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Fedral form of government.

Updated on January 31, 2010

Fedral form of government.

The word "federation" has derived from latin word "foedus" which means a treaty, agreement or union.Dicey defined a federation as "a political contricvance intended to reconcile national unity with the maintenance of state rights.
The creation of federal system of government was largely the result of historic development of modern states.As growing national spirit tended to expands the area of political units,two methods were followed.One was complete fusion,the seperate governments of the combining units being completely merged into a single state.By this process the unitary government was formed.
The component part either lost their identities completely or became mere administrative districts.The other method was that of voluntary federal union.States whose nationality, situation and needs were such as to make union desirable, but whose diffrences and jealousis were too great to permitcomplete amalgamation, were able to unite in a state was formed after a gradual process,passing through alliances and confederation before the necessary centrpetal tendency and national spirit was created.The united states of America, siwtzerland and germany passed through such development.

Federation may also be brought into existance by a number of provinces of aunitary state when the state by a  constitutional  act,grants its province a large measure of autonomy by giving them substainable powers of local concern.Through this Indian Union and pakistan became federal states.


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