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Art definition on modern society

Updated on August 14, 2011
Abstract angel(my nomination to Ugliest painting ever)
Abstract angel(my nomination to Ugliest painting ever) | Source

Art is defined as the outcome of arranging items or situations(generally symbolic) in a way that influence one or more senses leading to an emotional or intellectual reaction. The range of what can be defined as art is infinite. Personally I think that art is what we find beautiful and interesting, something that triggers our imagination.

Art is a matter of taste, some people tend to like quite questionable pieces and others with more refined taste tend to like quite the opposite. The meaning of art is studied by a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics, its also studied by disciplines as history and psychology as a reflection of mankind and that time frame.

If we all(nowadays society) could be defined by the contemporary art, how future generation would see us? I did myself that question for an entire day and I only came out with..future generations will see us as very dull,abstract, sort of minimalistic society. Have you seen modern art nowadays? Just painted colors in a canvas, some lines having absolutely no meaning for others but the artist. What do you think about all this?


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    • LorenAyBe profile image

      LorenAyBe 6 years ago from Belgium

      thanks, NOP.

    • NOP profile image

      NOP 6 years ago from California

      I have taken a lot of art classes and had a lot of teachers try and tell me what art is, but none truly said what you have in this hub. I agree with you 100% I love it :D

    • LorenAyBe profile image

      LorenAyBe 6 years ago from Belgium

      thank you again, Epigramman. I read some of your poems and they certainly rock as well. Lovely cat by the way.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ......well you certainly the artful way of putting a great hub together and provoking us to think and debate - thank you for your passion, knowledge and the fact like a great painting can move us - so do your words.

      lake erie time 7:58pm ontario canada

      love your fine selection of art hubs by the way - you really rock!!!

    • LorenAyBe profile image

      LorenAyBe 6 years ago from Belgium

      thanks for sharing your point of view. I can't agree more, some monkeys make better art than some that hang on galleries.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Hi and a fascinating hub. I entirely agree with you about some of the modern art - I don't mean to sound cruel but I think a lot of it is absolute junk! Weird colours and splashes,scratches, lines, whirls and dots randomely scattered - what does it mean? Does the artist actually know? And they reckon some of these things sell for thousands!!! I've seen the same and much better 'artwork' at the local nursery school. I've also seen some modern sculptures that are no better! What's the point of displaying all this if you have no idea what is being represented? Give me the traditional art anyday - and many of our young local artists - including a few still at school - are producing some beautiful work - portraits, nature, landscapes and so on. The works a joy to look and evoke both emotion and memory. For me as common punter, this is art.

    • LorenAyBe profile image

      LorenAyBe 6 years ago from Belgium

      Thanks for your compliments, Reynold Jay.

    • LorenAyBe profile image

      LorenAyBe 6 years ago from Belgium

      thank you. I totally agree with your statement. Art should ideally remain timeless but some current fashion in art (aka what's considered to be art at the moment)should be forgotten. I hold the thought of one of the quotes of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.”

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I have an art degree and taught it for 3 decades. I enjoyed this very much. You have this laid out beautifully and it is easy to understand. Keep up the great HUBS. I must give this an “Up ONE and Useful.” I'm now your fan! RJ

      Based upon your HUB, you might enjoy…

    • AUPADHYAY profile image


      Good hub Loren, you have touched the elements of generation gap. Certainly, I believe that major part of future generation will treat the art of present generation as "outdated", but there will be a little part of coming generation which will praise the style and fashion of art of the present generation (if this art has it's true meaning). This little portion is always present in each and every generation which has continuously remained the culture of old style of art and creations alive from several era. This is the reason, why the oldest creations have been praised for more than hundreds of years. Are you still agree with my findings ?