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Top 10 Best Colleges for Majoring in Psychology

Updated on October 30, 2012

Best Colleges for Studying Psychology

You are interested in studying the field of psychology. This is a common field of study and therefore it is something that you can major in at almost any university. However, some colleges are more reputable than others in terms of the education, career training and eventual job placement of students majoring in psychology.

If you want to get a great education in the field of psychology from a school that will be recognized by employers when you graduate, then you want to look at one of the following schools. They have been ranked as the top ten schools for PhD programs in psychology and they also offer undergraduate and Master's programs in psychology which are considered reputable:

1. Stanford University. This private university in California is widely recognized as the best program for psychology students seeking advanced degrees.

2. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. This is considered to be the best state school for PhD students in psychology.

3. Yale University. This is an Ivy League school with a great reputation and a good psychology department.

4. University of California - Los Angeles. This is one of several UC schools that ranks high in the field of psychology.

5. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This Midwest school is one of the better ones for this field.

6. Harvard University. Harvard is a well-known school that people will be impressed by and one with a great psych program.

7. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. This is another Midwest school where the study of psychology is supported.

8. University of Pennsylvania. This school offers a good program for psychology students who want to stay on the East Coast.

9. University of California - Berkeley. Berkeley is the most reputable of the UC schools offering a great psychology program.

10. University of California - San Diego. This UC school also ranks high in psychology ratings.

As you can see, this list of great schools for psychology includes some of the top schools in the nation in general (Stanford, Harvard, Yale) as well as some state universities that are considered to be specifically good in terms of offering a terrific psychology department.

The University of California school system in particular is a school system that has a long history of offering a great education in psychology. People who are seeking to start out with a bachelor's degree in psychology and then to eventually move on to more advanced degrees may want to look seriously at attending one of the UC schools because of the fact that there will be a lot of opportunities for various levels of education in these schools.

Although these are the leading schools out there for the study of psychology, it is important to keep in mind that these schools might not be the right schools for you. There are many other good schools for different niches, such as schools that offer business degrees with concentrations in Psychology and also criminal justice programs with Psychology specializations. For example, one school worth an honorable mention is The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, one of the oldest nonprofit psychology graduate schools dedicated to the study of Psychology and Behavioral Science.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing a college. The location of the school, the school's size, the cost of attending the program and the internship opportunities available to students will all be things that you'll want to consider. You should look at a variety of different colleges with an eye towards finding a school that will meet all of your educational needs even if that school isn't one of the "top ten" schools in the field of psychology.


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    Joe 4 years ago


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    Joe 4 years ago


    I contacted you on the 5th of this month about a link on your site which is out of date. I never heard back and I was curious if there is someone I should be speaking to regarding this.

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    Lulu19Willow 6 years ago

    im very young and i am already thinking about what colleges i want to go to and what i want to be when i grow up. This website was very helpful thank you and good job

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    Aysha 7 years ago

    actually i am a BCA final year student i am not in IT field i want become a great psycholorist shall i study Msc psychology ah

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    scheng1 8 years ago

    All these are great colleges. I wonder which one offers the most affordable fee.

  • Chris Cook profile image

    Chris Cook 8 years ago from Key West, Florida

    There is also The California School Of Professional Psychology in Fresno, which has an "excellerated" program whereby you can enter as an undergraduate, and obtain a Doctorate within two or three years.

  • profile image

    theglobalspirit 8 years ago

    Interesting about Stanford. Just to add a little tid bit of knowledge that I have is Palo Alto Univeristy. They have a strong consortium with Stanford and students in some programs are able to use Stanford facilities, labs, and learn from the Professors. I'm actually going to attend Palo Alto online for the Masters and then hopefully make it into their Doctorates program. I plan to major in women's health which is a joint program with Palo Alto and Stanford.

    I'm sharing this because it may be an option for adults or for students that do not get accepted into Stanford, or for students that like Palo Alto features but would also like access to Stanford U. Here's the web site:

    We're your fans and thanks for the info. Please join our page to.

    Stacey & Bobby

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    KGB 8 years ago

    Granite i'm only a freshman in high school i wanna be prepared for what life has to offer me. No matter if its rejetion or complication, anything. I just want to be ready for it. This website has been very helpful so thank you. But to tell you the truth i just really want to be out of my parents house. I want to help people because I've been through hell and I cant wait to get out.

  • DrJim profile image

    DrJim 9 years ago from Oklahoma

    I agree with your choices good luck

  • Msvirgo profile image

    Tabia 9 years ago from Kent,WA

    Thanks for your answer.