them lenses! Why? Because that's what you call content created on Squidoo. But I'm going around in circles, aren't I? :)

Let me explain; Squidoo is a website designed to make it really easy for people to share content; ideas, info, reviews, recommendations, coloring pages - you name it! Squidoo has a great system for making this a fun and easy process, even if you can't build a beautiful website to save your life. The system is guided, and you use special building blocks called modules to add content from Amazon, YouTube, eBay, Twitter, blogs, and tons more.

Think of it like Legos for Websites. When I was a kid, whenever I got a Lego kit I would follow the instructions, putting my new bricks together piece by piece to create what was on the box. That was fun! And then I'd take the whole thing apart and build something completely different, which was also fun. Once you understand how to put it together, you open up a world of possibilities for all kinds of things you can build!

Image credit: Helga Weber

Well for starters, I've gotta ask - do you really need another reason beyond "It's fun"? You shouldn't. Fun is good - fun is what drives us as humans. Our brains are wired to seek out fun. But don't get me started on that subject, I could talk about it for hours after reading the book A Theory of Fun. It's about game design - I snagged it from my husband's work-reading shelf because it looked so interesting - but there are a lot of interesting concepts there for any reader. But I digress.

So beyond fun, what's the point? To get the information you're passionate out there. Ever had the urge to share a new idea, an old family recipe, or a cool photo on the web? It's a big place, and you can't just post it to your blog and wait for millions of people to show up and see it. Squidoo was designed from the ground up to get your page FOUND. Even if you aren't an SEO genius, even if you don't know what SEO means (Search Engine Optimization - meaning the art of making your page easier for search engines to find). Squidoo gets your page indexed and ranked by Google and other search engines. And if you invest a little time into learning the basics of SEO, your info will reach even more people. This is why pages on Squidoo are called LENSES. Squidoo brings your content into focus, and directs more eyeballs to what you have to say.

But the real kicker is that thing that drives most folks on this sphere of ours, to one extent or another: money. Squidoo strives to keep advertising relevant to the lenses they are displayed on, and they share the ad profits with their authors (aka lensmasters).

Will you get rich on Squidoo? Nope. Can you make a few extra bucks on Squidoo? Probably, if you put some time into it. The nicest benefit to me is that you can even walk away for weeks or months, and still see a trickle of money coming in here or there. I did it - when I first joined Squidoo, after a few months life got pretty crazy and I didn't have time for it for about a year and a half. But during that time, the few lenses I'd built still earned a small income; in fact my zombie gift guide - because it's a shopping-oriented lens - made something like $20 some months, especially near the holidays. And now that I have more time for it, it's bringing in even more.

Fellow lensmasters, feel free to leave me notes here but keep in mind that this lens is intended to explain a few things to folks who have stumbled across my lenses* and are wondering what the heck I'm on about when I refer to Squidoo, or lensmastering, or other wacky terms we have here in our lovely little world.

*or yours, feel free to link to this if you like.

Did this answer your questions about Squidoo? - If not, please let me know so I can make this lens better!

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    • chrissuard lm profile image

      chrissuard lm 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for building this page, I will definitely use it when referring my friends to Squidoo.