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Reasons for low Hub ratings

Updated on May 3, 2011

Choose a subject which is sucked out

The more competition your subject has, the less it will be noticed. A niche so common that an article spinner wouldn't even consider finding synonyms is the best. Instant low hub scores should be guaranteed if you use the Google keyword tool to obtain keywords with the highest competition.

Limit yourself in language

By all means, only use language a six year old can comprehend. Acute use of standard language will limit your reader to the first paragraph. Technical descriptions will gain minimum veneration if you are able to annihilate structure and grammar. Talking about structure, skip from one argument to the other without starting a new sentence – disarray will kick in for sure.

Never state facts

Invent wherever you can, unsupported arguments work best. The greatest ways to loose credibility are lies. A full page of numbers without source will make your readers loose faith immediately. Copy and paste from sources (be aware of copyright laws) with totally different language style. Annotations look to clean, leave them out.

Never explain anything

So you are an expert on some fields? Nice, now you can write without comma and full stop. If people get the point, then add phrases with terms solely for the use of university graduates on that specific field. Don't forget, the readers first reaction after one paragraph should be utter incomprehension.

Get rid of "attractiveness to the eye"

Change the font at least every second word. Your colors should be the absolute cause for eye cancer (light yellow on white background for example). Take a step back from your screen, the job is done well if you see a rainbow.

Ignore Feedback

Maybe a real tough reader got it to the end, now you need the real weapons of communication. Keep answers to questions in the comment section short. Examples for great answers are: "U dnt kno how to use Google?!", "Evry1 knos dat, u fool", "If u kno beta – do it urself"

Never update

Never check back if something is not up to date. Outdated articles are good to be ignored, they should shrink the amount of readers every day. Noticed that something in your articles has been proven to be wrong? Nice! The more people knowing about this fact to be wrong, the better!

Happy Failing!


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    • Kimme Owens profile image

      Kimme Owens 6 years ago from California

      This Hub was awesome (and kind of funny)! There are so many out there about how to write successful Hubs, but this one is unique because you did it backwards! Thanks for writing this Hub! Voted up.

    • Filou profile image

      Filou 6 years ago from Germany

      Thank you for the comment Barbara. Probably it is no problem if you have common interests. Surely it should be rewarded sooner or later. I have read quite a lot of articles which cover the same theme. Very often it is possible to pick out those who are actually write because they like to, not for the sake of earning money. Those articles are often of much better use, not to mention the great quality of feedback which they receive.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      I enjoyed your article, but the truth is, I have a terrible time finding subjects that a million people haven't already written about. My interests must just be too common.