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What type of lens should I write? (Help I've got writer's block!)

Updated on April 20, 2013

What do you write when you don't have anything to write?

Ok. So you joined Squidoo. Wooohoo!!! It's great isn't it? And, you've muscled up the courage and dove right in. You wrote your first lens. You went to Squid U to introduce yourself and ask for a critique, and things are going good for you. People really "liked" your lens (pun intended). Some even favored it. You are feeling really good about yourself right now. And then it suddenly dawns on you. "What am I going to write about now?" You get that awful pit in your stomach like an author gets after their first book is published and people are waiting for the "next best seller". And you're out of ideas.

What are you going to do? Well folks, the above example is exactly what happened to me. I had no idea what to write next, and I DON'T want that happening to you.

So this lens is here to help you figure out just what it is you can write about based on your life, experiences, and expertise.

First things to try when overcoming Writer's Block

The very first thing you need to do is RELAX. People with writer's block are tense and intense.

Try focusing on your breathing. For example, Take a deep breath and slowly let it out to the count of five. Do this repeatedly.

Then take a nice hot shower or warm bath to relax your muscles. Try not to think of anything in particular about your lens to be, just be. Take a notepad and pen with you just in case you have a "Eureka" moment, but don't count on it. Just relax your body and relax your mind.

Take a nap. Sleep is good for the body and mind as well. And you might dream about something that would make for good inspiration for a lens. Hey, ya never know!

Go for a walk. Try to find a nice scenic place to just take in nature for a while. Don't forget that notepad! As you walk try to see birds, hear them chirping, pick some flowers, and just be in the moment.

Don't forget to eat, artists aren't the only ones who are starving.

And lastly, don't become consumed by writing. The harder you make it on yourself the harder it will be to write.

What about you that can help focus your lens.

First off, you might want to consider where you grew up. There is a great difference between growing up in a big city like San Fransisco, and growing up in a small town in Idaho. What is so special about your home town? Does it have tourist attractions? Is it hard to navigate? Are there equally special places that only locals know about? You can make a ton of lenses about your city that could help people not only choose where to visit and where to stay, but price comparisons, restaurant reviews, finding child-friendly establishments and so much more.

What kind of career or job do you have? What are your specialties or what are you good at? Tell the world the best way to get into that field.

Mention the colleges or trade schools that specialize in that particular activity. Point out great books that can be used in reference.

What is your ethnicity? You can mention cultural celebrations, traditional dress, recipes that your culture is known for. Again, you can be a big help to those who would like to visit your country. What are the norms of the country, and what can a tourist expect?

Is there a certain hobby you enjoy? Knitting, Car Remodeling, Cooking? What are your tips on getting started with the hobby? Are their clubs about the hobbies that people can join for support? Any personal suggestions?

The possibilities are endless! So use your noggin, think about how you can help people, and get writing!

Have you ever had problems with what to write for a lens?

Have you ever not known what you should write about in a lens?

See results

Getting rid of writers block

Tell me who you are and what you think!

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    • thelordsbeauty profile image

      thelordsbeauty 6 years ago

      @lens4Him: Very good point. Love your name by the way!

    • lens4Him profile image

      lens4Him 6 years ago

      I think your comment about helping people hit the nail on the head, I see far too many lenses that frankly don't help anybody!

    • thelordsbeauty profile image

      thelordsbeauty 6 years ago

      Thanks so much!!! Especially for the blessing! I find it amazing the things you can write about just from thinking about where you live.

    • Othercatt profile image

      Othercatt 6 years ago

      These are great ideas. When I can't think of anything to write about I write about the charms of the small town I live in.