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The best top ways to deal with the group of slow Learners Students.

Updated on August 6, 2017

Slow Learner

  • Slow learner is a child who has a limited ability of learning or a child who its intelligence is below average due to different reasons.


  • Teaching slow learner is not a simple task 1,2,3. It needs some one who is patient, caring and who love teaching others to be be perfect in something. As the definition explains above that , slow learner is a child whose its intelligence is below average, there fore you must consider different teaching Technics so as to come up with the best results, and if you will find out that among of your Technic is more helpful, then apply it.

How to deal with group of slow learners

  • first you have to identify them. that is if a school has large number of students, then they have to be sorted out first. Sorting them out will help the teachers to know exactly number of slow learner who they are going to work with.
  • Second, they have to be distributed to the number of teachers available in a certain school, that is if the school has 10 teachers and the total number of slow learner is 10, every teacher will work with only one student. this will simplify working with one slow learner, as it will be easier to make assessment,working with him or her any time, the learner will feel special and it will help a learner to pay attention to what his or her teach instruct as the learner is alone.


After being sorted and distributed

  • Choose the best teaching methods to work with your learner. This will work by trying to apply different teaching methods, that is, at the beginning try to apply different methods as you can when teaching him or her, this will help you to understand which method is the most suitable for your student, as you make an assessment to your student in each every methods you use.
  • Assessment, if you real want to have better to have better result to your student, please make sure you assess him or her as more as you can. This will help you as a teacher to understand the progress of your student, however it will have more advantage to your student, as the more test, quizzes, exams and or any other form of assessment will build your student with confidence to do activities you provide to him or her.
  • Do not give up so easily, that is you have to be patient and kind as i have said before that teaching a slow learner is not a simple task. There fore you do not have to give up so easily because you may find that, you have taught him or her yet after giving him or her the work or an assignment ,either quiz, or test and or exam, and she score zero, do not be frustrated, what you are supposed to do is to try another teaching methods which will make him or her do the best next time.


One more thing to work with your Learner

  • Try motivating him or her . In this case you are not supposed to apply negative motivation like punishment, rather you are supposed to apply positive motivation such as interesting gifts.This will make your learner to work hard as she or he knows that is going to have something she like when do good in her or his learning activities. for this to work out, try to read your student first, that is try understand him or her well the thing she or he likes the most, and promise him or her to give him or her when she will do best. You must also be honesty so as when she or he do good work you truly give him or her the gift.
  • Also you have to provide productive punishment when she or he misbehave or did something wrong, that is instead of using sticks and or any other harsh punishment, try to give him or her the work that will become more advantageous to him or her and you. Example if you are teaching him or her English language, give him or her a task to write a single sentence and she he must fill 15 pages or above of same single sentence.

Things to avoid when teaching your student.

  • Avoid being aggressive.
  • Avoid being harsh.
  • Avoid him or her to give up on his or her work.

Recomended book


Generally, transmitting knowledge skills from one person to another need some one is ready, loving, caring and patient. There fore teaching slow learner need kind of teacher who is qualified to teach slow learners because as i have said above that teaching slow learner is not simple task, there for teaching slow learner is not a job of everyone, that is not every one can be able to teach slow leaner.


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