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Curriculum : brief discussion about different components of curriculum and their inter-relationship.

Updated on March 10, 2015
Curriculum the learning experience related with different component
Curriculum the learning experience related with different component

Curriculum of any course not only related with teaching and examination. It is actually a total learning experience. It include

  1. Goal of a course
  2. Syllabus of a course
  3. Teaching
  4. Teaching method
  5. Assessment method: written, Viva, Practical etc.
  6. Assessment instrument: written: Short answer questions, MCQs etc
  7. evaluation
  8. Also, Student's daily experience : their classroom, canteen, feild.

All are included in an curriculum.

To run a successful curriculum teacher and examiner also remember the goal or objectives of the curriculum. According to goal

  • select appropriate syllabus,
  • Wise teaching method (lecture, tutorial, etc.
  • feasible assessment method and
  • Valid and reliable assessment instrument.

If any component of curriculum fail to relate with each other , proper outcome is not possible.

Is there any suggestion, how can we relate different component of curriculum affectively?

Yes, some point should remember

During setting goal:

  • Select modern learning strategy
  • Study feasibility and practicability
  • able to fulfill present and future demand of learner
  • Must cover different objectives of study : Knowledge, attitude and skill.

During select course content or syllabus:

  • always remember goal of curriculum
  • Syllabus and Time should be well balance
  • intelligent Sequence of course
  • Select wisely different period of a course

During selecting teaching Method:

  • Remember goal of curriculum
  • Select appropriate teaching method which suitable for content and time of a course
  • study feasibility and practicability

During selecting assessment method:

  • Remember goal of curriculum
  • Select type of assessment :to see the prognosis of student (in course exam/formative assessment)or exam at the end of a course(summative assessment or select both method
  • Select assessment method(written, viva, practical etc) which are suitable for goal, learning and feasible
  • Select and monitor assessment instrument( SAQs, MCQs,Structure oral examination etc)
  • Final step and very important portion of a curriculum is evaluable.
  • To run a successful curriculum it is need to evaluate lot of thing
  • evaluate goal
  • evaluate syllabus
  • evaluate teaching method
  • evaluate assessment method and instrument
  • evaluate student performance in practical life
  • If all aspects are satisfactory no need of further evaluation,
  • otherwise , all components of curriculum need to re-evaluation.
  • This is a brief discussion about different component of a curriculum and their interrelations.


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