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Parliamentary form of Government

Updated on January 31, 2010

Parliamentary Government

 The cabiner or parliamentary form of government is that government in which the real executive the cabinet is responsible to the legislature.There may be titular executive head as the king of England or the president of France,but there the powers are really exercised by the cabinet.The members of the cabinet are generally the members of legislature.Generally thay belong to a party or a coaliton of parties which commands majority in the legislature.The cabinet is in fact a steering committe of the legislature.The head of this committe is known as prime minister.he is formally appointed by the titularhead.Ohter members of the cabinet are appointed on his recommendation.the members of the cabinet are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature for their ploicies and activities.They remain in office as long as they can command the confidence of the majority in the legislature.This under this system of government the legislature controls the executive.As the cabinet is responsible to the legislature,so this government is often known as responsible form of government.When the legislature does not support a policy adopted by the cabinet, the cabinet may advise the nominal head of the state of dissolve the legislature and to hold a fresh election in order to ascertain the real opinion of the people.The cabinet system original and received its fullest development in Great Britain.France,Canada, India, and many other countries have accepted this system.


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      anupriya gaur 6 years ago

      very informative :-)