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Zentao Lensography

Updated on February 1, 2013

All about.... Me

Howdy all, I am the lensmaster known as Zentao. But you can call me Zentao.

Actually, my name is Gene, so feel free to shout that at me anytime you like. I have been writing here at Squidoo for about a year and half now and I am approaching that 200 Lenses mark, so I thought it high time I did up one of these lensography thingamajiggies.

Intro Photo Courtesy of Me

This isn't going to be anything fancy or complicated. Hopefully if you have found your way here this lens will guide you to something that has a little bit of interest for you.

Anyhow, thanks for visiting my little piece of the world wide webz here on Squidoo. I hope you enjoy yourself.

All module pictures courtesy of Amazon and linked to the relevant Amazon Products

A few facts about me

  1. I am a 41 year old guy currently living in New Jersey, after having lived in California for nearly 20 years.
  2. I am married, I have two kids and thee grandkids
  3. I spent 20 year in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician. Working on Radar, Communications equipment and micro-miniature repair
  4. I have sailed around the world, and visited about 50 different countries
  5. I am somewhat of a speed reader. I average about 100 pages an hour when concentrating.
  6. I have a passion for scuba diving, from the time I lived in Guam...but for some reason I haven't done it in almost 5 years.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones in Books

I have read a lot of books. My favorite of all time has been the Game of Thrones series of Fantasy stories by George RR Martin. I read the first GRRM book on its very first printing, which is approaching almost which was one heck of a long time ago. (Martin does not write quickly)

When they went about creating a television series from my all time favorite books, I was really began to do backflips. My love of these books, and the LONG wait for TV series and books has led me to write a LOT of lenses about this series. Here are just a FEW of the lenses I have written about the Game of Thrones BOOKS (I will get the the TV series in a bit.... Like I said, a LOT of lenses)

Game of Thrones (book) Lenses:

25 Things to do while waiting for George RR Martin to finish his damn book.
Dance of Dragons is done. Now begins the long wait for Winds of Winter. Find out 25 Things you can do while waiting....

A Game Of Thrones
The First Book in the series

Clash of Kings Game of Thrones
The second book of the series. Corresponds roughly to the 2nd season of the HBO show (for you non readers)

Storm of Swords Game of Thrones
The Third book. This is THE best book in the entire series so far. It is MASSIVE and will be split into the 3rd and 4th season of the TV show

Feast for Crows-Game of Thrones
The 4th Book of the series.

Vintage Hippy Sign
Vintage Hippy Sign


There is something about vintage stuff that I really like. From Tin signs to old commercials to pin up girls to old ads. I have written a few lenses that I would describe as being about "vintage" stuff and I have plans for a lot more...

So check back later for an entire lensography filled with nothing but vintage and retro stuff.

For now, let me scare up 5 links to Vintage/Retro:

Sexist Ads -How Times have Changed
Advertisements sometimes reflect the culture and views of the times. Other times they are meant to be slightly humorous and evoke debate and response. But i...

Vintage Tin Signs
Vintage tin signs are a great way to decorate any kitchen, workroom, garage or "fun" room. They are simply a "fun" way of getting a clas...

Pin Up Girls Pictures
Today, pin up art is generally viewed as a nostalgic look at the past...

Bar Signs
Bar signs can be a wonderful way to decorate your "man cave", bar, garage or kitchen. If you want to find some cool looking bar signs, this might be a good place to start looking....

The Best Vintage Kitchen Signs
These funny vintage metal signs can bring a few chuckles and/or an antique look to an otherwise drab and dull kitchen...

Kindle Covers
Kindle Covers


I am an avid reader, and I must say that one of the best purchases I have ever made has been my Kindle ebook reader.

I have been through a couple of Kindles since my first generation Kindle a few years back. I love the darn things...and they keep getting better. I currently have both a Kindle Touch and a Kindle Fire and I love them both.

Again, I have let my passion for these ebook reader/tablet devices lead me to writing quite a few lenses about these electronic gadgets.

What is Kindle Special Offers
If you are not sure what the "special offers" in "Kindle with Special offers", this lens will let you know how it can help you save a few bucks on your Kindle

Kindle 4th Generation: Kindle Touch
In November 2011, Amazon unleashed their 4th generation of kindle devices. Which includes the Kindle 4 (basic), Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. Find out about all of these great devices...

Find Free e-Books
This lens will help you to find some great free ebooks online...

Kindle Touch Covers
Find some of the covers you can get for the new Kindle Touch

Kindle Fire Tablet Accessories
Find out how to get some accessories for your new Kindle Fire...

Fitbit Fitness pedometer and scale
Fitbit Fitness pedometer and scale


I am not the fittest guy in the world. But I do try to keep in shape and keep the weight off.

These are a few lenses that are all about getting in shape, losing weight and avoiding health issues such as high blood pressure.

These lenses will hopefully help others to make the same tough health decisions I am struggling with every day.

6 Reasons you need Fitbit Ultra
As the saying goes, the, "walk of a thousand miles begins with a single step!" If you have a desire to lose weight, get in shape...

How to check your heart rate
It is important to understand how to check your heart rate. Find the simple steps to checking your heart rate...

WiFi Scale: Cool Gadget to Help you Stay in Shape
Is a scale just a scale. Not when it can update wirelessly. Find out more of the ways the fitbit wifi scale can help you lose weight and get in shape.

Red Wine Benefits for Hypertension
Is Red Wine really good for helping to control high blood pressure? Get the facts...

How to Boost Energy Levels
Would you like to have more energy and get more things done? Find out some steps for boosting your energy levels and increasing your fitness

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells
Bowflex adjustable dumbells are a great way to work out. Specifically when you want speedy repetitions with variable amount of weight. Find out more...

Board Games
Board Games

Games and Toys

Board games and toys are not just for kids these days.

Board games can be a fun and exciting way to get together with friends, or a great way to spend the night with family. Personally I love to play board games sand try to get a game of something in at least once a week.

I am also fond of collecting some action figures. Something I have done since I was a kid and had original Star Wars action figures.

I have also written a few lenses on action figures and board games... here are a sampling.

The Best Kids Gadgets and Toys for 2012 -2013
Want some great kids toys and gadgets? Look no further...

10 Best Board Games
There are a lot of great board games out there, but which games are the "best". Find out which ten board games are the best of the bunch

Three Dimensional (3D) Chess
Check out some facts on the great game of 3D chess...

Batman Dark Knight Rises Toys
The Dark Knight RIses is finally out in theatres. Get the low down on some of the great Batman | Dark Knight toys that you can get

10 Board Games that Never Get Old
See which classic boardgames hold still hold their magical spell over many players. See which board games never get old...

Best Movies
Best Movies


I am a huge fan of the movies. I like serious movies, action movies, independent movies and blockbusters.

I have spent more time making lenses about the big blockbusters, for an obvious reason... more people are interested in those flicks. But I enjoy making lenses about upcoming movies and DVDs.

Top Ten Comic Book Movies of All Time
Find out the very best comic book movies...Ever!

Batman: Dark Knight Rises Movie Posters
The Batman : Dark Knight Trilogy was a tight series that may be the best comic book movie series of all time. Take a look back at the posters from this great series

Top 10 Charlize Theron Movies
FInd out the top ten movies starring the beautiful actress, Charlize Theron

Hobbit Posters: An Unexpected Journey through posters
The Hobbit movie is set to come out in two parts. The first in Dec. 2012 and the second in 2013.

Hunger Games Wallpaper and Merchandise
Check out some Hunger games wallpaper and merchandise...

Best iPad Info
Best iPad Info


I do love my Kindle. But there is also something about the iPad that is magical.

I still prefer a kindle for novel reading, but magazines, multi-media, videos,and game like Dragonvale all really rock on the iPad and make this cool almost magical toy something really special.

Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD
Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD

Game of Thrones on Television

As I mentioned earlier, I am a big Game of Thrones fan. I do like the TV series, although as should be expected it does not reach the level of the books... it is quite well done.

This story is very large and sprawling with TONS of deep and multi-faceted characters. As much as I wanted a TV version to succeed, I was unsure if it COULD.

HBO has done a great job though, and because of that, I have written more than a few lenses on the topic.

Here are a few...

A Game Of Thrones HBO Series
A lens dedicated to everthing about the television version of the series, "A game of thrones"

Game of Thrones Backstory
There is always a lot of nuance and backstory that does not make it from book to screen. Find out some of the important backstory elements that have not been discussed, or not COMPLETELY discussed in the TV version of the story so far..

Game of Thrones Merchandise
Buy cool Game of Thrones, "Stuff"

Game Of Thrones Cast
The Game of Thrones has a huge cast. Each and every season will see major new players introduced. This lens is all about updating those new character castings for each and every season.

Batman: Dark Knight
Batman: Dark Knight

Superhero Stuff

A lot of comic Book and Movie Superheros

As I mentioned in the movie section I am definitely a fan of "superhero" stuff. Specially the movies. I do read some comic books fro time to time, but not with the same passion as books and movies.

However I think the recent development of "comic book movies" like the X-men, Batman and the Avengers movies have been great. These films have done a wonderful job so far of recreating light-earted adventure movies with very interesting characters. OF course this has inspired some lenses...



Dragonvale is a wonderful game for the iPad. The ides is simple, you breed dragons, take care of the baby eggs, grow the dragons and try to breed newer and rarer Dragon breeds of Dragon for your floating Island circus.

Sound strange? It is... a little bit, but it is also very addictive and fun. I have made quite a few of these lenses. Many of them a "monthly" star, as there are new dragons that people are searching for information on released each month.

Here are a few of the Dragonvale Lenses:

6 Games Like Dragonvale
If you like the game of Dragonvale, but you are not sure what to do during cooldowns, you might want to look into getting another game like Dragonvale. Here are 6 of the best

Dragonvale Breeding Guide
Find out the all the common and rare breeds for dragons in the game of Dragonvale

DragonVale Rainbow Dragon
The Rainbow dragon is one of the coolest dragons of Dragonvale. Find out all the ways...including the most efficient.. to make this great dragon

Sales Lenses- Bicycle Bags
Sales Lenses- Bicycle Bags

Sales Lenses

Because sometims it is all about the Benjamins

And of course sales lenses. Sometimes there is not really a "passion" involved of any sort. Soemtimes it is just about making a lens with some good stuff that you hope people will find and buy from you.

Good old American Capitalism at its best. Not to say that some of these products I haven't used and enjoyed. I have. But it was mainly a desire to SELL that drove these lenses.

Here are a few of the "Sales lenses":

Nokia Lumia 900 Case
Get a case for the hot new Nokia Lumia Phone

Best Bicycle Bags
FCHeck out all the different types of great "bicycle" bags available

Mimobot USB: Batman, Star Wars, Hello Kitty and more
I am a geek! I really love these things.

Fitbit Gruve Strive Comparison
I have a Fitbit, and I love It, but I have compared them to the Gruve and the Strive. Each one has its pluses and minuses

Green Throw Pillows for Couch
If you are looking for Green throw pillows..well this is your place to find them

Not all lenses are easily classified - Check out a few of the better, "random" lenses

5 Amazingly Colorful Vacation Destinations
Check out some of the most beautiful and colorful destinations in the world!

London Olympic Merchandise
The London Olympics are almost here. Check out some of the great merchandise you can get for the upcoming Olympic games.

How to make Iced Coffee
Summer is hot. Iced coffee is cool. What a perfect match!

Desert Island Books
Discover a list of the top 10 books to take to a "deserted desert island"

Best Demotivational Pics
Check out some of the cool "DE motivational" tools

15 Minutes of Fame
Find out the people who have passed their "15 minutes" of fame

My Best Lens

It is hard to pick out a "Best" Lens. There are a few I am proud of and had a great time making. But since one of my personal favorites also got a Purple Star I will choose that one...

===>>>Battleship New Jersey

Which one of these Topics seems the most interesting to YOU personally

Best Lensography
Best Lensography

Which one of these Topics seems the most interesting to YOU personally??

See results

Let me know what you think about.. - Well about anything you want to

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    • MillBucks profile image


      6 years ago

      Very well done, it was nice learning more about you and your work here on Squidoo.

    • siobhanryan profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a good lensography


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