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Tools that Help Otologist Examine Every Detail in Your Ear

Updated on July 31, 2012

Have you ever wondered how a medical specialist is able to visualize the abnormalities inside the person’s body? That is through the help of various diagnostic equipments and instruments. The medical instruments used for examining the ears may appear to be simple but play a crucial function to help an otologist in examining every detail in the person’s ear, regardless the complexity of its formation.

This page features the different medical instruments and equipment used for checking the condition of the ears.


This medical instrument is used for visual examination of the eardrum and the passage of the outer ear. An otoscope, also called as auroscope, basically features two major sections – the handle and the head. The head contains an electric light source and a low power magnifying lens, which are found at the back end. The light and magnifying lens provide additional light and increase the image of the patient’s middle so that it will be easier for medical doctor determine sort of abnormalities or infections inside the ear. Another essential component commonly found on otoscope’s head is the disposable funnel-shaped ear speculum that is attached at its front end. The speculum, which is made from durable plastic, helps in keeping flexible openings open in order for an otologist to efficiently examine the ear cavity.

Cerumen Spoon

This medical device is intended for removing the impacted wax or cerumen inside the ear. This instrument, also called ear curette, is used when multiple attempts of taking out irrigation prove to be unsuccessful. Sometimes, it is supplemented with gentle suction and forceps used to get rid of the wax inside. Cerumen spoon is either made from metal or polypropylene; but most of otologists today prefer to use the disposable one as it eliminates expensive and time-consuming sterilization as well as the risk of cross contamination.

Tympanometer Probe

An essential device used in creating an air-tight-seal, which is very crucial in diagnosing the condition of the middle ear. The tympanometer probe comes with a tiny speaker, a microphone, and an air pump. The speaker initiates a calibrated tone into the ear canal, which changes in frequency and loudness. The microphone measures the amount of reflected sound in the ear canal, which was produced by the speaker. Meanwhile, the air pump is intended to change the air pressure range in the ear canal.

Tuning fork

This is another medical instrument used in examining the condition of a deaf patient. It is an acoustic resonator designed with a two-pronged fork with the prongs (tines) formed from a U-shaped bar of elastic metal. The tuning fork enables the ear specialists determine whether the patient is suffering from conducive deafness, sensorineural deafness, or mixed deafness


An essential machine that is very helpful for otologist. This is just one of the medical equipments usually found in every ear-nose-throat clinics as well as audiology centers intended for evaluating hearing loss. The said medical equipment for ear examination often comes with an implanted hardware unit that is connected to a pair of headphones.  and a test subject feedback button. Along with the innovations made in technology, many audiometers these days are operated using a standard computer. 


This is a special medical instrument used to examine the eardrum, especially when the patient suffers from tymphanitic membrane injury. The said device allows the otologist to have a better view of the whole tympanitic membrane, the positions, the shapes, as well as the characteristics of injuries than using a conventional otoscope.


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