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The Blitzkrieg,and the rise of a curse from the ashes.

Updated on April 17, 2012

Fuel of the steamroller

The "Lightning War" was introduced in 1939 by Nazi Germany to a world unaware and unprepared for the technological advancements in tactics,equipment,strategy and soldiers enhanced by a new weapon in war.Utilizing these tools Nazi Germany was an almost unstoppable force,and would have spread further if it were not for another country entering the war with the knowledge and personal experience of the real fuel of the steamroller.Super soldier against super soldier or drug induced rage on the battlefield?

The army that does not rest.

After the sweeping and unstoppable German Blitzkrieg, many Polish and French soldiers shaken and hopeless made very similar statements"How can a normal man fight against such an army that does not sleep or eat of stop for rest or aide for it's own wounds?"

"How can men fight without rest or food for days and weeks?"

The Blitzkrieg left death,confusion and devastation in it's wake but the majority of enemies were captured alive quickly and brutally.This launched a wave of fear across the whole of Europe and throughout the world.This "new"type of warfare was something completely different from that of just twenty five years earlier and caught every world power by surprise.The Nazi party had advanced in technology and tactics by leaps and bounds but the fuel the fired the Lightning War was an experiment by German scientists and Nazi party leaders.German soldiers were given and encouraged to ingest a drug that would make them superior to all others on the battlefield.Methamphetamine hydrochloride in very pure high quality pharmaceutical pill form was at first promoted and further into the conflict ordered to be used by German soldiers.

This substance produced by effect soldiers that did not have to sleep for days without felt fatigue,hunger was also suppressed for extended periods and soldiers using the drug were much less emotional or inhibited by the brutality of war. Europe reeled and was for the most part crushed under the boots of the highly trained,extremely well armed,and cold steel drug induced rage of Germany.Along with fast moving advanced armor closely supported by the Luftwaffe the German war machine quickly conquered the majority of Europe and then turned it's gaze and gunsights to Russia.

The Germans cut through the heart of the Russian heartland as if no resistance were present.In all practicality Russia was on it's knees and awaiting the finishing blow when mysteriously the German onslaught seemed to stop.Many factors have been accredited to this by history such as the Russian tanks that rolled out in huge numbers and the ability of the Russian defenders to work well in the harsh and cold climate.These were things that the Germans had already countered and over come,so what halted the German victory?Was it over stretched supply lines or lack of food during the harsh cold of winter?Or was it something altogether different?

Enter the United States

Great Britain had been launching bombing raids into the heart of the German industrial machine for some time with minimal results,for most foundries and fuel refineries that were destroyed the Nazis had underground replacements hidden all across Germany.

With the attack on Pearle Harbor the United States enters the war with some insight into the mysterious super human storm troopers.During the first days of Allied bombardment led by the US,some key pharmaceutical facilities were targeted by American bomber pilots.These brave men flew mission after mission without sleep into German flak and swarms of German fighters.To their British counterparts many seemed as super human as the Germans once had.Coincidental?

These events unfold and the steamroller suddenly runs out of steam,and what was once a super human war machine has suddenly become an army of men suffering from withdrawl from methamphetamine.These withdrawls after prolonged use include an uncontrolled physical crash into sleep followed by a lethargic state of severe depression and complete breakdown of motivation and or ambition.German officers and physicians desperately requested emergency supplies and the limited amounts were distributed among the most experienced and tested units to aide in a desperate attempt to retreat back to Germany in hopes of defending against the inevitable Allied retribution.

Important lessons not learned

From the ashes of a devastated Europe and horrible crimes against the Jewish population,arises a new curse.Although mostly hidden from the world the example of methamphetamine use as an enhancer of combat capabilities continued.The unquestionable drawbacks were minimized and with a new threat and the beginning of the cold war very little research was carried out on the use of enhancing chemicals in the early years after the war.The well known drawbacks were addressed by limiting the distribution of Meth amphetamine and downgrading to the weaker Amphetamine synthesis of the drug.Throughout the conflicts during the cold war the US freely provided many different dosages and strengths of amphetamines to combat forces.Amphetamine and methamphetamine abuse has been found to be happening within the US military up to the recent war with Iraq.Where it was discovered that pilots were being supplied by the US military with these highly addictive life shattering substances.

Meth back in the world.

Ironically,the Nazi party strongly disapproved with drug or alcohol abuse within the citizenship of Germany and imposed severe punishment for those who were known to be addicts or abusers of any type of substances,while at the same time enslaving vast numbers of young Germans in the chains of drug addiction.

At present in the US it is a felony to be found with methamphetamine or amphetamine in the blood stream.Public sentiment toward users of these drugs are of total disdain and disgust,and those addicted to this class of substance are viewed as less than human or immoral and often shoved into the penal system and into obscurity.All the while pushing these dangerous chemicals on the very dearest of young patriotic Americans,those risking it all to defend the freedom of the people of the US.This sadly seems familiar to another country in history.

Contrary to popular belief methamphetamine has reached epidemic proportions and due to the assumption that anyone afflicted with addiction to this super drug is less than human,a large number of an entire generation are on the brink of the literal abyss.As the economy struggles this situation will manifest in many surprises.The very nature of the substance makes it very attractive to the entrepreneurial sector of society,in allowing clearer focus and longer working hours without fatigue,as well as reduction of all hosts of performance stresses due to the huge production of hormones of well being within the brain.This epidemic will not hit the underachievers nearly as hard as it will the young professionals that push economic and technological advancement. Unfortunately these tragic events are largely kept quiet due to the misguided policies of cold war America and like many other problems that face the US it is a monster that could have been put down long before it became totally out of control. Alas that would require at least some admission of responsibility and that will not happen in this modern world.


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