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Personal, Social and Cultural viewpoints

Updated on December 29, 2017
Nadine May profile image

Nadine’s research for her futuristic novel series about discovering the truth or lies, has led her to insights she shares in her articles.

The three awareness level groups.


How we view our outlook on life

If I look around and make an assessment about the people in my life, on which awareness levels they focus on in their lives, many of my immediate family fall under the personal category. My close friends are in-between. Some focus mainly on a personal and community Social) level, depending on their situation in life at that moment. Most of my network friends and followers are almost all (cultural) globally-minded individuals.

Levels of perception
Levels of perception | Source

A definition of the three main levels of perception

  • Personal outlook: Focusing on ourselves - Or...they are very shy or fear driven to interact with others. Only listen to their inner critic. Never interact through Social media but might look. - They must learn to take the focus off themselves and look for meaning in their experiences.
  • Social outlook: There are four main components of social perception: observation, attribution, integration, and confirmation. - People who are great volunteers for their local bazaars or will keep family members together. Or...They do rarely interact through Social Media unless it's to their own family or friends - Social perceivers must integrate all available information into a unified impression.
  • Cultural outlook: Humanity as a whole. People who are interested what goes on in the world on many different levels. A belief that humans are part of the natural world and must respect and care for it.- They must find, or awaken to their Higher-level visions in order to make a difference to themselves and every person they come in contact with.

Only when a person is in balance with all three aspects of their lives can they evolve to the next level of 5th reality consciousness. In the 5th dimension, we are completely spiritually oriented.

All about Me
All about Me | Source

Personal outlook on life:

People in this category are mostly young children up until teenager age. This outlook on life is also called being self-centered. Everything revolves around them. (In the early stages of life this self-centeredness is necessary in order to develop personal individuality). When you recognize this level in an adult, this is clearly an individual who is still in a kind of survival mode. He or she comes first.
Their agenda will always be “What is in it for me?” On social networking platforms, these people are still there for themselves and rarely venture out toward people they do not know physically. This outlook must be explored until the individual is stable within themselves in order to move to a more Social community outlook on life.

Me and my community
Me and my community | Source

Which awareness level is the largest on the planet?

See results

Community (Social) outlook on life

People in this category think about how they can be of assistance to the lives of their family, village or community. They explore all the feelings within themselves and how that might affect others, but not for the approval of others, rather for the good of themselves and others. These people will overcome any social fear by just getting out into the crowd. The individual’s needs come first, and then it spills over into the family’s needs, and then their community.

Today you find a lot of people who are using network communities to do just that. The internet has brought people together who otherwise would not have reached this stage. Many social network communities have sprung up that have attracted people with the same interests. These communities are often skill based. People are sharing their knowledge and talents for the benefit of themselves and others. Often these members are joining larger networks that have a Global outlook on life.

All of Humanity
All of Humanity | Source

Cultural (Global) outlook on life

People in this category are drawn to planetary solutions that incorporate human beings, animals, and our nature kingdom as a united group. Viewpoints are specialized due to the interest and skills each individual has brought into this outlook on life on a cultural and global level.

Here you will find visionary leaders who have the global community at heart. Social interactions between humans have established an extremely wide variety of values, social norms, and rituals, which together form the basis of human society. The human desire to understand and influence their environment has been the foundation for the development of science, philosophy, mythology, environment, economy, healing and art.

The Dawn of the Third Millennium

At the beginning of the 21st century, (never before in human history) we have had so much complexity, uncertainty, and change to deal with; due to wars, depressed economies and rising crime rates that our society can be seen to be crumbling.

The nuclear family no longer provides a meaningful context for young people. Many of us only see our parents or children once a year. We are all dealing with unprecedented diversity in our workplaces; people with very different worldviews, beliefs, attitudes, and preferences. Look at your own lifetime. How many new sets of skills have you had to adapt to during the last five years? Most of us know that things are changing fast, but how many of us are aware that the rate of change itself is accelerating?

Does this newsletter Of Alex Colliertell us that we are soon see major changes coming?
What we can imagine we can make real!

Is change itself accelerating?

Entering into the new Millennium
Entering into the new Millennium | Source

Is our Society accelerating?

  • From Family to clan, to tribe, to the village, to a city, to state, to a nation, to perhaps a global village?
  • From Papyrus to the printing press, to the telephone, to the internet.
  • From Horse and buggy to the automobile, to the space shuttle.
  • From Hunter-gatherer to Shakespeare to rap music (Okay, maybe I should have left that one off the list)

So, evolution has been on this upward spiral not so?

  • First on a cosmological level, then on a biological level, then on a cultural level.

For me It is clear that we are heading in a very specific direction; From a positive viewpoint we could ultimately move towards the global village on an arc toward Unity, or we crumble due to the corrupt practices of a few that control most of the population.
Who takes control? The common people, or the super wealthy who control the leaders in our governments?

How do we educate our children to become global citizens?

Think global act local
Think global act local | Source

‘Think global, act local’

At this time there are significant and substantial global challenges but there are also many opportunities which we should grasp to ensure that children and young people develop the skills, knowledge, and values to flourish and succeed as responsible global citizens.

“Think global, act local’ is a world-famous slogan that has been attributed to Sir Patrick Geddes, the Scottish biologist who was also an innovative thinker in urban planning and education. The words are part of a legacy which has influenced education for global citizenship today.”

Is our animal kingdom evolving towards a 5th dimensional level?

I think they are. There are many stories on the internet where we humans can learn from our animals, both domestic and creatures that live free in the wild.

There are several books that clearly tell us that we can learn a lot from our fellow Earth citizens whom humanity has categorized as belonging to the animal kingdom. What we learn tells us that they might be fellow creations in consciousness but in a different body?

Book reviews that could shift our outlook on life

Hunting with the Heart  - Touching Animal Souls - Paws & Listen
Hunting with the Heart - Touching Animal Souls - Paws & Listen | Source

In the book Hunting with the Heart - A Vision Quest to Spiritual Emergence by Graham Saayman

The opening chapters tell the story behind his research as a behavioral scientist on African baboons, dolphins and whales during the 1960’s and 1970’s, when anthropologists first suggested that naturalistic studies of long-lived, large-brained mammals might illuminate the origins of the human family system.

In the animal kingdom you can see these levels very clearly. In Graham’s book we learn about the family structure of dolphin’s, chimpanzees and whales who all signify the natural buoyancy of the human spirit. The story of Yogg, a huge male baboon who radiated a sense of confidence stands out for me. He was not only a leader of his community, but he expressed an astonishing wisdom when threatened or attacked by potent males.

Touching Animal Souls - Life Lessons from the Animal World by Gabrielle Harris

The author's more than twenty years professional experience in training wild animals including dolphins, horses, dogs, and monkeys is remarkable. Gabrielle knows the perils of dogma and superstition. She neatly pulls back and gives a unique line between what we think we know and what we feel. Read it for insights and expect to be challenged. It confirmed what some readers might already know, that animals are not simple beasts and when we approach one we better know a lot about them while keeping our ego out of the way. We can learn many qualities by interacting with the animals in our world. This book includes amazing stories about animal communication and the touching gifts that they bring to our world.


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 2 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      What is truly weird is that after I added some text and updated this article, its now Not Featured - Quality anymore? What is going on with Hubpages lately?

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 2 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thanks for your comment Savin. Yes his talk is one of his best to do with the reality we are living in today.

    • profile image

      Savin Redpath 2 months ago

      Very interesting talk, by David Icke. Shall start by looking for chloride free water!!

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 2 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      This article was inspired after I understood our individual "wiring" There are three kinds of outlooks people have. People who are focused mainly on themselves, or they include their immediate family and friends, or they are more community or globally minded. There is no right or wrong way, its all to do with how we are wired. I suggest you look up by typing in Google: The Human Design.

    • profile image

      Eric J. 2 years ago

      In my own reflections I see a serious dilemma with people thinking globally at all. Humans, by and large, are not global people. They are naturally locally community minded. Global thinking has created an unnatural degree of anxiety and confusion in peoples lives as they attempt to pursue global goals while never rectifying their pursuits with their body's and mind's natural disposition (to exist and think locally).

      Global thinking has been forced upon people because of the power pursuits of a very small percentage of the world population that has realized the biggest return for their investment is to (think BIG). Thinking BIG is uncomfortable for MOST people and it is largely unhealthy for their mind and body. We are local animals. We cannot make sound decisions about global problems without causing an upset in our natural physical state. The more globally you think the more emotionally and physically sick you become.

      I relate the desire to think globally to a mental illness such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Whether your pursuits are for good (social) or for bad (money/power), your mind has gone out of balance with your natural environment. I believe most people who think globally know they have become out of touch with their natural state (their community), but choose to brush it off with thoughts of grand global duty or pursuit, and they look with sorrowful pity upon their local minded friends, but they also look with jealousy. The jealousy indicates your natural wishes.

      The healthy human is a local minded one. How can we combat the global power pursuits without ourselves (our souls) getting lost? And what then? An “eternal” global war of righteousness? Your soul will be blessed for the good things you do for the people around you. Even if the whole world goes to nuclear hell, at the end of our lives we will feel most satisfied with the work we did for our local friends Joe, Francisco, and Taesh in our home town. Not the global "community" that you will never truly and naturally interact with. Globalism is not a natural pursuit, it is a side effect of unnatural thinkers. Hence our unnatural global problems.

      For our emotional and physical health, there should be a brushfire of community oriented thinking that staunchly rejects participation with global (and even national, in the case of BIG nations) enterprises that do not have an almost purely altruistic intent.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thank you for your reply William. I've not been very long at hubpages, but in the two months I've learned a great deal already. That there are many writers who freely exchange ideas for the good of all. Like you Star Trek is also one of my favorite series and if that makes us dreamers, then so be it.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      What a great article. I have not studied many philosophers, or seers, and when i read such profound writings as this one, it amazes me. I have had these very thoughts since i was in my teens. They sort of stagnated with the interference of the necessities of daily life and making a living over the years.

      After retiring, these thoughts seem to be returning with more clarity. The prospects of a future devoid of selfishness is encouraging, but seeing what is going on around us today it is difficult to believe that we are actually going in the right direction.

      Your 3 levels of awareness make a lot of sense, but somehow mankind seems to be stuck in the first one. I believe that many of us are reincarnated to atone for things we did in the past, and have concluded that if i have any say in the matter, this will be my last trip on this planet, unless things change substantially in the future. I have always envisioned myself in the world that is portrayed in the Star Trek series. I guess i have always been a dreamer at heart.

      Great article and i can't wait to read more of your stuff.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Many thanks for your comment. Writing a hub in this way does sharpen one's mind. What I mostly enjoy is creating the images that reflects the article. Or at least I try to reflect my thoughts in pictures.

      Greetings from Cape Town

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You never fail to provide a fascinating topic and your reflections generate thoughtful reflections on the part of your least that is true for me. :) Well done Nadine!