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Why USA Will not Approve Human Stem Cell Therapy

Updated on September 27, 2013

Differentiation of stem cells is demonstrated by fetal development (Photo: Belo Medical Group)

Because it threatens conventional medicine stem cell therapy will not be approved by USA

Human stem cell

Simply put, a human stem cell is a single cell that will differentiate into a human being. The egg of a woman fertilized by the “seed” of a man is a stem cell. This will differentiate into an embryo, into a fetus, into full term then to a newborn.

Differentiation is like cell division where one cell duplicates and two identical daughter cells are formed. Differentiation is different because the result of stem cell division is not identical to the original stem cell. There are stages in the differentiation of a human stem cell. It starts with the totipotent stem cell, that differentiates into a pluripotent stem cell, that differentiate into multipotent stem cells, that differentiate into a unipotent cells that will give adult cells like blood, skin, liver, heart, kidney, brain, arms… all the different organs of a human being.

The process of differentiation is complicated but the result is easy to see. During fetal development you can see the fetus by means of ultrasound and the appearance of different organs in time. We will not explain in depth the process.

When you cut your finger, so long as the cut is not severe, your cut will regrow by means of stem cell differentiation. The liver and kidney that had been damaged, so long as not so severely, will regrow by means of stem cell.

The healing of your cut finger comes from inside your body. You did not have to introduce part of a finger from another person or you did not have to apply drugs except, perhaps, antibiotics. But antibiotics kill any bacteria that may attack the cut; it will not regrow your finger.

You can see the result of differentiation in plants as well. For example, beans. This is quick to germinate. The seed has an embryo. Place a seed in a disk or plate then put some water. In a few days you will see its hypocotyl, one lone root, emerge from the seed. The two lobes that open are its cotyledons that are actually reservoirs of food for the plant as it develops. Then you will see an elongating stem and one or two leaves. The hypocotyl develops into a primary root that will soon grow branches. The roots, stem and leaves are results of differentiation.

Alternative to conventional medicine

This healing is a kind of medicine that is an alternative to conventional medicine. The substance used is not like a painkiller drug (aspirin), or a chemotherapy drug (Adriamycin), or a suppressant (prednisone).

The substance used in stem cell therapy come from human beings. plants, livestock (sheep) and fowl (fertilized egg).

This is the first clue why the USA will not approve stem cell therapy. The substance for use is not a drug. It is a substance that can heal heart disease, cancer (over 200 kinds), diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, motor neuron disease, Alzheimer’s, practically all the diseases called degenerative diseases. The stem cells from cord blood cure leukemia.

In short, stem cell therapy is a threat to conventional medicine and a threat to the pharmaceutical companies, called Big Pharma.

Other countries are now administering stem cell therapy like Thailand, India, China, Germany and the Philippines. It is true that stem cell therapy has not gone through the three phases of drug testing, like the trials for a painkiller. However, some people cannot wait and are willing to take the risk.

How come the USA will not approve stem cell therapy? We have already mentioned the fact that it is a threat to conventional medicine and to Big Pharma.

Big Pharma controls the universities or colleges that teach conventional medicine. Big Pharma controls the American Medical Association that is accrediting doctors. If a doctor does not follow AMA her/his license will be withdrawn. Big Pharma controls medical publications. Big Pharma manufactures the drugs. Big Pharma controls the Federal Drug Administration. Big Pharma has linked with insurance companies, and the health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Up to now the Federal Drug Administration has not approved chelation therapy although it has cured over 600,000 people in the USA. Chelation therapy has a part that involves stem cell therapy whose main ingredient is EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate) . During the time that EDTA is circulating in the body, calcium level goes down that stimulates the parathyroid gland to secrete more hormone. This hormone triggers the osteoblast to form more bones getting supplies from all sources, including plaque in the heart arteries (Cranton, E. MD. Bypassing Bypass. Updated second edition. 1995). The endothelium progenitor cell (stem-cell circulating in the blood) heals the inner wall of the artery. That is the process how chelation therapy erodes arterial plaque and heals heart disease. Chelation therapy also catches free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) and minerals that catalyze production of more free radicals and (ROS). I have several Hubs on free radicals and ROS.

Stem cell-organism theory

I have a Hub where I discuss a stem cell-organism theory. A stem cell capsule or solution derived from sheep, or cultured blood triggers the stem cells in the human body to differentiate. The stem cell introduced will not be the one to regrow, otherwise a person applied with stem cell derived from a sheep will grow fur. Or a person who takes fertilized eggs of chicken will grow feathers. Or a person who takes a capsule derived from plants will grow leaves.

Stem cell therapy triggers stem cells in the bone morrow to produce blood, to replace blood damaged by cancer, for example. It can regrow the torn part of an earlobe. It can replace damaged muscles of the heart. A famous interior designer in California had gone to Thailand for stem cell therapy for his heart afflicted with cardiomyopathy (heart muscle deterioration). Stem cells derived from his own blood were cultured to grow more stem cells, harvested and injected directly into his heart.

An American who broke his spinal column went to China for stem cell therapy. At the start he could hardly stand up, how he can walk alone.

Most Americans and most British are glued to coronary arterial bypass graft surgery and angioplasty (sometimes with stent). These methods in treating heart disease are made obsolete by stem cell therapy. But conventional medicine and Big Pharma block any method that will throw the heart-lung machine into the museum. Or terminate the billion-dollar heart surgery business.

Canada appears to be making stem cell therapy capsules from plant parts.

Breakthrough in stem cell research

Around 2006 there was still an ethical issue on the use of embryos for medical research on stem cells (Bellomo, M. The Stem Cell Divide. 2006). But now, embryo stem cells are no longer needed because it has been demonstrated that adult cells can be reprogrammed into pluripotent stem cells.

Sir John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanata had reprogrammed adult stem cells into pluripotent stem cells. They were awarded the Nobel Prize. Such reprogrammed adult cell triggers the body's stem cells to differentiate into whatever tissue or organ that had sustained damage.

Stem cell therapy cost will go down owing to competition. Right now, one session costs around 400,000 pesos in the Philippines (41 pesos to the US dollar). Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, a Filipino internist and chelationist, is administering stem cell therapy in his clinic. There are several clinics in the Philippines giving stem cell therapy.


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