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What Does the Hub Score Mean?

Updated on January 10, 2011
The Hubscore
The Hubscore

The Hubscore is a number that hubpages assigns to each page based on a number of factors. The hubscore is meant as an indication of the page's quality and importance and resembles Google's page rank in some ways.

A hubscore is based on a number of factors, such as the originality of the content, rankings by other users, and length of the submission.

For example, the more original the writing, the higher the score. Simply copying and pasting stuff from the internet will result in a lower score. For example, if I had simply copied and pasted the explanation of what a hubscore is which can be found at in the Help section of this site I assume that hubpages would have given me a lower score. :)

I am new at hubpages and I am just experimenting with the site. So far my hubscores have come up in the mid range. Hopefully a ton of visitors will give me a positive rating and skyrocket me to the top of the scores (hint).

But seriously, the hubscoring system appears complicated. In fact there are many other factors to consider. For example, the score is affected by the number of posts you make. But posting lots of hub pages does not necessarily increase your score because, posting lots can be interpreted as spamming.

So the key is to post high quality articles that are spam free and informative.

The New Top of the Line Hub Score Computer That Calculates Every Hubscore. It uses the latest technology such as punch cards and Rayovac vacuum tubes so the entire "brain" only takes up four rooms.
The New Top of the Line Hub Score Computer That Calculates Every Hubscore. It uses the latest technology such as punch cards and Rayovac vacuum tubes so the entire "brain" only takes up four rooms.


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    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 2 years ago from H-Town

      Thanks so much for writing this- you answered my question when I googled it! :)

    • laeixx profile image

      I. Blake 4 years ago from Eastern, United States

      Great information, thanks you!~

    • profile image

      jkhosa 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info.very helpful

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 5 years ago from Canada

      Hi Anne. Glad to help!

    • Anne Eliz Jacobs profile image

      Anne Eliz Jacobs 5 years ago from Northern CA

      Thanks very helpful!

    • blessedmommyof3 profile image

      blessedmommyof3 5 years ago

      Thanks for the info I have actually been with hubpages for a couple of years now and never really thought a whole lot about the score until my scores started changing and I began wondering what that meant.

      So it was very informative. Thank you again.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 5 years ago from Canada

      Hi Tenthingz - your score has probably gone up by now, since hubscores tend to increase with age (up to a certain point). However, one reason that the score was low may be that the article is a bit on the short side. 500 words or more is usually best. Very short articles tend to score lower. They also attract less traffic from the search engines.

    • tenthingz profile image

      tenthingz 5 years ago from somewhere in middle America

      Just published my first hub with a score of 22, but I can't really tell if that's typical, on the low side or great. Thanks for the info.

    • taghreed mojahid profile image

      taghreed mojahid 5 years ago from saudi arabia

      this article is very helpful,thank you

    • m525600 profile image

      m525600 5 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I gave you a thumbs up!

    • profile image

      Joeythegrreat 5 years ago

      Hey I followed you bud, hopefully you will return the favor.

    • clothespinnedlove profile image

      clothespinnedlove 5 years ago from Wisconsin

      This helped me a lot, thank you!

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      When you first publish the article (hub) the score is usually around 50. It then rises or falls as the article is evaluated by internal processes. If the article is bad - for example, if it is not long enough, or is too promotional - the score may fall below 50. If the article is deemed to be good based on writing style, content, etc then the score will rise above 50.

      How far it continues to rise, and how high the score remains,will be influenced by many other factors including the amount of traffic (hubs that no one visits tend to have lower scores even if they are well written), how many comments they receive (hubs that generate discussions tend to be ranked higher), how many thumbs up they get from readers, etc

      The hubscore is never completely fixed and will fluctuate up and down because your ranking is not only influenced by the things mentioned above, but by how good the hub is compared to other hubs. As more hubs are published, and as the hubscores of the other hubs also fluctuate, your relative rank or position will also fluctuate.

    • loseweightbestips profile image

      loseweightbestips 6 years ago

      So hub score is like fixed when an article is posted or it increases as the time goes by with comments and ratings

    • donnychoo profile image

      donnychoo 6 years ago

      good article! sure helps alot of people wondering what the hub score means!

    • Mazed Khan profile image

      Mazed Khan 6 years ago from london

      Thanks. Simple and easy to understand.

    • QueenEmma profile image

      QueenEmma 6 years ago

      Great! Thank you for clearing that up! I actually found this answer in a Google search instead of it showing up in my Hub search! Thank you!

    • MissAshleyK profile image

      MissAshleyK 6 years ago

      Straight forward and to the point! Thanks for the info :)

    • profile image

      JeffBoswell 6 years ago

      Exactly what I was looking for.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the feedback and nice to know I rank well with this article. Now if I can only achieve the same result with my other hubs!

    • Steven911 profile image

      Steven911 6 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thanks for this info.

      I actually found this article by typing "hubscore" into Google. First result was this. ;)

    • everymom profile image

      Anahi Pari-di-Monriva 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      I'm a hub newbie and don't really have lots of time to wade through tons of information in order to find the one nugget I need. Your article was the EXACT thing I needed, direct, to the point, short!

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Sonoma 6 years ago

      Thanks. Exactly what I was wanting to know.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      @bread-maker - make sure to also get an image for your profile. Profiles that have no images don't get as many followers. Getting more followers improves your personal hubber's score.

    • profile image

      bread-maker 6 years ago

      So I also made some newbie mistakes - thanks for the informative post, I know what my 45 means now :)

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      @Dan90017 - I am not sure of the exact schedule, but scores can change several times a day.

    • Dan90017 profile image

      Dan90017 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      How often or when do the scores get refreshed?

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      Thank you. This was very helpful for me :)

    • brian101 profile image

      brian101 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks. I hadn't seen anyone with higher but wanted to be sure. Best wishes.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      @brian101 - yes, 100 is the highest score you can get.

    • brian101 profile image

      brian101 6 years ago from UK

      Does anyone know what the maximum score is? 100?

    • blessingsforlife profile image

      blessingsforlife 6 years ago

      I am new to hubpages too and have been wondering about the hub score. this hub is very informative. thanks...

    • Adam Brown Photo profile image

      Adam Brown Photo 6 years ago from Brainerd, MN

      I found this through Google- Guess this actually works. :)

    • A Little TRUTH profile image

      A Little TRUTH 6 years ago

      OK, thanks for the response, quotations.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the comments everyone. @ A Little Truth - I don't agree that outgoing links are a negative. A hub that link to useful and relevant high quality sites will be seen as informative and this will help your hubscore and your ranking in the search engines. So if you write a hub about classic Model T automobiles you should definitely link to other sites about this type of automobile. It is unrealistic to expect people to just link to you while you never link to someone else.

    • sstokes90 profile image

      sstokes90 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Very useful! I;'m new to HubPages as well and this was very informative and exactly what I was wanting to know. Thanks!

    • A Little TRUTH profile image

      A Little TRUTH 6 years ago

      Nice hub, thanks for the useful info.

      I'm a little confused about your comment of 7 months ago re the 3+ outgoing links to other hubs. From what I know about SEO, incoming links are a positive, and outgoing links are a negative. But maybe Hubpages gives enough credit for outgoing links to other HUBS to offset this. Do you have indications that this is the case?

    • jamesjacques profile image

      jamesjacques 6 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks, I had no idea what that meant. Nice and informative

    • profile image

      u01dtj6 6 years ago

      Helpful hub and well put! Thank you for the information.

    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 6 years ago

      thanks again quotations:) I like the hub machine pic.

    • wally247 profile image

      wally247 6 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      Thanks for the tip! I had been wondering about my scores, and finally did a search. You were the first result, so good job!

      (I am a real person too).


    • profile image

      offeritem 7 years ago

      Good explanation on getting your hub score up. I've learned a few things from browsing the site and I now have a better idea of the type of topics that hub readers are into.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 7 years ago from Canada

      @slc334 - hubscore does lead to more visibility and traffic (to some extent) and is also the result of more traffic, so there is a circular chicken and the egg scenario involved.

      For example, if someone uses the hubpages search engine to search for "chocolate" the search results will list the hubs in numericol order (highest to lowest) based on their hubscore. Also, when one is using the "suggest links" feature to create links from their own hub to other hubs and thus earn HubKarma (which also increases hubscore) the suggested hubs will usually be the ones with the highest hubscore. So having a high hubscore means that more people will find you using the hubpages search engine and also that more hubbers will link to you.

      As far as I can tell Google and other search engines do not know your hubscore when deciding how to rank you - but because the hubscore is based on factors similar to the criteria used by the search engines to determine quality and therefore rank, if you can get a high hubscore it means that you are probably writing hubs that will do well in the search engine rankings.

      Also, because a high hubscore leads to more links to you from other hubbers (since they can more easily find you) it will indirectly improve your SEO since you will eventually have more incoming links, which is something that Google takes into account.

      Having said this, I also have some hubs that have high hubscores but get little search engine traffic and hubs like this one that have an average hubscore but get lots of traffic. Finding a niche is important.

    • slc334 profile image

      slc334 7 years ago from Canada

      Appreciate the post, but does a higher hubscore lead to higher visibility? I know that it would attract more hubspace people, but hubspace people don't click on ads. I want to know if a higher hubscore does anything in the background with search engines?

    • Glemoh101 profile image

      Glemoh101 7 years ago

      Answering or asking question in this hubpages forums can help in improve the hubscore ? answer me

    • TimArends profile image

      Timothy Arends 7 years ago from Chicago Region

      Also, if you link too often to the same site outside of HubPages your score can go down. I can see how spammers might abuse this, but it does reduce HubPages' effectiveness as a form of site promotion.

    • nimbleful profile image

      nimbleful 7 years ago

      Thanks! I'm brand new to hub pages and was wondering what those numbers meant until I read this! This funnily enough was easier to find than the help page!! :D

    • progiledeblipp profile image

      progiledeblipp 7 years ago

      I was looking for some sort of valuable information on hub score, as i am new to this portal and looking forward to have a good reputation.

    • Lynnyloo profile image

      Lynnyloo 7 years ago

      Thank you for good advice... I'm new to hub pages and should have done my homework before "jumping into the pool". I feel that on one hand I'm fighting to increase my fico score and now I have to worry about increasing my hub score. ?#@! :(

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 7 years ago from Canada

      @Toronto condos - it is true that quality hubs tend to have a better hub score, but what makes one hub better than another? Remember that the hubscore is assigned by a computer examining various criteria and so the computer does not actually "measure" the quality of your writing - for example, it could no tell Dickens apart from Grisham. So what does the computer program look for to determine if a hub is quality or not? Here are a few more things that will improve your hubscore:

      1. you should have at least three links from your hub to relevant hubs written by other people.

      2. if people upvote your hub or rate it as "awesome" or "useful" - this is the human component in the system. If enough people like your hub and give it favorable reviews, your hubscore will go up

      3. traffic - the more traffic you get from various sources the better your hubscore

      4. comments - the more people comment on your hub the better. So keep those comments coming :)

    • profile image

      Toronto condos 7 years ago

      Make quality yout target and hubscore will rise!

    • drmingle profile image

      drmingle 7 years ago from United States

      Thanks for the info... It's good.

    • alexmita profile image

      alexmita 7 years ago from London

      Quotations, this was very useful, thanks :)

    • SuperHomeWorker profile image

      SuperHomeWorker 7 years ago

      You are the very first in google search under the terms "What is hub score?" So your theory works !! Good for you! An honest and informative writer !! BRAVO !!

    • Mr Wine profile image

      Mr Wine 7 years ago from Great Wine Country

      I don't understand it? I am new to Hubpages and everything that I read about increasing hub scores in contradicted by this HUB. You have such little content and such a high score - what am I doing wrong.

    • Peter Garrison profile image

      Peter Garrison 7 years ago from North Bend

      What about the hubscore for each hub? Like my score from my review for tycoon cashflow seems to go up daily... Does that mean people are giving me a thumps up??

    • jabytxu25 profile image

      jabytxu25 7 years ago

      Thank you for answering my question. I didn't know what was the hubscore for and you've already solved my doubt. Thank you!

    • satyenhacks profile image

      satyenhacks 8 years ago from Lucknow

      Its really i was searching what the score means..

    • life-is-sweet profile image

      life-is-sweet 8 years ago from NY

      I am new here, just trying to figure things out. Your post is helpful, thank you.

    • thebeacon profile image

      thebeacon 8 years ago from Santa Rosa, California

      I am wondering, does hubscore matter when it comes to ranking higher on google? Thank you

    • devsir profile image

      devsir 8 years ago from Earth

      very well explained

    • allN1spot profile image

      allN1spot 8 years ago from Nashville

      Thanks for posting this, I'm new to hubpages myself and I was wondering what that number was there for! This is great to know!

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 8 years ago from Canada

      peggypat - It's definitely a computer program that calculates the hubscore. There would be way to many hubs for any number of humans to read them all and assign a score. But that isn't to say that humans don't affect the score. Fore example when someone upvotes a hub, it registers as a positive factor that raises the score of the hub. And the higher the hubscore for your hubs, the better your hubscore as an author. Also, you can gain a better hubscore if you have a number of people following your hubs, and if you participate in the hubpage community by posting comments, etc.

    • Writen4u profile image

      Writen4u 8 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I was wondering why my hub score keeps dropping.

    • peggypat profile image

      Peggy Patrick Medberry 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      very interesting. I'm a newbie.. so these numbers seem very random. I am wondering. Is it a machine, computer algorithm thingy or is it an actual person somewhere making this decision?

    • profile image

      barryliam 8 years ago

      Great advice, thanks

    • mireland19 profile image

      Meagan Ireland 8 years ago from Maine

      This was very usefull and well written to be very understandable! That is very important if you are me :)! Thanks for the information!

    • profile image

      Nonauthorityfigur 8 years ago

      wow your hub received several comments.I think that in itself should help your score.Thank you for producing this hub

    • Angelique Loux profile image

      Angelique Loux 8 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you, I'm new to HubPages and my score droped 4 points. I think I might of wrote to many Hubs to fast.

    • GrotesqueGoddess profile image

      GrotesqueGoddess 8 years ago

      Very informative! Thanks for all the helpful information.

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 8 years ago from Canada

      Ramon Y - What I have noticed is that when you first publish your hub it usually has a score of about 50. Then it slowly rises to 60 or 70 if the hubscoring system thinks that the writing is good. I assume it looks at things such as originality (no copying from other sites), length, links to other websites etc. This initial rise in score happens even if no one has yet visited your hub. You can tell how many people have visited your site by logging in to your account and then checking the statistics. These will also tell you where people are coming from to your site such as search engines.

      After the initial rise in hubscore when it is first published, the main factors in whether the score stays up or goes back down or keeps rising is how much traffic you get, how much feedback it generates, and how many up votes the hub gets.

      So if no one visits your hub, the score will go down even if you have written a very good article. This may happen if you have written an article on something that is not of wide interest.

      If your score starts falling because of low traffic, try adding links to your hub from other hubs you write, add more tags so that people can find it under different search terms, or try tweaking the title so that it is more relevant.

      So as a long winded answer to your question, your current hubscore is probably due mainly to the fact you have written a good hub rich in text. However that score may start falling if the hub does not generate interest and you don't get internet traffic.

    • paulsimister profile image

      paulsimister 8 years ago

      Thanks for this.

      I was getting frustrated as I kept adding to a page thinking I was making it better and my hubscore kept going down.

    • profile image

      Ramon Y 8 years ago

      I still don't get it I have to admit - so far I have only posted 1 hub (with another in progress). That was four days ago yet I have a pretty high score. So does this mean that people like my hub even no comments have been made. Also I notice our profiles have hubscores - does this mean we are being scored in a similar manner?

    • CorriStar profile image

      CorriStar 8 years ago from Winsted Ct

      Thanks, I brought my score down because I did 4 post in a day. How often should I post?

    • living myway profile image

      living myway 8 years ago

      Thank you all for the explanation I was wondering what the heck the scoring meant! Alright time to move up the ladder from the 50s haha.

    • Dirtdog profile image

      Dirtdog 8 years ago from New Smyrna Beach / Edgewater , Florida

      Thanks for the answer it helped out a lot being a newbe of sort . I getting a hubscore of 50 right off is ok ? hmmm. maybe . if it kinda like a grade system them I am kinda sad . well better luck next time around .

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 8 years ago

      This is a very useful read. Thanks for sharing this..

    • BrianFanslau profile image

      BrianFanslau 8 years ago from Eagan, MN

      Woot thanks for the answeer bud you rock :)

    • profile image

      jabber12 8 years ago

      Thanks this really helped me out, I figured lower scores were best - guess I was wrong!

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Thanks for the info, great hub

    • GuitarLover profile image

      GuitarLover 8 years ago from UK

      This was useful to me, thank you!

    • JRATL profile image

      JRATL 9 years ago from Atlanta a suburb of Buckhead

      Great article. I guess you must write more and leave comments as you read others. I am new here with only a dozen or so hubs. I don't seem to get comments and no fans. I can see the traffic numbers and know some are being looked at How to Tie a shoe lace is popular but no comments. I know this has helped others. Anyway LITS life is too short.

      thank you

    • profile image

      bigkeyz 9 years ago

      I hope that yur hub gets the highest ranking ever check out my hub so I can climb to

      Thanks and Welcome to the Hub Community!

    • Bucro profile image

      Bucro 9 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      I was wondering how the score works. Thanks for this information *thumbs up*

    • profile image

      Susan M 9 years ago

      I'm brand new to hubpages and this information was very helpful - thanks!

    • quotations profile image

      Robert P 9 years ago from Canada

      Sarabecks - The higher the score the better.

    • profile image

      sarabecks 9 years ago

      So is high or low the target or what??

    • dgasteiger profile image

      dgasteiger 9 years ago

      Thanks for the info

    • starcatchinfo profile image

      starcatchinfo 9 years ago

      GREAT TIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AdsenseStrategies profile image

      AdsenseStrategies 9 years ago from CONTACT ME at

      Well I had better comment here, to make sure your score keeps climbing!



      The Adsense Strategist

    • profile image

      dano rants 9 years ago

      wow, a tremendous help!! very well written and informative. thank ya much!

    • profile image

      WMF1125 9 years ago

      Yeah, I remember when I started out, I was absolutely confused. I accidently published an article without anything on it! How embarrasing. It immediately decreased to 45...I was getting discouraged, but thanks to your article, I now understand how all of this works! Thanks for posting this information.

    • profile image

      Christian M 10 years ago

      Brilliant, helps you know just what to add when making your own hub!

    • lkn36 profile image

      lkn36 10 years ago


    • profile image

      organicforme 10 years ago

      thanks -- when you're new to the site, it doesn't make sense how the score is computed... hoping people find the green living and organic articles I write to be useful. More to come in a few...

    • moneymatters101 profile image

      moneymatters101 10 years ago

      WOW! I had no idea about any of this information! What great tips!

    • aprilkerr profile image

      aprilkerr 10 years ago from UK

      I never realized there was so much to it. I also heard that by answering requests you get extra points.

    • Sting-Ray profile image

      Sting-Ray 10 years ago from Tx

      Great hubpage about hubpage scores. I put up a hubpage myself but didn't know what the score ment. I now know to check in the help tab for more information. Can you put in your hub page if the higher the score or lower the score is best? Im assuming the higher score is better. Thanks for you topic it was a big help to me.

    • profile image

      truemitra 10 years ago

      nice hub

    • lisatener profile image

      lisatener 10 years ago from Rhode Island

      Thanks. That clarified it for me.