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The Democratic Government

Updated on January 31, 2010

Democratic Government

 The term democracy is derived from Greel words "demos" and "kratia", the former meaning the people and later poer of the people.It is now regarded as a form of government in which the people rulw themselves either directly, or indirectly through their representatives.Definations of democracy, as a form of government, are various, but like many other definations they differ in their content and applications.The Greeks meant by it the government by many and Aristotle considered it as perverted from govrnment.Modern writers do not employ the numerical criterion.They lay emphasis on the principle that all persons who are fit to perform the duties of citizens should have a share in governance of the state.Its basis is consent of the people.
But a mere consent of the people is not enough to make a government democratic.The consent of the people must be real, active and effective.Eternal viglance is the very life of democracy.Secondly, democracy must be a government by the people.A government by the people means that people either directly or through their representatives govern and their will is supreme on all questions.It does not hwever, mean that is a government by all people.The people have now come to mean the majority of the people for the time being who vote for political party to rule.but the majority should always aim at public good and must not crush the aspirations of minorities.The coercion of dissentient minority constitutes a special difficulty for a government founded on the principle of consent"
Democracy can be successful only when minorities feel that they are not oppression by the majority and that their case has been properly heared.
Finally democracy is government for the people.It means that democracy stands for the welfare of the people and equality of mans.The aim of democracy liberty, equality and does not diffrentiate between man and binds men in bonds of fraternity and fraternity can exist only amongs equals.Where there is equality there is liberty and all these elements make it democratic.
The primary functions of democratic government are similar to those of any other form of government.But, in addition to this, democracy stimulates self-education, participation in governmental activities, opens wider horizons for the individual and leads to broadened intrests.Its principle is that all persons who are fit to perform the duties of citizens should have a share inthe direction of the state.



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