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Health Alert ! New Blood Test Gives Results In Less than 30 minutes About Heart Conditions.

Updated on November 16, 2015

Massive Breakthrough in Testing

I have Atrial Fibrilation, my Brother in law has a fitted Pacemaker/ Defibrilator and my stepson at 36 has just had to be checked for heart and chest pains! I list those situations to show we know a thing or two about being tested for potential heart attacks in our family group. Accordingly recent news about a revolutionary Blood Test really caught the eye here.

Take my brother in law"s case. He spent 48 hours in Hospital last week ater his body fitted gizmo recorded a problem in the heart. In another case a younger woman in Scotland had 2 heart attacks in 2 years, without warning. Different ages, different cases but both can soon benefit now from a new Blood Test that can, within minutes, signal any imminent problems arising without the need to be Hospitalised. This is significant to the NHS in the UK where Hospitals are at breaking point with increasing patients year on year.Calculations have been made that 66% of future patients will not need to be tested in Hospitals.

An All Round Win Situation

It is not often that Medical Research comes up with a winner for all parties but here it seems to have hit the Jackpot for all concerned.

Firstly let us consider cost. New drugs are often costly but this test bucks that trend . The cost is estimated at £5 and so the NHS finds itself in the unusual position of being able to offer a ground breaking new test and save itself money at the same time.

Secondly, patient care. In this situation the patient is able to receive both test AND results swiftly, saving time but more importantly perhaps slowing stress levels faster as a result .Stress cannot be minimised as a cause for heart attacks they say.

One of the Rsearch leaders advised that the test measures the patient"s level of trioponin. This is a protein in the blood which shows if the heart is under threat from injury. The level of accurate mearurement in this test of trioponim is much higher than previously possible. This is key to the success of this test.

An all round winner just a couple of years away with the evidence pointing firmly towards the Medics being able to quickly and confidently rule out a heart attack with no compromise to the safety of the patient.

Trials Advancing Strongly

As with all new items, it is vital that this test and the analysis of results from it are tested on a wide basis before being made generally available. This work is progressing as I write this Hub. Early indications have shown the test to be 99.5% accurate. The wider trials will take in over 26,000 patients and assess a wide range of factors.

Those conducting the trials have alrady stated their hopes for this new test as way to benefit both Hospitals and Patients. Patients can find out early if they are potential heart attack sufferers rather than finding out after the event has occured. Clearly this prevents unecessary stress which is, of course as stated, an important factor in producing heart attacks.



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