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Grants For GED Students

Updated on June 11, 2014

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Preparing for Our Tomorrows: Succeeding by Maximizing the Preparations of Life

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Embracing Financial Support

GED students, according to studies, earn significant than incremental drop outs. But adults who are looking to return to school for a GED may not have the appropriate finances to support themselves. Therefore, they may give up and settle for less. However, several state and private grants are available for these students.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Foundation provides support for GED students of all ages to obtain literacy efficiency, and academic skills that will eventually prepare them for vocational or technical careers. Amount: varies

Perkins State Base Grant

The purpose of the Perkins Grant is to help those institutions that enroll students who desire to pursue technical and vocational careers. GED and high school students are trained in these particular fields as they pursue their basic academics. Amount: varies

Adult Students in Scholastic Transition(ASIST)

The ASIST grant program helps adults facing social, economic, and physical hardships. It helps promote self-esteem so that students can have a positive impact on their environment. Students interested in this grant must apply and compete for it at a local EWI chaplain that partners with educational providers.

Amount: $2,500

Verizon Foundation

The purpose of the Verizon Foundation is to provide grants for adult literacy and basic skills education in order to improve the lives of adults. Grants are given to support a variety of programs that help adults attain literacy proficiency as well as vocational and technical skills. Amount: varies.

Career and Technical Education State Grants

CTESG is a state grant program that helps improves the education of GED or high school students and prepares them for the workplace or a postsecondary education. Amount: varies

Adult Basic and Literacy Education State Grants

The purpose of this grant is to support adults without a high school diploma . It helps them to obtain literacy efficiency as well as the skills necessary for post secondary education, employment, and independence. Amount: varies

MELMAC Education Foundation

Grants are given to GED and high school students to inspire them to complete a high school diploma or a GED certificate in order to move on to a post secondary education. The ultimate purpose is for each students get the opportunity to achieve economic prosperity. Amount: varies

These grants offer a wonderful opportunity for adults who are looking to get back on the education track and to improve their life and affairs. Learning how to read and write must become a number one priority in these rough economic times. The fortunate thing is that the doors for financial support is wide open.

National Center for The Study of Adult Learning and Literacy


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    • profile image

      Toni 7 months ago

      I'm a 50+ year woman i have worked multiple jobs, sometimes three at time trying to make ends meet ,I would like have a grant so i could return back to school an recieve my GED or my High School diploma. So i just work one job and maintain a normal living thank you

    • profile image

      Laura 13 months ago

      I'm 58 years old. I dropped out of school in 10th grade due to an unstable home life. I need help getting a ged to get a decent job but have bill's to pay and living expended.

    • profile image

      Kassie 15 months ago

      I dropped out 9th grade due to Personal issues like I learn slower than others so I was always in slow classes which others would pick on us but I'm twenty six Single mother which at the time I done have my children with me because I'm not able to support them and myself and that's real hard for me to not be Abe to support my kids I want to get my ged and then go to college and. Make a better future for myself and my kids but I have finaial issues

    • profile image

      Herbert Williams 21 months ago

      I am 48 years old. I dropped of school in the fifth (5) grade. Saying that, applying for a job is totally impossible. So can you help or assist me in obtaining a grant to help me in obtaining my GED? Thanks.

    • profile image

      kristi velez 24 months ago

      I want to go back to schools and get my GED and go to college. But how can I get a grant to help me while I'm in school.

    • profile image

      April stodghill 2 years ago

      Want get ged to beyter my family an i have no ride to or from an i live in shelb work but i pay out more bill then i bring home barely able to make it i so want my ged

    • profile image

      Martin johnson 2 years ago

      I am 53years old I work all my life doing hard labber I get tread bad I always get lady off I look for a job ever were and come up with nothing what am say with out a ged ur life is going to be hard and u will never have nothing like me 53 I don't have nothing will someone please help me I need a laptop and books and to get stared sap help pleadr

    • profile image

      Oliver Lopez 2 years ago

      I'm low income and only have my G.E.D. How can I get money to help me pay for home bills while I attended college full time?

    • profile image

      Tabitha Wood 2 years ago

      I want get my ged and i dont have the money to start .i want to take care of older people.i help with this so can get my ged to go to school to beable to do the work i dreamed about doing. Pleade help me and ty very much tabithas wood

    • profile image

      My name is holly davis 2 years ago

      I am looking too get a grant too take my fed classes and earn my fed, hear is my story, I am twenty years old I have three daughters I have no job no income and I want more than anything too get my GED and then also take classes too become a photographer I am single and its tough being a single very young mother I really look forward too furthering my education so I can do something with my life and be something so I wont have too struggle any more I live with my aunt that has two kids her self its a three bedroom so my three girls and I have too share a bedroom I want too get my own place for my girls and I, I was living in housing but couldn't afford my electric bill so I had too move now I owe almost five hundred dollars before I can get back into housing, so all I'm wondering is if I can get a grant too take my GED classes and some how put my kids in day care and take classes too become a photographer and and get my own place and everything like that

    • profile image

      madetexas77 4 years ago

      Hi my name is joe anthony nunez,i am married to ginger nunez who is a teacher in borger tx. i have 3 gurls of my own and she has 2 of her own whitch makes me a father of 5 kids and a husband in our home. i am on here because i would like to ferther my educaton and take a trade class for an electrician. i am unemployed now and i will begin my ged classes on tuesday feb. 12,2013. im only askin for alittle to help to help my wife to keep our family going and keep our home i am asking for a grant to help pay bills and rent while i am go to school for my ged.

    • profile image

      Bobbieroland 5 years ago

      How can I get a grant for ged to help pay my bills why lm going to school

    • profile image

      Lisa Singer 7 years ago

      There are other ways to prepare for earning your GED or high school diploma online. Besides applying for a grant, make sure you review all of the basic math, science, reading and other subjects you learned up until this point.