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7 of the Coolest Mythological Creatures

Updated on August 31, 2011

Mythical creatures represent many things for people, they represent an era or history in time when people had no control over their lives and had many unanswered questions. Some of these creatures were believed to have been real and some people claim to have met them first-hand. Mythical creatures are interesting because although we know they aren't real, they seem very real in our imaginations and have been spotted by people that swear they have seen them. Do they perhaps reside in another dimension that is unseen by us and only come in and out of our dimension at will?

Mythical creatures have even been mentioned in the bible. Dungeons and Dragons lovers are knowledgeable with these legendary beasts. World of Warcraft and other video games that are similar, use them as characters within the game. Greek mythology mentions these be-ings and they have their own stories and reputations for either being "good" or "evil". Mythical writers, such as J. R. Tolken, the author of the Lord of the Rings series and J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, have brought these creatures to life and created a mass popularity.

Below I have listed some mythical creatures which have always been fascinating to me and have come to life for me, if not for real, in my imagination, within books and fantasy.

The Dragon

1. The Dragon

The dragon is my Chinese birth sign. To me, the dragon holds a great deal of inner strength and fire. It's popularity gives it life. Dragons have appeared all over the world. In the western countries they seem to represent evil and wrath and interestingly, in the east they represent a protecting force. The European and oriental are the two most popular versions of the dragon.

In the Asian countries, dragons symbolize nature's force, supernatural powers and wisdom and strength. In the west they are seen as an enemy that must be fought by a hero in shining armor. In both versions though they have a strength and in the many pictures that have been painted and sculptures sculpted, the dragon is a beast worth admiring.

The Unicorn

2. The Unicorn

The unicorn is one of my favorites. As a little girl, I just knew that unicorns were real and heard a story of a man that worked for my dad that seen one in real life. I believed, that's all it took. I watched "The Last Unicorn" over and over and wanted so badly for her to be real. But of course I have not seen her in my lifetime, not yet anyway!

The unicorn is seen as a white horse with a single horn located on her forehead, a lion's tail and the hooves of an antelope. Unicorns are known for being pure, good and innocent. According to some legends, only a virgin can catch a unicorn and the horn was thought to be an anecdote against poison. In Christianity, the unicorn symbolized love and faithfulness.

The Mermaid

3. The Mermaid

The mermaid is another mythical creature made popular by Disney's The Little Mermaid, which was based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale by the same title. The mermaid is thought to be dangerous and somewhat seductive in some cases and helpful in other instances.

The mermaid has the head and upper body of a woman or man and the bottom half of a sea creature. She is somewhat humanoid in nature, but very popular, so I decided to use her anyway. Folk tales from all over the world have accounts of mermaids. Seductive mermaids swimming in the sea, luring unsuspecting fishermen in their boats into danger, is the classic tale.

The Griffin

4. The Griffin

The griffin is a creature that first appeared in and around 2000 BCE. The griffin is meant to be the combination of the lion, with it's tremendous strength and the talons, wings and head of an eagle, quite majestic. It's creation began in Asia and then it's popularity grew to Greece, where it became sacred to Apollo, likely because of it's representation of being wise and powerful.

The griffin has been seen on armor and the like because it is said to instill fear in the horse's of their opponents.

The Centaur

5. The Centaur

The centaur was popular to me because of the old t.v. show called Hercules, on Saturday mornings. He was called "Newt" and was a well liked character, always helping Hercules. In Greek mythology however, the centaur Chiron had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse. He could also be considered a humanoid.

He was said to be a gentle and wise figure and was tutored by Apollo and Artemis and he, as well, was a mentor to others. He was rejected at birth by his human mother and he later became a great healer, sympathetic to other's pains. He tends to symbolize the experience of suffering, the suffering of the human condition and helping others in pain.

The Wyvern

6. The Wyvern

The wyvern is a personal favorite of mine. This is because my German grandmother has a personal account of seeing one of these little beasts run down a hall, in a religious convent back in the 1920s, in Germany when she was young. She was Catholic. She swears by her story and when for the first time she seen the box of the Trivial Pursuit game and seen the picture of a wyvern, she recalled her story.

The wyvern is a legendary two legged dragon with a serpent's tail that has been found in medieval Europe. Wyverns symbolize strength, protection and vision, power and endurance and has been linked with the Wessex in the south and southwest England areas. In some legends the wyvern has a stinger on the end of its tail.

The Harpy

7. The Harpy

The harpy is said to be a woman with a bird's body, ready to pounce, drag off, and kill any males that come near her nest. In Greek mythology she is said to be a death spirit, known for stealing food from Phineas, a king of Thrace who had the gift of prophecy. Zeus punished Phineas for revealing too much by having the harpies steal the food out of his hands before he was able to eat it himself. They were thought by the masses to be vicious, cruel and violent.

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    • Steph0596 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Ontario

      Hi again mom, Mutti seen the wyvern. Amazing isn't it? My favorite is the dragon and the unicorn, but I like them all.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hi again, so did mutti see a wyvern or a griffin? I loved that story too, she told it often. I think I like the dragon best, cause it is so lovely and graceful, but the mermaids are beautiful too.


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