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Ghosts, Spirits, Others Ethereal and Alternate Life

Updated on October 29, 2017

Binary forces (known)

Electricity, a natural force that gave birth to modern living, may only manifest because of two elementary particles opposite in aspect or facet to one another. The two particles, a negatively charged "electron" and a positively charged proton, may collectively be called "electrical particles".

Magnetism, also a force of nature that gave birth to the current general use of electricity, may also only manifest because of two other elementary particles that have facets opposite to each other. The particles are not yet generally known but are collectively known as "magnetic monopole".

Force that manifests because of two, and only two factors may be called "binary force". Both of the above forces (electricity and magnetism) have associative and disociative potentials, such that two elementary particles of the same facets may repel each other, while the tendency for opposite facets (or "anti-facets") would be attraction.

Other binary forces

Other binary forces of nature possibly may exist, but only the above two forces are known, presumably largely because of recent developments and uses of the said two forces for modern life and technology.

Gravity, also a natural force that is known instinctively and with much older usage, sometimes is speculated as possible manifestation of binary force, however there seems to be no concrete evidence nor basis for a possible existence of the opposite manifestation that is sometimes termed "anti-gravity".

Perplexing astronomical dissociation phenomena or conditions observed in the universe similar to what would happen if masses are composed of same-faceted electrical particles or magnetic monopoles may have conventional explanations (see also at end).


Electrical particle and magnetic monople potentials

Both binary forces with respect to each other may be said to have similar capabilities and either may produce the other, ie:

(1) Electric current may produce perpendicular to its own flow a magnetic field (direction indicated by magnetic field lines) around and following current direction (the principle acts in electric motors); and viceversa -

(2) Electric current flow perpendicular to its field lines may be produced by a magnetic field (the principle acts in electric generators).

The similarities and close relationship of both forces to each other including respective elementary particles' characteristics and potentialities suggests of other similarities with regards to the physical particles, in particular the lesser known magnetic monopoles.

Or more specifically, what is possible with electrical particles may also be possible with magnetic monopoles. And if the former could be a component of atoms and complex molecules leading to chemical bondings that result to substances with even more complicated internals, ultimately resulting to sentient living organisms capable of conscious self awareness and intelligence, so may the latter.

Classical atoms & alternative atoms constitution

Classical atoms of substances basically are constituted of a central nucleus composed of (1) electrically neutral particles called neutrons (2) electrical particles called protons that have positive charges (3) some binding element for nucleic particles that may be termed here as "nucleic binders". Circling the nucleus at different levels and different orbital angles are electrical particles called electrons that have negative charges .

Alternative atoms with similar structure may also form in some part of the universe where magnetic monopoles are considerably abundant enough.

Its nucleus like classic atoms may also have neutrons and nucleic binders except that instead of protons there would be particles of a certain magnetic monopole facet that may be termed here as "protpole". Circling the nucleus would be particles of the opposite facet that might be called as "elecpole".

Most classic element atoms may have some corresponding alternate atom, including that for hydrogen that has no neutron in its nucleus.

The monopole constituents of alternative atoms may be as hard to detect as its particle version being studied in laboratories, so the visibility of any substance composed of those kinds of atoms could be insubstantial.

Alternative lifeform and evolution

If alternative LIFE could manifest in substances built up from alternative atoms, sentience, that capacity of living organisms to make sense of surroundings by use of some information processing technique may be operative with activity of some atom component. This activity might be called "magnetic pulsation", alternative to an information process activity in conventional lifeforms that sometimes is called "electric pulsation".

Besides the sentience mechanism aspect, another very significant difference between conventional and alternative lifeforms may regard evolutionary option paths each may take.

Evolutionary changes of living organisms have been regarded as fascilitated by at least two factors, namely: (1) sensitivity to an "eat-or-be-eaten" or else "eat-or-die" reality, and (2) random influences in surroundings that setup in organisms some hereditary characteristics favorable or unfavorable to succeeding generations.

Eating is sustenance input activity to meet the energy requirements of living organisms, executed preferably with least expenditure of energy.

If respective organisms through some evolutionary adaptation may directly input energy in the form of magnetism or electricity to meet energy requirements, those that can eat the former (magnetism) may never go hungry since the supply is limitless on the planet and is always easily accessible. The supply is even more enormous off-planet in space and in the entire universe.

Its evolutionary path then would be directed towards more efficient and faster locomotion facility to move to preferred food locations, which in time may adapt it to move anywhere, even in space, free from the bounds of gravity.

Conventional lifeforms on the other hand would need an electrical type of input for sustenance which may be more difficult to obtain. Its easier option is consumption of fellow organisms with electrically structured atoms making their kind potential threat to one another's existence. Immortality may not be easy to attain for this kind of lifeform.

By comparison easy availability of its magnetic energy diet would accustom alternative organisms to the easy way of life, individually self-sufficient though lacking in the development of those many hunter/prey capabilities and skills possessed by living things that eat fellow conventional organisms.

Conventional and alternative lifeforms coexistence

Sentient magnetism fed lifeforms may not covet each other's substance, may not be threatened by other alternative sentient beings,and most likely have no natural enemies in its environment, neither microscopic nor macroscopic.

Given opportunity for peaceful existence and exposed to the vibrant beauty of the universe, lasting life could be a constant ambition of alternative lifeforms, and in time ultimately evolution or other things should grant their figurative heart's desires, even more, like life everlasting.

Their forms of life figuratively speaking may be considered immortals, or practically anyway, at least while the existing universe lasts. By mortal viewpoint their potentials may only have one bad drawback, and that on the evolutionary way of things their species likely are mighty slow in rising to higher level forms (then again to immortals maybe, that may be not much of a drawback).

In the usual course of things either type of organism, the electric and the magnetic should develop the kind of senses that principally are meant to secure its sustenance as well as ensure individual survival in its environment, along with the kind of physical attributes and mobility best suited for their respective lives.

With different atomic structures the very substance of either type of organisms may not be palpable to the other, and with senses attuned to different realities neither may be able to detect nor sense the other's presence, not in front of their eyes nor under their noses if it has those.

One type may simply pass through the other's whole physical being with no effect noticeable to either other than possibly some undefinable sensation felt due to accidental collision of neutrons in atomic nuclei as well as of other particles.

Hybrid atoms and lifeform

Our own perception of reality have very considerable effcts even on the development of our most ridgid sciences and disciplines, resulting to basic knowledge and data that could on occasion deceive researchers on new fields.

The previous assumption that alternative sentient beings if existing might be somewhere else in the universe because of the observation that atoms with classical design are abundant within our observation field was helpful for analysis simplification, but actually the field could be more complex than that if the account of certain other observers may be taken to consideration.

Alternative matter or substances undetectable to our senses or devices may also be speculated as existing in the field of observation including the area of the observer, and this could muddle the simplicity and beauty of the said analysis.

Conventional substances on Earth perceptible to conventional lifeforms may not be classic always as far as its atoms are concerned, and this could have been the way of things since the very beginning, way, way back before the appearance and evolution of any native lifeform.

!With two pairs of binary force elements around (electric particles and magnetic monopoles), 3 kinds of atomic structure configurations may develop: the classic, the alternative, as well as an unusual hybrid that compared to the other two may have the most probable chance of forming naturally, and may be most numerous (unnatural causes in the form of visiting extraterrestrial alternative lifeforms in the biosphere could also influence probabilities and results).

!Hybrid atoms have configurations like classical atoms and also contain electrical binary force elements, but in addition the nucleus contain the binary force elements called protpole and circled by the monopole opposite called elecpole.

Some kind of interaction may exist between electric particles and magnetic monoples, ie: electron and elecpole on the same orbital path may gyrate with each other or else elecpole may circle the electron.

Binary lifeform & lifecycle

Substances of hybrid atoms could in the course of time develop whether by accident or design to living things, ultimately producing intelligent mortal sentient beings capable of creating civilizations, culture, language, fantastic concepts like life, death, immortality, fairies, aliens, spirits, souls, ghosts, etc.

And those, or other, or some intelligent sentient beings may, be its form conventional or alternative, mortal or immortal, native or alien, by accident or design, discard/ leave/ transcend temporarily or permanently a current lifeform to tryout or reincarnate in another facet of binary living. Mortal sentients in death may lose the electrical nature of its atoms, but alternate atoms are left as immortal essence.

And thus may the cycle of LIFE turn in this universe - through the mortal and immortal facets of binary lifeforms: from mortality to immortality and back via hybrid and alternative atoms.

Author's note: The above is just a preliminary reasoning to reconcile supernatural observations with science. It may be verifiable only by further scientific discoveries or reincarnated death.


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